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In this latest Report Richard shares his thoughts on a world without Donald Trump as President and the coming post Trump US and what it might mean for lovers and haters of Trump alike. In the final analysis we shall have to wait and see.

Australia day should usually be a day to celebrate the various achievements of our nation as a whole. Many people don't see it this way though. In this video we go where many independent journalists from right of center can't do, and that is to get into the actual rally. Let's have a look at the Invasion day rally of 2021.

In this video I enter into the Invasion day rally of 2021, We listen to a speech given by greens senator Lydia Thorpe, Observe a traditional song and dance, and then we march down the street while police block traffic and tram services stop in order to allow the rally free reign.

Yesterday, we went to the "People's Australia Day Parade" in Melbourne, organized by "The Freedom Collective". The parade was planned by the citizens in response to "The Andrews Government's" controversial decision to cancel the official annual celebration.

In this video we rendezvous with the marchers at the "Janet Lady Clarke Rotunda" in the Queen Victoria Gardens. The parade consisted of concerned Patriots, followed around by members of Victoria police. After a quick speech the parade was afoot. Followed by police and harassed by the media, the marchers continued on towards St Kilda Beach. I would have filmed the parade but my phone died, so after a quick drive to the ending point of the parade, my phone was charged again. just in time for the procession to show up.

The parade concluded shortly after a couple of speeches. Most of the marchers stayed behind for a beach party.

Overall this day has been a lesson on the spirit of Australia. Even in the face of adversity by our own government, the Australian Spirit Prevails.

It has been hectic during the last few months, and our awards season has come to an end! The Australian of the Year Awards were announced today, and the Unshackler Awards will be announced now! We thank all our voters for letting us know which individuals defined last year. From heroes of the Western world to triggered lefties, we have them all right here. Senior Editor of the Unshackled, Damien Ferri, presents the 2020 Unshackler Awards. Let’s take a look at who the winners are.

In this latest Report Richard examines a growing scandal in Italy about a Globalist Company Leonardo and it's alleged role in the rigging of the US Election apropos Dominion and Italian Satellites and the US Embassy in Rome. Do your own research online into this growing scandal.

In this episode of the Report, Richard comments on Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon of the sex pistols going against the showbiz grain by coming out in support of Donald Trump for President and Brexit.

In the first Report of 2021, Richard examines the disillusionment felt by Trump Supporters after the events of January 6 with the Congress certificating Joe Biden as President-elect and the fallout from the storming of the Capitol Building.

In this episode of the Report, Richard discusses how the west is living under the new iron curtain. Just like communist Eastern Europe western citizens are now subjected to endless globalist and big government propaganda through the mainstream and social media.

In this episode of the Report, Richard discusses another escalation in social media censorship. Specifically the Complexity of Complex Entity Ban where you are not banned from Facebook for 30 days but 'restricted' from joining groups or posting to pages. This latest escalation correlated with the US Presidential Election in both the lead-up and aftermath.

In this episode of the Report, Richard shares his thoughts on Joe Biden who barring some miracle will soon be President-elect of the United States. Richard concludes Biden is a cypher, a career politician who can be relied upon do the globalists' bidding.

In this episode of the Report, Richard discusses how we now have positive and negative racism. Positive is self-affirming and proud affirmations of one's Ethnic Identity. Negative racism involves any Ethnic group playing the Superiority Game. It makes the suggestion the former is benign and even healthy and trouble only arises with the latter.

In this special episode of the Report, Richard speaks with the new Producer of the Report and Editor of The Unshackled Tim Wilms. It's the first batch of reports they have been able to produce in person since the second Melbourne lockdown came into effect on July 9. Now with Melbourne covid free it's Adelaide being the new coronavirus shithole with their three-day lockdown caused by their own pizzagate super strain virus theory.

In this Report, Richard had the pleasure of having a respectful on-camera discussion with Barry Jones at the launch of his most recent book What Is To Be Done. Barry Jones is a former Labor politician, Australian film industry pioneer, and quiz champion. Richard and Barry discuss climate change and the US Election fall out.

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim speaks with Hillbilly from the Proud of Your Hunter YouTube channel to discuss their weekend trip to New South Wales. With Australian state borders reopening for Christmas after a year of a divided nation it is clear that covid has created a new internal culture clash.

There are no culture masks in NSW but they still have the QR code check-in surveillance system in all venues. Although Australia may be opening up the current state of restrictions in place each state demonstrates we are certainly not free.

In this Report, Richard discusses the attacks on our Australian Army following the release of the Brereton Report. This report alleges that 19 Australia SAS soldiers unlawfully killed 39 Afghani civilians during the War in Afghanistan. Richard maintains our Army did nothing wrong and Brereton Report is being used by our enemies at home and abroad to undermine one of our most respected national institutions and symbols of strength.

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim speaks with Triccy Triddy from South East Queensland who is one of the leaders of the People's Revolution aiming to resist the coming new world order and great reset.

The People's Revolution has participated in the various nationwide Freedom Days and Peaceful Picnics throughout the lockdowns, the next one is scheduled for December 6. Triccy has received three fines from the Queensland Police for breaching gathering limits, at the August peaceful picnic in Brisbane he was the only person fined because he was deemed the organiser and leader.

The continuing lockdowns and restrictions appear to be a physiological warfare operation against the people, which will make them accepting a vaccine to end it all. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has stated for international travel a covid vaccine will be required. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has previously stated he wants the vaccine to be as mandatory as possible, international travel will be permitted again but those who refuse the vaccine will have to quarantine for 14 days.

The new surveillance state for contact tracing purposes will continue with QR codes all the rage at the moment with state governments mandating them for all hospitality venues. State governments can still declare a police state and suspend human rights at a moments notice if there are any outbreaks, as happened to South Australians.

Triccy believes that the quest must continue to wake more people up, those opposing lockdowns, mask mandates and limits on freedom are still the minority as the Queensland state election result demonstrated. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will open the Queensland border on December 1 but has vowed to close it again if there's an outbreak anywhere else.

In the final Report with Richard Wolstencroft and David Thrussell they discuss the US election results and the 4 am mail-in ballot dumps that put Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump in all the swing states. They debate if the campaign against Trump for the past four years is because he has been the greatest warrior against the globalists to date.

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim speaks with gym operator Kris Preston. One of the most perverse restrictions during our lockdowns has been the war on healthy exercise.

The gyms were one of the first businesses forced to close under covid lockdowns and some of the last allowed to reopen. The reasoning for this is because gyms have shared equipment and sweat has covid droplets. Kris highlights that in case of outbreaks gyms already have in place contact tracing systems with all gym visits by members or visitors logged.

During the lockdowns outdoor exercise was allowed but discouraged as a means to limit movement. During Melbourne's stage 4 lockdown and during South Australia's three-day' circuit breaker' lockdown exercise outside was completely banned for the first day and a half. Kris highlights that with people's daily routines disrupted and were trapped at home that's when bad eating and wellbeing habits begin and are hard to break.

According to Kris his clients have put on an average of 5 to 7kg during lockdown. His advice is people starting getting back into a daily routine now stay at home orders have been lif

In this second Report with Richard Wolstencroft and David Thrussell they explore how the dark days are here. With the lockdowns associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the wheels of totalitarianism have been locked in motion by governments around the globe and can be wheeled out again anytime.

In this Report with Melbourne's ring of steel removed Richard catches up with David Thrussell to discuss the last six months of government fear porn over the coronavirus to break and demoralize the citizenry into complying. This is the first of three reports with Richard and David in conversation.

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim is joined by Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan and now host and new dad to discuss the World Economic Forum's Great Reset policy for a post-covid world and the latest in cancel culture.

In this Report, Richard discusses Trump's Release The Kraken operation to stop the steal. His campaign is challenging many of the mail-in ballot votes that put Biden in the lead in all the battleground states.

In this episode of the report, Richard discusses the possibility of false positives in Victoria's coronavirus numbers and other irregularities occurring during the lockdown.

In this Report Richard looks at how Dan Andrews extreme lockdown model is now being rolled out across the globe. The Dan model is being sold by the globalists as Melbourne is coming out of lockdown with the daily case numbers having flatlined to zero from hundreds per day during the peak of the city's second wave.

In this WilmsFront Feature for The Unshackled Tim interviews Jamie McIntyre Founder of the Australian National Review. They discuss the impact of the US Election on the future of the coronavirus pandemic and globalist agenda.

Jamie has just had his Facebook page deleted as part of the US Election voter fraud social media censorship. He is offering a $10 million reward to anyone who can prove that the Democratic Party did not commit voter fraud to steal the US Election from Trump. The mainstream and social media are already referring to Joe Biden as President-elect.

We discuss how the crushing police state lockdowns are being sold as the only ways to suppress the coronavirus without a vaccine, only with a vaccine can we go back to normal. Suddenly right after the US Election the Oxford University and Pfizer vaccines are just about set to be approved and mass production has already started.

Jamie is based on the Gold Coast where the coronavirus restriction that has impacted that region the greatest is the Queensland state border closure. He is urging all Victorians to leave the state once Australia’s internal borders are open during the summer non-flu season window. Despite there only being 4 active cases in Victoria they are the only Australian residents forced to wear masks.

Jamie has been inspired by the growth of independent media in 2020 which is vital to waking more people up to the globalist agenda that has been accelerated with the pandemic. The new normal post covid vaccine will still involve intense digital surveillance and censorship and suppression of wrongthink.


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