We started the week in St. Louis MO then went to Eau Claire WI then to Black River Falls to Walden KY.

From Walden KY to Trenton OH and from there to Elkton VA.

We are now sitting at Albany GA and are 7th in line to leave from GA.

Extreme weather...blizzard to heavy fog to high wind advisory all this week.

But still some pretty cool scenery like Fancy Gap VA and at least it's warmer here in Albany GA.

So at this time we have been in 5 states with 2 more to go
today. I have driven 978 miles with another 400 miles to drive today.

The hardest part is being away from the wife and kids. But Perry my Trainer with Millis Transfer is making the time informational, educational and enjoyable.

Believe it or not sleeping on the top bunk is pretty comfortable when it's time for our 10 hour break.

We are sitting close to 2500 miles this week on a short week after orientation for Millis Transfer.

See you next Sunday for week 2 at Millis Transfer.

MTI Millis Transfer Week 2 and 3 Recap

So this is a recap of MTI training over the last 2 weeks. Yes ... I made it out and am moving on to Orientation for the next week.

We did backing drills in week 2 and week 3 we went forward.

In total we had to have 6 hours on the range and 10 hours in the truck going forward.

The biggest advantage of such a small training class was the extra time we had for backing and going forward during the week.

Bill Smith was our instructor at MTI. I highly recommend going through MTI with Bill if you can.

Two Thumbs UP!

Good Trucking,

Dave Knight

Millis Transfer MTI end of Week 1 Training Summary

Well the first week is in the books. It seems there is a foot of snow to work with this week at the terminal at Trenton Ohio ... which is really at Hamilton, OH.

It was a good week. We learned how to sign our name properly and LEGIBLY ... haha...

We started working on Paper Logs and Hours of service.

We learned the pre trip and all that entails from our instructor William "Bill" Smith. He is great by the way and highly recommend learning from him at Millis Transfer here at MTI.

In addition, we got to go around the lot for the Millis 500 ... so we bobtailed around that was pretty cool.

We also learned how to go around the lot with the tractor and the trailer ... this was intimidating but fun and challenging as well.

We learned how to unhook and hook the trailer properly. And how to straight line back on Friday.

Lots of classroom (3 full days) during the first week. So be prepared for some homework and a test at the end of week one.

God Bless and Good Trucking,

Dave Knight

P.S. See you next Sunday for week 2 update at MTI Millis Transfer

D5 Pawn Sacrifice was Bush the Rook Shiny Object Syndrome

Recently, I have been wondering about a famous chess game where two individuals battled it out. The side playing white offered a shiny object to the black side.

The shiny object syndrome was a shiny pawn moving to D5 ... the bait was placed and the trap was set.

Did the deep state DS take the bait and offer Bush as the rook?

You be the judge here is the best video I found going over this famous game. It's called the shiny object syndrome ... offer something they can't refuse to take.

Is this game being played on a grand scale with Masters? I game of very high stakes. I sure hope so for our kids and our kids ... kids.

Make America Great Again!

God Bless,

Dave Knight

JFK JR was Santa Claus Q Anon 1400 Point Market Drop

This week was historic and could go down as a pivotal point in American History if the truth is allowed to come out.

Let's not forget 1941 and the attack at Pearl Harbor.

First of all, is JFK JR alive and was he Santa Claus in Dallas Texas 55 years after his dad JFK was murdered?

You be the judge .... link to video:
Second point Q Anon continues to build evidence against the deep state DS. Was GHWB involved in the cover up?

How much truth is there in the lethal death of Bush turning state's evidence to protect his family name?

What about McCain did he turn over state's evidence as well?

Third point the market will continue to be very violent as I stated last week the "fools money" is in the market right now.

We saw an almost 1500 point drop in the stock market before recovery.

There was a 1400 point drop in the stock market as reported by the MSM.

What we know about main stream media (MSM) is they continue to remain controlled in their talking points across all major networks and cable channels doing their best to bash and cover up and keep claiming their own conspiracy that Trump colluded with the Russians.

I believe the true criminals that sold out America are the Clintons and her cabal ... was she alone ... NO ... wait for the dominoes to continue to fall.

The greatest cover up in the history of America continues to unfold right before our eyes.

As Q says, "Enjoy the show!"

Thank You,

Dave Knight

December 5th Who IS Q and R

So since my last video we learned the elder former President Bush died at the age of 94.

More importantly, the funeral from what I understand is being held on December 5th ... coincidence? Rumor says that Bush actually died 4 days prior. True of False? I don't know ...

What is so significant about December 5th now? The markets will be closed on this day for the former President. Coincidence?

I am not a person that normally subscribes to conspiracies ... but coincidences are starting to accumulate.

Is R ... JFK Jr? How wonderful would it be to have a platform in 2020 of Trump and JFK JR? That would be so awesome that words could not describe how great that would be.

Is Vincent Fusca JFK JR? Obviously, you need to do your own research. Let the evidence and proofs lead you to your own conclusions.

God Bless and Protect America,

Dave Knight

December 5th QAnon Conspiracy Theory True or False

So, personally I don't believe in all the conspiracy theories being presented, but it is a fun exercise to talk about.

December 5th 2018 is a day QAnon is hinting towards the 60K plus sealed indictments could be issues or unsealed and action is going to take place.

Will this happen? If it did, would you want to be in the stock market fully vested? I would argue no. I would say precious metals would skyrocket in value overnight.

Things like silver and gold could possibly go up 1000 percent in a short period of time. There could be a shutdown of roads with martial law being put in place and goods to grocery stores being at a premium.

Can something like this happen? Sure, it is a possibility when you consider everything leading up to this point in time.

FWIW ... a known date to the public like a person researching and saying this is the day Jesus will come ... is a pretty safe bet this day will come and go with nothing happening on it.

This is what I think about December 5th ... it is a fun exercise to say the pedo's would be rounded up and sent to military bases to await military justice, but is that something that will happen?

Sure, I would love to see it ... but reality and wishing are two different things. Sure, I would love to see HRC put behind bars along with the rest of the crooked establishment.

With that being said, I do believe we have entered a topping pattern in the stock market that will make all the other crashes look very small in comparison.

I believe the fool money ... the last people to hold the bag are now in the market and the hammer is about to fall.

If December 5th would become true to the conspiracy people, you can count that the market would completely crash without the Federal Government shutting down the markets.

If that would happen ... most likely like September 11th 2001 the market would close for a indefinite amount of time, but I believe transportation of goods would come ..

Trading and Trucking Various Thoughts

So, first of all, I want to apologize for being all over the place ... but with that being said, here is a synaposis of today's video.

1. Talk about the Top 6 List for Truckers: 00:01:03
2. Tour of the Kenworth T680: 00:05:00
3. Trucker showing inside tour: 00:07:40

Good Trading and Trucking,

Dave Knight

Pokerstars Sit N Go 9 Players

Get in the top 3 for the money ... 9 players.


Dave Knight

PA Online Poker Early 2019

Will online poker in PA finally be legal to play in 2019?

Off subject ... you never know where my mind will go next ... haha.

The best online poker game to ;play in my humble opinion is sit n go poker tournaments.

Kind Regards,

Dave Knight

Millis Transfer Passed CDL Permit Test

YES! I passed my CDL Permit today. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I will go heading to Millis Transfer in January to start my CDL School training in Trenton, OH.

My day trading days are basically over at TopStepTrader (TST). They have been a good company to work with and get to funded. It was a scratch kind of thing for me for my time.

But, I know I would have lost a lot more money in a real futures account with the rules imposed by them. I normally run with a 100 tick stop in the crude oil futures market as a swing trader.

Anyway, I hope this finds you doing great. I also want to give Perry some love ... he has a really good channel and is a trainer at Millis Transfer.

I have hooked up some of his cooking in the truck scenes. Who says you can't eat good in a truck? Those hamburgers ... and steak and lobster look good.

Perry's Channel on YouTube:

AND ... he is really good at training others at Millis Transfer ... Yes ... I got my fingers crossed when it is time to go out with a trainer I am fortunate to get him.

Kind Regards,

Dave Knight

P.S. Here is the link to Trucking Truth:

Heart Just NOT In Day Trading

I wish you all the best ...

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

TopStepTrader Day Trading Final Journey

Happy Halloween!

Come with me on my final journey here at TopStepTrader (TST). Can I make it or not? But, I am in a good place as I move to 2019 already!

Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. Tomorrow is All Saints Day! Sounds like a great day to start a journey!!

P.S.S. Day Trading ebook:

Day Trading Detox Day 5

How are you? I am doing just peachy after staying away from day trading for 5 days now.

TST Accept Loss Limit Thoughts

Most of this video content I can't take credit for ... I am humbled in the content that was shared with me personally and I hope it enriches you as well.

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

Day Trading Lose Battle Win War

One on one heart to heart talk with my followers here at Topstep Trader and my day trading journey.

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

CLPIT Strategy October 17th 2018 TST Combine Strategy

This video is taking advantage of the early entry before the report release into what I calculated would be a move back to and below 70 dollars a barrel.

Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. You can do this in the combine only so be aware of that point. In fact, you don't want to be early on this report with real money on the line.

Crude Oil Day Trading Recap October 16th 2018

Here is a setup you had to wait to see today.

Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

Day Trading LIKE Groundhog Day:

I am tired of doing these kind of videos ... time to learn or move on.

This is not a fun post to make … but it is necessary to do it. Control that INNER Knucklehead that causes defeat and anguish …

Stop repeating the same mistakes like the movie Groundhog Day over and over again.

My mind was around and around over how best to approach a trade …

when to place it …

when to move to Breakeven (BE) …

how far the stop should be on the trade …

when to take profits …

how many contracts to trade …

Why is it the older I get the more it seems I don’t understand about trading?

Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. Blog Post:

2018 HAHS VS NA Sean Interception Return and Blocking for Run

All trading and no fun makes for a boring life ... here is our oldest against number 5 in the state North Allegheny last night.

Can you say I am a proud dad? Certainly ... we lost the game, but it was still exciting to watch them play their best last night.


Dang Why Is Day Trading SO Hard

Friday Chit Chat ... enjoy.

Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight


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