For anyone who says feminists don't hate men, or that lesbos don't hate men take a look at this.

Here we go again. Usually feminists do a slightly better job of hiding the inconsistencies in their non logic, but this article is about as blatantly contradictory as you can get. Absurd.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We're doomed. When people from other countries can vote for our leaders that's it folks. American, and the west are officially over.

Western women, especially white women now possess more dogs than they do kids. That's right. Feminism has to poisoned women against family, and children that pets are seen as better than actual human babies.

The world has gotten nuts folks. Now you have post wall over the hill former Baywatch babes beating up old men for eating wanting to eat their food on a plane. I think western civilization is over.

50 plus year old Leslie Jones, the butch, macho, loud mouthed, stereotypical black female is alone, and fears she will be so forever. Gee, I wonder why? O_o

You being unhappy is due to you trying to be happy. So says the left anyway. Tune in for the craziness.

Yet another story of a woman getting a slap on the wrist for a serious crime that results in the death of a man, but this story is a bit different ;)

Just when you think you've seen it all something comes along that convinces you otherwise. In this video I make fun of the idiocy that is Demi Lovato. The perfect exemplar of modern day women. Alone, unhappy, raising 27 cats, and so miserable in reality that she has to create fantasy bullshit to cope. This is some funny shit man. You don't want to miss this video!

Just when you thought you've seen it all something else of an utterly bizarre nature comes along and convinces you otherwise. Christian Porn Pastor? All I can say is WTF!

Around 88% in the 1950's, down to 18% today. The left has done all they could to destroy families, and they have for the most part succeeded. America is doomed folks. I simply don't see a way back.

The title says it all. The article itself is a perfect example of women's attempts to cope with the bad choices they've made; by refusing to acknowledge they're bad. Even worse, they double down, and try to represent their worst choices, and qualities as positives. Anyhow, enjoy the copium folks.

So a female therapist, of course, says that men hate women because their men, and not women. No joke. Her whole argument is focused around some of the most absurd premises I have ever heard. So, join me for a crazy train of comedy, and insanity. The best train wreak you'll ever witness!

If you want your career to be taking care of your family, and raising your own kids than you are clearly a Nazi, and someone who wants whitey to take over the entire world. That's the obvious conclusion. Isn't it? Apparently if your on the left it is.

The only discrimination that's allowed is that which is anti white, and anti right. You can cancel conservatives until the cows come home, but the moment you try to have standards that exclude degeneracy it's time to sue for millions, and bring the entire media apparatus to the degenerates defense!

It never ceases to amaze me how utterly clueless modern feminist women are. Live an irresponsible lifestyle, brand such as "empowerment," and liberation, and then they wonder why they can't find a man for anything beyond sex once they're over 30. This woman is a perfect example of such women, and what's even worse is that she's a self styled "expert" in dating. LOL!

We've all known this for some time. If a woman doesn't think you're good looking then you can't look at her, and if you do it should be a crime. That's what women think, and feel, and that's how they want things to be. Now we have this mega entitled thot going out of her way to let us know that we're 100% right about this. Hilarious!

We've reached peak insanity, & simpdom. Guys are now paying mediocre looking broads, who are single moms no less 200 plus K a year to see their mediocre bungholes. What is the world coming to? O_O

Female dating coach is completely clueless as to why men won't date her, or other broads her age. Funny shit.

So, apparently existing is now something you can sue for. Imagine that.

Santa Inc is hated by everyone. Not just white people. Pretty much everyone, yet we who don't like it are all white supremacists. Reeeeeeeeee. That, Seth Rogen's push back, and more!

Alec Baldwin recently did what I believe was an ill advised interview where he tried to abdicate all responsibility. However, during that interview he spoke some obvious lies that, coupled with what we already know lead to a conclusion about what "actually" happened. Tune in to find out what I believe really happened.

The Crumbleys are guilty of manslaughter say prosecutors. Why? Because their son had access to one of his parents guns. Hmm.

Yet another example of the entitlement that modern women have. This old broad has had 8 kids, out of wedlock, and is upset that you, the productive taxpayer aren't paying her more for her irresponsibility. How dare you!

Women would have you believe that men and women are equal. We're not equal, and differing outcomes can sometimes be judged differently. If a woman is over 40, and single, it's just not the same as a man who is also over 40, and single. Sorry ladies. In this brain dead bit of copium an old broad tries to convince herself, and you otherwise. Comedy GOLD!


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