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In this Report, Richard reflects on liberty, and how our leaders and media want us to support liberty for Ukraine when we have lost liberty at home over the past two years.

In this Report with Russian Oligarchs sanctioned, Richard suggests maybe the west should do some oligarch hunting in their own backyard.

Every year South By South West is held in Austin, it's a big tech festival with lectures, speeches, events, parties, bands, music and independent movies. The towns packed. On its opening night, I hit the main street to see what Americans thought about covid. Due to the festival of course there were many foreigners but from the Covid Quiz video(see below or above) we can get an idea of what Americans think.

Donald Trump recently said if he were President again he would pardon those prosecuted after the January 6 occupation. In this Report, Richard expresses his support for such pardons and debunks the 'insurrection' narrative.

Many Australians are leaving the country due to its excessive covid rules and far too much communism in general. It's overwhelmed them and they've cracked.

In this video below hear the story of an Australian man who has recently left Australia for Mexico. Tony was bullied by Victoria Police for being active in the covid protest movement in Melbourne and now has had to flee.

In this Report, Richard looks at voting in the 2022 Australian Federal Election and pro-freedom minor parties running and the state of the major parties.

In this Report, Richard shares his views on Neil Young campaigning for the man and big pharma demanding Spotify remove Joe Rogan's popular podcast.

On my travels in Austin, Texas I stumbled upon a bunch of Ukrainians upset about Putin's invasion of their homeland. I got to speak with many of them and hear their point of view. Watch the video below.

Max Igan Exposes Gov Mind Control- Andy Nolch visits well known Australian activist Max Igan in Mexico. He tells of his experience with remote government mind control. He had his mind messed with in order to send him nuts thus discrediting his statements about the government creating bushfires. Its an interesting interview. Done after his speech at the week-long anarchist conference called Anarchapulco. Other deep things are discussed. It's important to know how the gov can target activists for remote mind control, hear his experience.

I got to have a chat with Richard and Gale Gage on the rooftop of my hotel in Acapulco Mexico. They were there for Anarchapulco, a week-long festival of talks and group events for freedom-loving anarchists. Richard spoke earlier in the day. He did a presentation of the structural integrity of buildings and the inconsistencies of the official 9/11 story. We chat about how 9/11 wakes people up similar to covid19. They are big government stunts, one obviously far larger than the other, but 9/11 was key in the long-term plans of the communists.

Over the summer Richard had covid explains all he experienced was a mild flu despite not having any dose of a covid vaccine.

In this Report, Richard catches up again with musician David Thrussell for their first discussion of 2022 after they both fought off covid during the summer. They look at the Freedom Convoys taking place from Canada to Canberra.

In this Report, Richard discusses DisGrace Tame following her sour face pull at Scott Morrison after her year of political activism as Australian of the Year.

In this Report, Richard explains the purpose of US talk show host Bill Maher who in the post-Trump era is attempting to reclaim his free speech liberal roots.

In this Report, Richard examines the shambles around Novak Djokovic's deportation on the eve of the Australian Open.

In this Report, Richard explains the long-term Marxist goal of the destruction of the family so individuals become more reliant on the state.

In this Report, Richard explores the perverse genius of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Over the past two years he's brought the freedom movement together, become one of the most admired globalists, and is surviving an online campaign of vengeance by former colleague Adem Somyeruk.

In this Report, Richard assesses where we are almost 2 years into this pandemic at Christmas 2021 and how none of it makes any sense.

In this Report, Richard provides his analysis of the child sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. Richard shares his reasoning about why Maxwell is still alive while her partner Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

In this WilmsFront Featured Interview for The Unshackled Tim speaks with Melbourne Freedom Activist Joel Gilmore who was at the Siege at the Shrine during September and notably livestreamed his own arrest at Northcote shopping centre.

Post-Victorian lockdown three thinkers gather to discuss what could come next: Richard Wolstencroft, David Thrussell, and Frank Howson. In Part 3 the trio provides their final thoughts on where they see the pandemic going from here, have the globalists got more tricks up their sleeve? Will the vaccine passports transition us to a social credit system?

In this Report, post-Victorian lockdown three thinkers gather to discuss what could come next: Richard Wolstencroft, David Thrussell, and Frank Howson.

In Part 2 they discuss the political and media smears against the kill the bill activists. They have been slandered as extremists when they are just ordinary Victorians marching in their tens of thousands against this next power grab.

After a week of mainstream media and political demonization and slander, the Worldwide Freedom Rally Crowds in Australia on Saturday, 20th November 2021, were massive and peaceful. In Melbourne, the Occupy Spring Street activists had camped out all week on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House as part of the Kill the Bill campaign. Whilst Saturday’s Freedom Rally was the largest ever political demonstration in the city with estimates of 250,000-500,000 Victorians in attendance, equating to approximately 1 in 20 Victorians.

The Unshackled was live on the ground in Melbourne with live footage being streamed on Facebook and YouTube with Tim Wilms, Andy Nolch, and Margo Huss covering the day’s events. There were also countless Independent media outlets including the Real Rukshan, Rebel News, and the Australian Free Independent Press Network. We also put together a video highlights package of the day.

In this Report post-Victorian lockdown three thinkers gather to discuss what could come next: Richard Wolstencroft, David Thrussell, and Frank Howson. In Part 1 they discuss Premier Dan Andrews' proposed permanent pandemic laws.

In this Report, Richard explains what Bolshevism 2.0 is and its current goals.


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