A Voice From the Deep Underground

see my thoughts on making this documentary:

In this video there is, compile,d a random bunch of songs that are remembered out of the past and songs listed on donaldmarshallrevolution.com , scouted out clues from Donald in the lyrics, and clues from the video makers, who are aware of Donald, and are leaving clues also, in the videos, and also from noticing Donald's writing style. the "Rise climax and fall" motif melody lines.. its clearly comprehendable when you know what to look and listen for; Anything in the Lyrics about getting stabbed shot or beaten , anything referring to an arena and an entertainer under pressure or and lyrics about "saying too much" of a secret that could be hinted at only, and not spoken of openly, etc. Once you know Donald's story you'll get the real meaning of all these songs and you'll be pissed. but you'll have to love Donald for doing what he had to. This is going to wake up the world. When people realize just about all their favorite songs were written by the same guy...and that he has a secret message for them...the message is."help me" Donald's Been Trapped in this situation for a long time. and he wants to expose these people and whats going on so the people will rise up do something about this atrocity.CLONING AND TORTURE. once people realize it's their own children involved in this, and they didn't even know what it was up until now, they'll freak out they'll be pissed as hell. especially the mothers... no mother wants her child harmed...what if she or he or another is harmed remotely? and you don't know about it? because they can take your kids DNA and clone them. your kid sleeps. and the clone wakes up at the base underground with your child's soul essence in it... they get used by perverts in bad and awful ways for sick twisted pleasure of the insane kind. then you kids wake up in bed the next day with no memory of it. but it feels like they had a nightmare maybe or something like that but it felt like they "were there". Help us expose this . It concerns us all as. The secrets Donald reveals are life changing, painful at first , for the betterment of us all in the end.
i debated whether or not to include in each video , a time stamp, which would show the year the song was made and Donald's age at the time. i decided not to in the interest of saving time. Donald's Birthday is September 30th 1975 if you want to figure out how old he was as a kid writing the songs you can do the math..he started very young at 5 so..

you can go to donaldmarshallrevolution.com and donaldmarshall.proboards.com
get informed, help Donald, and all of us helping him to spread the word to everyone you know so we can get human cloning exposed and stopped!!! And Protect Humanity from these unreal monsters Donald talks about.! Please help us get this exposed .thank you.

P.S. they might even be doing it to your kids. Are they having nightmares? are they bright and talented? Good lo

WATCH PART 2 HERE : https://www.bitchute.com/video/4pN0iJutnGFF/

Donald Marshall at the age of 5 began writing songs required by his captors there at the cloning center in the Deep Underground Military Bases of the USA and Canada. He had to ward off their onslaught of terror and torture that they'd do to him if he didn't come up with a hit song. In this video i wanted to let the music speak for itself. if you listen closely you can hear:
1. some of the clues Donald put in the music to warn people of what was
going on ...and is still going on today.
2. The songwriting style of Donald Marshall as described in the beginning of the video. Specifically the melodies doing the " rise climax and fall" motif.
3. The feelings Donald went through during the creation process, pain anguish fear, and the "roles" he was able to play for the different artistic situations to accommodate whatever was needed by the varying genres.

Its all there right in front of you....right inside our favorite songs.

Thanks for all the Great Music Donald
even though it sucks the way they got it from you, i cant help but admire the talent you displayed through out the ordeal, and im glad for you and all of us involved in this.....that it seems to be almost over....or has it just begun?
your friend,
Free pdf's of books Containing the Donald Marshall Story . Download and read.


talkin on recent events about Donald Marshall and the cloning centers. Somebody stop this ride i wanna get off it........

IF THE VIDEO CUTS OUT HERE ON BITCHUTE SEE IT ON RUMBLE https://rumble.com/vy2kjb-my-connection-to-cloning-donald-marshall-and-the-great-awakening.html

be not afraid; be careful. its not my intent to frighten you more to jolt you into protecting yourselves because i don't want people to get droned. and this info is extremely important even though it wont be believed by most until shown right in front of their face. some will just call it science fiction. And maybe that's what it is... maybe i m just brainwashed by a governmetn cult that invades your dreams at night... and let's giant lizards get nasty on you.....? wtf do i know?



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Watch this!! i dont agree with everything on this video especially the ending.

since there is NO category listing for "comedy" i state here and now by this writing that this is a comedy video.

how can you not have a "comedy" category? on a video website with all the shit going on today?

weed warning watch out for weed laced with neuro-toxic chemicals!!!


describe what? i could be wrong about any of this so use your own judgement and brain to figure things out. thank you have a nice day.




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This Channel is to help Donald Marshall expose THAT THERE'S PHONY PEOPLE WALKING AMONG US in the form of cloning, also droning (the parasitic takeover of human beings by genetic means) and "CHIPHEADS" who takeover human bodies by electronic means...the use of the "class yearbook" as a catalogue where they choose children aka "the Catalogue" then pirate a sample of medical DNA of these children from doctors who are members of their organizations and then make cloned copies of them for games and torturous mayhem down in the deep underground military basses. Tthis effects the lives of the original donor in terrible ways...also to inform about the alien presence underground as confirmed by Phil Schnieder who gave his life for the truth to be told. The logo photo is a depiction of one of a routine torture scenario that occurs in the arena in these cloning centers... the audience members surround a subject hanging by a harness and cable, mock wings are attached on the person, and their wrists are chained to the ground..someone with a bow and arrow in the distance shoots arrows into their chest while the audience derives a twisted sexual pleasure from the pain being inflicted on the subject....yes they did do this to me, and probably many others as well.