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We Are Ready was a worldwide event in 200 locations on Saturday 20th May 2023 to declare to the globalist elite who were gathering in Lisbon, Portugal for the Bilderberg Club meeting "We are many, we are United, and We are Ready”.

One of the We Are Ready locations was at Frankston Foreshore in Melbourne's south. Frankston now has a vibrant hub for awake locals thanks to MyPlace Frankston founded by Darren Bergwerf in 2021 which now has 150 chapters nationwide. The event was organised by wife and mother Rebecca Kimm and it was her first time organizing a public event on this scale.

On display at the Foreshore was the Forest of the Fallen which brings attention to the forgotten reality of people who lost their lives just because they thought they were doing the right thing or they believed they didn't have a choice.

In this Report, Richard discusses the Globalists' War on Christianity, most recently demonstrated over Easter with Google not changing its logo for a Christian holiday.

On Saturday 13th May The Unshackled covered the National Socialist Network (NSN) Stop Immigration Rally on Spring Street in Melbourne. Opposing their rally was the Socialist Alternative front group the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF). Our footage shows the shout-off between the two groups separated by Victoria Police until NSN was given a move-on order by police.

In this Report, Richard looks at the latest round of resistance riots occurring in France aimed at its globalist President Emmanuel Macron ramming through pension reform without a parliamentary vote.

In this Report, Richard discusses the dragging of Donald Trump before another Kangaroo Court in New York by DA Fat Alvin Bragg over alleged hush money paid to pornstar Stormy Daniels.

In this Report, Richard discusses the fallout from the Dalai Lama's suck my tongue request he made of a young Indian boy. Richard moves beyond the outrage at how or why this bizarre incident ever occurred.

In this Report, Richard shares his thoughts on trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, the 6 Billion Dollar Man which is the value he lost for Anheuser-Busch following his Bud Light endorsement.

In this Report, Richard explains how we've been eating the bugs our whole lives and being happy when enjoying Tim Tams. The iconic Australian biscuits contain cochineal which is derived from insects.

The Unshackled bids farewell to the now former NSW Health Minister and Member Wakehurst Brad Hazzard with this compilation of his worst temper tantrums and angry outburst during the covid pandemic. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

In this Report, Richard discusses the lab leak theory of the origins of covid in Wuhan going mainstream.

This is the Highlights from The Unshackled's footage of Kellie-Jay Keen's aka The Posie Parker Let Women Speak event in Melbourne on 18 March 2023. The speeches themselves on the steps of Victoria's Parliament House showcased an unholy alliance of traditional conservative women and radical feminist lesbians.

Then there was the sideshow with Socialist Alternative transgender rights protesters against the event and the Neo-Nazi National Socialist Network (NSN) who showed up in black clothes with their sign 'Destroy Pedo Freaks' which makes up the majority of this highlights package.

In this Report, Richard apologizes for his previous Report slagging off Australian actress Cate Blanchett and praises her performance in the anti-cancel culture film Tar.

In this Report Richard discusses the backlash over the planned censoring of Roald Dahl's classic children's novels.

In this Report Richard summarizes how cancel culture is enforced by arseholes.

In this satirical Report, Richard delivers a message on behalf of the World Economic Forum to useless eaters, they are people who contribute to humanity in meaningful ways. In collaboration with their partners, WEF has developed vaccines to cut down the number of useless eaters on the planet.

In this Report, Richard discusses the globalists' plans to confine us all to 15-minute cities.

This media montage displays the evolution of Dr Nick Coatsworth on covid vaccine mandates. When he was Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer in 2020-21 Dr Nick spoke about a big stick approach to punish covid vaccine refusal and said we weren't safe until we all had our two shots. In 2022-23 he has spoken out against vaccine mandates as they might be causing harm due to the side effect of heart inflammation and that covid boosters aren't offering any long-term extra protection.

In this Report, Richard explains how Australian Actress Cate Blanchett has been pissing him off after her acceptance speech at the 2023 Golden Globes ranting about the 'patriarchal pyramid'.

In this Report, Richard ponders if Davos the World Economic Forum's meeting place is on the decline as the world's elite faced unwelcome scrutiny by independent media in 2023.

In this Report, Richard looks into the alcohol-filled crisis in Alice Springs with Albo flying to solve the latest unrest in this rural Aboriginal town.

In this Report, Richard discusses the launch of Donald Trump's 2024 Presidential campaign and the new obstacles that will be pushed in front of him.

In this Report, Richard discusses the recent wild weather that has swept Melbourne and ponders if the globalists are using weather as a weapon to pursue their climate change agenda.

In this Report, Richard discusses the trouble Ye formerly known as Kayne West has got himself in for naming the group you're not supposed to name.

In this Report, Richard Wolstencroft analyzes Elon Musk now owning the memes of production with his purchase of Twitter.

On the Opening Night of the 2022 Melbourne Underground Film Festival, I viewed for the first time Topher Field's first full feature documentary Battleground Melbourne.

Afterward, I spoke with the man himself Director Topher Field about the effort that went into making the film and how it has been received around the world. This was a week after Dan Andrews easily won the 2022 Victorian state election with his Labor Government re-elected for a third consecutive term. I ask Topher want we can expect from a re-elected Dan Andrews with the powers he has at his disposal.

At the conclusion of the 2022 Melbourne Underground Film Festival Battleground Melbourne won Best Film. You can view the film for yourself for free at


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