Mario had to take his carpentering career underground after leaving New Donk City.

DL Folder:!wxtkHAST!VPmxCxH_EA3P2A8CF7scRw

I wasn't sure if I was gonna do a Monday video this week. I decided to do a quick cover of the Underground theme yesterday, and had an initial draft done yesterday morning, but scrapped parts of it last minute. I also decided to mess around with SSG drums since I've only used those for squares previously.

Super Mario Bros. (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo


DL Folder:!Y11lkCCb!dMkR5-0x4E3QJtNXlh8-4A

Panel de Pon, or Tetris Attack as it was known in the West, was a SNES puzzle game that is notorious for having a bunch of cute fairies that got replaced with Yoshi characters with the Tetris title (thus screwing this game over for future releases). Its sequels fared no better, as while the devs did rename it to the more sensible Puzzle League from then on, they had tried using the fairy characters again but ended up using other franchises instead (from Yoshi, to Pokemon, to Animal Crossing, to none at all), and the only time they made a sequel that revisited that concept was on the Gamecube, as a quasi-remake of Pokemon Puzzle League on the N64, and of course that never made it to the US or Europe. On top of that, the easter egg in the DS version got removed outside of Japan, so I'm partially convinced someone at Nintendo of America has it out for the fairies. (At least Smash keeps them in some peoples' memories?)

Either way, I wanted to do a cover from this game for a while, since probably 2017, if I remember right? However, for whatever reason every time I wanted to start doing it, I either stopped at the beginning or pushed it back in favor of something else. Eventually, I stopped stalling and decided to just do it, and post it no later than the 21st so I would have no excuse to stall further. I also did it in FDS so I'd break from the VRC6 mold for a bit.

Music originally composed by Masaya Kuzume
Panel de Pon/Puzzle League © 1995-20XX Nintendo/Intelligent System, now bring the fairies back you cowards

The one that started it all...

DL Folder:!Qt8EiSwJ!OcvJVXATbOLOnkVth5bnJw

A while ago, I mentioned that I'd wanted to do a SMS cover in Deflemask because Sneventracker didn't exactly have an option to export to that format, but that I might be wrong because it'd been a while since I last downloaded it. Sure enough, I went to look into the latest version, and that has an export to .VGM function. Sadly, it doesn't have an option to loop like Deflemask/Bambootracker. Regardless, I'd wanted to do a Vampire Killer cover earlier, especially with Bloodstained coming out tomorrow, so I quickly got to work.

Music originally composed by Kinuyo Yamashita and Satoe Terashima
Castlevania (C) 1986-20XX Konami
Date/Time Started: 6/2/19, 9:21PM
Date/Time Completed: 6/2/19, 9:55PM

What a horrible night to indulge yourself!

DL Folder:!c4kwgKLK!b3bAnKXb85PKmMgQQfuyqw

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launches on Tuesday, and supposedly since they listened to their fans it'll actually be really good? I'd already done a cover from Bloodstained way back in 2016, but since my cover of Voyage of Promise got completely blown out of the water by Ippo Yamada's own cover heard in Curse of the Moon, I figured I'd try my luck again, this time in the actual Castlevania 3 style. I think I did a far better job than last time, though that's probably because I've had a lot of experience since then.

Of course, knowing my luck there'll already be a CV3-style cover of this from Jake Kaufman in the official soundtrack that makes my arrange sound dated by comparison.

Music originally composed by Michiru Yamane
Bloodstained © 2019 Koji Igarashi, ArtPlay and 505 Games
Date/Time Started: 5/7/19, 9:39PM
Date/Time Completed: 5/8/19, 5:33PM

Yet another limitation of Wario Ware DIY's music editor - you have a strict character limit for names and descriptions!

DL Folder:!AstwnIza!uUzmfrQQX8uzyweVf7E1gg

I know I've ragged on the Music Maker tool in Wario Ware DIY in past covers, but it does have its conveniences that I really like! For instance, the music tool has a built-in swing that musicians can use for more jazz-y songs. I figured I wanted to showcase that, so I remade Swing and Amiss with that tool.

If I could keep a spreadshot, I'd be fine!

DL Folder:!1x12SSJT!JGzw2tWxJyzT8TLOyC7waA

I figured the Contra Anniversary Collection was coming out soon-ish, and I wanted to practice doing Akumajou Densetsu-style VRC6 covers, so I decided to try doing a Contra song in that style since it's also a Konami game. I found that using suspended chords fit the Jungle Theme really well and, combined with the sawtooth bass and percussion made it sound a lot more action-y (if that makes any sense). I also tried to make a guitar-like sound around frame 0A, but jury's out on whether that actually worked to this song's benefit.

Music originally composed by Hidenori Maezawa and Kiyohiro Sada
Contra © 1986-20XX Konami
Date/Time Started: 5/6/19, 4:10PM
Date/Time Completed: 5/6/19, 9:46PM

Beginning of a new adventure.

DL Folder:!gsNWTahR!O59l5-fJb3NuZScyOgHvpw

The reason I'm posting this on a Wednesday because this happened to be a commission from Super Viola Bros. over on YouTube, who I'd done a quick 2a03 cover of Mario 1's underwater theme for the purposes of him doing a high quality rip on his own channel, which then led me to doing VRC6 and VRC7 covers of it back in 2016. For this commission, the user wanted something grandiose, and he specifically wanted me to use a melody he'd already whipped up to turn it into a letimotif. I decided to take that suggestion and go to town with it. He also mentioned it would be used for a Create Your Own Adventure-style game he's posting on his channel, so if you still actually browse YouTube from time to time maybe check that out if you're interested!

I also took the opportunity to start making custom DPCM drums to use in future covers (these use the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra soundfont).

Music commissioned by Super Viola Bros.!

“You call that 8-bit music? Feh, back in my day we were lucky to even have one or two sound channels on our refurbished Radio Scope boards, and we liked it! Yet for some reason you whippersnappers just add multiple sound chips like it's a PC with no regard to how much it would cost on an actual cartridge! It's bad enough my good-for-nothing grandson introduced that newfangled Roland doohickey in his game. And now you're saying you can add two Famitracker modules together for stereo! You youngsters don't know how easy you have it.”

DL Folder:!s48U2Kza!c0x-VoDUUgBd1DQP65AYDw

I wanted to try messing around with a dual 2a03 stereo setup at some point, and since Donkey Kong 3 was one of the few games that supported that setup (albeit only in the arcade) I figured I'd start with a DKC song, and the only one that came to mind that I could feasibly work on was Stickerbush Symphony.

The obvious caveat to trying this is that you have to have two separate modules (one for each ear), and make sure they not only match up with each other but that they actually sound good, so trying this with an ambient song like the Brambles song was a little annoying since any change I wanted to make in one side I had to do in the other. It also means the .ftm and .nsf are a little wonky since the NES obviously does not support a dual 2a03 setup, let alone stereo, which is why I didn't label this as Famitracker Bits proper.

I've also included a Mono and Full-Stereo audio files in case the version you hear in this video didn't quite work for you, as well as the individual audio channels and .ftm/.nsf files for posterity.

Music originally composed by David Wise
Donkey Kong © 1981-20XX Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country © 1994-20XX Rare Ltd./Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 5/23/19, 1:06PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 5/23/19, 4:36PM (MST)

Anywhere you go, let me go too~

DL Folder:!A1UixYTI!E9ubBhzhrMkxAGIDiEC4qA

This was another request from gemstone prism, and honestly I think I screwed myself trying to avoid using the triangle channel again. I ran into the same issue I had last time, where by not using the Triangle I didn't have enough channels to make the chords work, which is a pain in the ass when dealing with sweeping orchestral songs like this. The only reason I even bothered with it for this and Music of the Night was because I wanted to try and do something fancy like with Castlevania III's Japanese soundtrack, and unfortunately this was not a good fit for either since Castlevania typically balances its more orchestral sound with a rockin' percussion, and I don't have that luxury here. Thankfully, since I had the .ftm for Music of the Night on hand, I was able to speed up the process a bit.

Not sure how I feel about the cover itself, though. I liked trying to make a duet work by giving 'Christine' and 'Raoul' distinct voices (read: different Duty/Noise outputs), like I did with the original cover I did back in 2016. Unfortunately after working on this I'm feeling pretty burnt out on making Phantom of the Opera covers, so for my sanity I think I'm gonna hold off on making these types of covers for a while.

Also as a fair warning, I'm going to be out of town this weekend. I will not be posting any videos on Monday as a result, and though I should be home afterwards I won't be posting next Friday, partly because I don't know if I'll catch anything while I'm up there, but I would really like to get caught up on my planned tracks for this year.

Music originally composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Phantom of the Opera © 1986-20XX The Really Useful Group(?)
Song requested by gembound prism
Date/Time Started: 5/4/19, 6:15PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 5/20/19, 11:19AM (MST)

Welcome to Ryme City!

DL Folder:!B5tWBABS!e2uiVg3bYpvSpoPmotplAQ

Honestly, prior to launch I was cautiously optimistic about the Detective Pikachu movie. It looked better than the usual attempts at making a live action video game movie, but at the same time the video game movie curse exists for a reason (and the Sonic trailer is a fresh reminder why). My biggest concern going into it was that the music would either play it safe with lackluster remixes from the games or, worse off, be generic in of itself.

Then I saw the movie, and the music for Ryme City completely blew me away.

No, seriously, this one track sounds like it was taken right out of the Unova games and given an orchestral facelift, and given how much I adore the Unova duology, that's not something I say lightly. I should not be surprised, though; the composer for this was Henry Jackman, who had also worked on Wreck-It Ralph and produced quite a few great tracks there, on top of having actual video game composition experience (even if it's for Uncharted, of all things). Needless to say I *immediately* wanted to work on a GB cover of it. I was a little worried that only having three channels, one of which I had to also use for toms, would not be enough, but it wasn't too bad, actually! I think the best part about working with this is that I get to mess around with uncommon time signatures again (7/8 in this case).

Music originally composed by Henry Jackman
Pokemon (C) 1996-20XX Nintendo & The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Detective Pikachu is a movie by Warner Bros. & Legendary Entertainment
Date/Time Started: 5/13/19, 3:00PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 5/13/19, 5:22PM (MST)
Music recorded in BGB Gameboy Emulator

I don't remember the rabbit hole being this salty...

DL Folder:!h59RDCbS!U0fKqQqcc8yn_h-yUogjCg

This was a request from Greninja, and while I think I'd heard of this album before I've never listened to it, let alone thought I'd be making covers from it. Nevertheless, it was an interesting challenge. Since there's no sheet music or reference to go off of, I had to do all of this pretty much by ear, and while it wasn't as big of an issue in the first half, the second half had a piano-esque solo that I'm positive that I missed a few notes here and there. That being said, it was actually really fun to work on, and I like the end result (I even like how the triangle piano turned out).

Music originally composed by Gondayu and Mori no Korisu no Mi-Ko no Daibouken
Touhou © 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Adventures in Inferno 2015-20XX Studio Nenem/スタジオネネム
Date/Time Started: 4/27/19, 1:47PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 4/27/19, 4:07PM (MST)

To be honest, I'm not entirely convinced ZUN isn't just taking fancy words and stitching them together to make song titles half the time.

DL Folder:!lhliGC5Z!Y77cS-dbfv7ia3TQGXYYEQ

Every year, there's a semi-official poll on the THWiki to figure out which characters, which of ZUN's music (including Seihou tracks) and which works are the most popular. How it usually goes is that Reimu is the best girl, either Septette for a Dead Princess or U.N. Owen Was Her is the best song, and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the best game. While I'm not entirely invested in it, I decided to take a peek earlier this year to see which song was the least popular, and it turns out Primrose Shiver was not only voted least popular song, I could barely even find any arranges of this song, let alone covers of this in Famitracker. Let's fix that, shall we?

Music originally composed by ZUN
Seihou © 2000-20XX Shunsatsu Sare Do?
Date/Time Started: 4/22/19, 3:49PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 4/22/19, 5:22PM (MST)

Of course it's a false strawberry, it tastes like cherries!

DL Folder:!1h1kXaaZ!z3RLpuvDtL86iAZIn7IeTQ

I've always wanted to play through the Seihou games, and have in fact played a bit of VIVIT-99 earlier this year, but I've had issues loading Shuusou Gyoku in the past so I never got around to doing so. It's a bummer, because ZUN's soundtrack for this is pretty good! I also kinda like the cactus motifs this game has, even if I'm kinda sick of desert levels thanks to its overuse in the Mario franchise. This song is something I've wanted to cover for a while, and in fact it was already on my to-do list for this year. Although it didn't affect my desire to cover it, the VIVIT-99 April Fool's game made me decide to finally commit to it.

Also since there's two different official versions with different keys (in-game being A#-minor, and C-minor being the ZUN arrange), I included both in the .nsf/.ftm.

Music originally composed by ZUN
Seihou © 2000-20XX Shunsatsu Sare Do?
Date/Time Started: 4/7/19, 6:28PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 4/7/19, 9:14PM (MST)

Normally I'd get some sleep instead of doing this track, but the coyotes kept me up last night.

DL Folder:!0wVSVSIa!a2anlU5Ivtxo7Gw9mx9pRA
Bitchute Mirror: (pichuun)

Overseas, a Touhou festival called Reitaisai happened/is happening, and during it ZUN dropped a trial version of Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, the upcoming mainline Touhou game. As per usual, there are three stages and bosses (meaning new girls for people to make tons of fanart over), and I decided I'd do a Day 1 cover of this. I really like the Stage 1 theme this time around. It sounds surprisingly moody for being Stage 1. That being said, I think I it works better one semitone down.

Also one of the 'benefits' of doing Day 1 covers of Touhou songs is while the title uses what's currently on the Touhou Wiki for the translated title, the video was made a few hours ago and used an earlier translation. As the trial only launched last night, any and all translation is subject to change, so if you see this title change in the future, that's why.

Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou © 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 5/4/19, 9:52PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 5/5/19, 1:01AM (MST)

I know I'm missing something...

DL Folder:!xs0EUKya!ISHRGzaqTg5NBUqVd7WCEA

This was intended to be the title screen music of the upcoming NEScape! project I mentioned a while ago. As it turned out, the team decided to use a different song for that purpose, and as a result this would end up unused. I've decided to post it here so I don't forget it exists.

Music originally composed by Trojan
I do not have timestamps for this track since this was composed before I made the decision to start tracking them per song. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Dedede's budget ran low this year, so instead of going to the NME Sales Guy he went to Wario.

DL Folder:!0t0y3KrB!ONIY8WjDq7TzpR9vSIvomQ

Wanted to whip up a quick something for Kirby's 27th anniversary (despite it being a few days ago), and had meant to do it on Saturday, but then Sunday rolled around and I ran out of time to do anything with actual effort. Using the PC-Engine was not coming up with any results that I liked, and I didn't want to do Bambootracker since that would've eaten up most of my afternoon, so I went with Wario Ware DIY for this. Unfortunately, because of the limitations on looping songs I once again had to get creative.

Music originally composed by Jun Ishikawa
Kirby (C) 1992-20XX HAL Laboratories and Nintendo
Wario Ware (C) 2003-20XX Nintendo

Favorite tunes never fade...

DL Folder:!Z48liIRB!TbN6uMZbFB7Xh6WADpiS3Q

While the original Super Mario Bros. has been thoroughly discussed, mastered, and dissected over the past 33 years to the point there's not much to say about it that hasn't already been said, I much prefer the GBC port. This is not just because I grew up with this version, and not just because it was one of the first two games I ever played (the other being Pokemon Crystal), but I feel like it adds so many features and extra modes that it all but replaces the original in my mind. The You vs Boo mode was fun to try, the Challenge Mode made me memorize the layout of every level, the Fortune Teller, finding all the Yoshi Eggs, looking at all the character art in the album, all the banners meant for the Camera that I never got as a kid. Hell, this is part of why I tend to enjoy difficult games, as it gave me a way to try the Lost Levels since I took the whole 'too hard for Americans' bit as a challenge.

I could go on and on, but if I did this description would go on forever. However, the thing that ties this all together is the new music, which if I didn't know any better would sound like this was meant to be in the original to begin with. Chief among the new tracks is the credits theme, and while it's mostly a variation of the starman theme it still manages to be a legitimately good song in its own right. That's why, to celebrate this port's 20th anniversary next Wednesday, I decided to get a remix of that ready for today.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo, Yuichi Ozaki and Masami Yome
Super Mario Bros. (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 4/5/19, 9:08AM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 4/5/19, 12:00PM (MST)

Milking this song for what it's worth.

DL Folder:!w88RUYpD!LDs9zSOaWOj4dMMXBwAHxw

Did this a little bit ago, decided to upload today due to yesterday being the Game Boy's 30th anniversary (despite this song originally being for the Game Boy Color, released way after it). The reason I chose the PC-Engine was because I wanted to mess around with it since I'm not as familiar with the system (outside of Galaga '90).

I liked working on this, but one thing's been bugging me. I asked this elsewhere, and I'll ask again here: is the audio supposed to be this low in volume? If not, what should I do differently?

Music originally composed by Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose and Morikazu Aoki
Pokemon (C) 1996-20XX The Pokemon Company
Music recorded in VGMPlay

The core Lotus Land Story experience.

DL Folder:!w1tRkSKS!G7y6qgJ-tK5VYGDuYWmGDw

The inception for this came about when I was messing around in Famitracker while listening to Bad Apple!! ft. nomico. Namely, I was playing the in-game version during various portions, and Peaceful at the end. It's incredibly stupid, but one day I wondered if I should make a remix of this song with that in there so I would stop doing that. Then I had the worst idea: since Bad Apple is the most popular song from LLS that hasn't been used elsewhere (at the expense of every other song), I would put the melodies to every song from LLS' main soundtrack to the beat of Bad Apple with the sole exception of Bad Apple itself. The result is today's video.

I was not entirely sure I could actually do it, mind you – there's only so much you could fit into the base song at once. I even had to combine a few tracks to make it all fit without extending the base track further than needed. The end result, I think, was completely worth it, so hopefully you enjoyed this!

(Also this was not intended to be released right around the announcement of Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, but I'll take it.)

Music originally composed by ZUN
Bad Apple ft. nomico originally arranged by Alstroemeria Records
Touhou © 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 4/6/19, 5:15PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 4/13/19, 5:25PM (MST)

Why do you think Yoshi's so hungry, anyway?

DL Folder:!IokkiYRQ!Aa9YYjDE5nLg5_XHlCD7vQ

This song is a little weird to me. Everyone's been hyping up the lick at the start of the song, and I get why, but I find the last third of the song to be where it really gets going (it's gotta be the chords). I don't even find this song to be the best in the game; I much prefer this game's castle theme, the Big Boss theme, and *especially* the ending music.

Of course, that didn't stop me from trying to do this song in Bambootracker.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo
Yoshi (C) 1991-20XX Nintendo
Super Mario (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo

If you thought the Wookie Hole was a little too fuzzy...

DL Folder:!BlEUGapD!qe8FJCzwhgVhU3Rsdw3FJQ

This already has an NES version, but I feel that version is significantly less of a banger compared to the SNES version. I mostly decided to cover the SNES version because that got stuck in my head recently.

Also FYI: There may not be a video next Friday. I'm waiting on something relating to Famitracker Bits, but that may not end up panning out before then.

UPDATE (4.16.19): Added the timestamps during which this song was made since I completely forgot when uploading.

Music originally composed by David Wise
Battletoads (C) 1991-20XX Rare Ltd./Microsoft
Double Dragon (C) 1987-20XX Technos/Arc System Works
Date/Time Started: 3/12/19, 12:00PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 3/12/19, 1:11PM (MST)

Who's there!? ...Just a cover, get out of here!

DL Folder:!AxlinajB!rHY2h7xhNiSe0ZyucWBgsQ

One gripe I have with the Wario Ware DIY music editor is that it doesn't seem to support looping tracks very well. It loops from the end to the beginning, sure, but it doesn't allow you to set a loop point at a specific frame like in tracker programs such as Famitracker. This isn't so bad for some songs, until you cover a track that has a non-looping intro like this song. Thus, when covering this song I had to get a little creative.

That being said I did enjoy working on this. Not quite fulfilled with this song, though, so I will definitely try to revisit Unbreakable Determination this year.

Music originally composed by Keiji Yamagishi and Ryuchi Nitta
Ninja Gaiden © 1988-20XX (Koei) Tecmo

From friend to foe.

DL Folder:!M11xkAKT!Oh86kN2E17zZjDEgKpLIFg

This was a request from a user named 'Triple Shiny', and I was honestly afraid to do this track at first. This is already an 8-bit song that has a lot of fancy music techniques, and trying to adapt it to a more powerful chip was begging for trouble. I'm actually still convinced I got a few backing notes wrong here and there. However, I think the end result was completely worth it. I once again used DPCM choirs (as I felt they fit the context this song plays in), and the .nsf and .ftm contain a version without the DPCM choirs, as well as a version without DPCM period.

Music originally composed by Kevin Phetsomphou, Philippe Poulin and Yan Thouin
Mega Man Unlimited was released in 2013
Mega Man © 1986-20XX Capcom
Date/Time Started: 3/8/19, 4:03PM
Date/Time Completed: 3/9/19, 3:56PM

Are you ready for the third dimension?

DL Folder:!csVlgCyI!po4m04b7ZKiZ01u5vDKasw

If you're not familiar with Orb-3D, good, keep it that way.

If you actually want to know what Orb-3D is, it's a puzzle pong-like game for the NES (technically a port of a similar C64 game) where you have to lead a ball across a fake-3D space and solve various puzzles, ranging from bowling, tic-tac-toe, bingo, a memory game, chess, a weird eyeball puzzle, a spelling game, and even an actual MAZE. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the evil space wizard, Krohn, and stop him from destroying the universe. You have little-to-no control over your ball, and the only thing you can do outside of hit the ball with your paddles is go into the screen and hope you hit something (i.e. how you solve puzzles). While you're doing this, you also have to keep an eye on your fuel, and if you're running low you can go to Vern's Orb-O-Rama and fuel up, but the catch is you have seven openings to jump through (with small entrances that close up if you take too long), AND you have to pay with your score to do so (admittedly a neat idea, marred by everything else about this game), on top of your paddles *shrinking* every time you go to Vern's. This all would be frustrating, but tolerable, but it's made even worse when you consider that, while this game has roughly 5-6 songs (hence the 'medley') you only get to hear one or two for most of the game, meaning if you decide to commit to it you'll get stuck with an ear-worm (and not even that good of one).

If it sounds like the game is hot garbage, good news: it is *exactly* as bad as it sounds.

Suffice to say, from all I've seen and heard of this game I'm staying far away from it. That being said, I like some aspects of the music, and wanted to try making something good out of it, not because I think this trash fire is completely redeemable but because I wanted to challenge myself.

Happy April Fools Day!

Music originally by Peter Stone
Orb-3D © 1990-20XX Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc
Date/Time Started: 1/17/19, 1:59PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 1/17/19, 10:00PM (MST)

Wait, where are the floating electric bolts and man-eating fish?

DL Folder:!AhFzTQoZ!ZlUDBi6BrfNzDqU9m2LEuQ

This song is from a relatively obscure GBA adaptation of Babar the Elephant, entitled 'Babar to the Rescue'. I'll admit, I know little to nothing about the show (outside of what I looked up during the making of this), and the only reason I did this was because it showed up during ProtonJon's streams and would give me a chance to cover something obscure. Was it worth it? Probably not.

Music originally by Mikkel Hakonsson
Babar the Elephant © 1931 Jean de Brunhoff
Started on 11:12PM (MST)
Finished at 12:05AM (MST)


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