Australian New Zealand Music artists, The Eyes Open, release their first track, “Hello Hello” dedicated to the global truth movement telling our story in music.

"This is personal. With so many people now being forced to choose between being poisoned or becoming social outcasts, “Hello Hello” is a reminder of times long past where we crafted our own solutions, repaired, upcycled, grew our own food and medicines, knew our neighbors, and supported each other in order to survive. For us, the revolution and the solution are the same.” The Eyes Open team noted. "Welcome to the new revolution. Let’s find a new solution. This is our anthem now."

When asked, “Which side of history do you want to be on when all of this is over? Compliance or Resistance? The Eyes Open had no hesitation and drew their own line in the sand with “Hello Hello”.

As the world has witnessed a few decades of social and political change in as little as eighteen months, people across the planet are rising up. In a song that explores the absurdities that exist in our modern world today, “Hello Hello” is a vehicle for exploring hope for humanity in a, what so many fear, is a looming dystopia, while offering an infectious and top tapping sanguine vision for a post covid world.

Could you have ever imagined living in a world where an untested experimental shot would be indicative of a health status? Would you have ever considered it possible that a holistic healthy lifestyle would be regarded as dangerous? Tempering a world of censorship, fake news and unfolding tyranny, “Hello Hello” forms part of a global mental health solution. Try listening with feeling buoyed with optimism!

Written and produced by an award winning team of ARIA charting music artists, “Hello Hello” was recorded in Sydney, Australia, the video was filmed in New Zealand and released on the Queensland based, The Manick Label.

Keep your eyes open! Welcome to the new revolution!


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