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Remembering what it was like being a teenager for the first time.

Every year, thousands of innocent victims are licked to death.
With your help, we can supply towels to those who would otherwise drown in doggo love.

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You'll make $1000 per day. Guaranteed, or your 16 minutes back!!!

A surprising secret to a happier life...

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Bones (the artist) doesn't copyright nor monetize his work, per his vendetta against "The Machine".

My 1st AMV.

Tell me what you think :)

Song: Lightning, by Bones.

What makes a man creepy?
Here's a quick, easy to understand explanation.

A live recording of a Doge Meme account getting it's post worshiped.

I'm not jealous, I swear!

An honest answer.

It's 150 degrees in Texas right now, so I'll make this quick.

What to do & what to avoid.

Blinking lights, 5 beeps, and it happens without the key even being in.

The only way I know how to stop it, is to disconnect the battery.

5 reasons why you shouldn't go to college.

The TRUTH!!!

The 5 steps to getting laid

Look yall, I fixed it!

Credit for the female vocals of "P*n1s Fly Trap":

Credit for the meme sounds:

Intro & voice overs for the Dad was done by me :)

Fair Use:

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