"If it was able to do, I would like you to challenge. Gods Knows..."

DL Folder:!RkdzjA6T!8jeaIiukAZJci2WN2rwn1A

This is the last video I'll be posting for the year (and the decade, apparently). Eastern Dream quickly became one of my favorite songs in Touhou when I first heard it, and made any issue I haad with EoSD when trying to 1cc it completely worth the effort. It was a song I'd been meaning to cover for a while, and I figured it would be a great way to end the year. As is the trend with most of my EoSD covers, I based it off of the in-game version out of preference, since I felt the in-game pitch was stronger (though the Key of A version is definitely no slouch!), though if you prefer the MIDI pitch, I've included that as well.

As for upcoming videos in 2020, unless something major gets in the way, I will be resuming videos starting on the 24th. Happy New Year, and I'll see you all in the new decade!

Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 12/14/19, 5:36PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 12/14/19, 7:57PM (MST)

Hopefully she'll reincarnate into a new official Touhou game someday...

DL Folder:!YkkyASBa!Kg_PnaXC23p6bU-SW-qTcg

While this song did debut in Phantasmagoria in Dim. Dream, this is loosely based off ZUN's SC-8850 and Dolls in Pseudo Paradise arrange. There's actually a story behind this, though! See, one day I was on the road and decided to load up some Touhou music. I played the SC-8850 arrange of Reincarnation, and at some point I thought to myself "Why does this sound like it's using the instruments from Star Fox 1 (except higher quality)?" It bugged me so much that eventually I decided to actually make a SF1-style remix of that song. To make this happen, I finally decided to mess around with samples in AddmusicK and ripped .brr samples from one of the Star Fox .spc files. It's honestly kind of a dumb reason for making this, but it's what I'm sticking with.

Also if you want to put this into Super Mario World via AddmusicK, the samples needed for conversion are in their own folder. I've also included the way I tuned them in case you need them.

Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 12/2/19, 6:53PM (MST)
Date/Time Finished: 12/8/19, 6:07PM (MST)

No relation to the legendary bird.

DL Folder:!09lgkY6C!hxxtL0PKET0Hc0av-setOw

This was on my to-do list for a while after doing an arrange of Stadium Arena, and I think it was planned for last month, but I decided to push it back here instead. I think Houou's theme is a really solid final boss song, and it's really making me want to try to clear it next year just to get to that music.

Also as a heads up, the schedule for this weekend may be a bit wonky. I'm going out of town this morning, and won't be back until around Sunday night. I was planning on posting the last two videos of the year on Sunday, and then on Tuesday afterwards, but depending on if I have time (and a reliable service) Sunday morning I may have to postpone until Sunday night or Monday morning.

Music originally composed by Hideki Shimizu
Joy Mech Fight (C) 1991-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 12/14/19, 1:06PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 12/14/19, 4:22PM (MST)

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve!


This video was honestly made at the last minute. I'd wanted to have at least one video for Monday, and my original plan was to do a full Christmas medley like I did in 2016, but I got pretty busy this month and just ran out of time for it. I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to post that wasn't from 2018, but then I remembered just yesterday that Panel de Pon had an ice stage, so I went with that instead.

In any case, Merry Christmas!

Music originally composed by Masaya Kuzume
Panel de Pon/Puzzle League (C) 1995-20XX Ninendo/Intelligent Systems
Date/Time Started: 12/22/19, 1:10PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 12/22/19, 2:45PM (MST)

"If you're going to look for the core, you'd best hurry..."

DL Folder:!14UGxACR!snhzuBeazWFkYnMcn5vsfw

Moonsong (and by extension the Outer Wall itself) is arguably the most iconic of all the songs and stages Pixel made for Cave Story, and it's something I knew about even before I tried playing through it this year. It's the kind of song that I could listen to for hours on end. As today is the 15th anniversary of Cave Story's original release I knew I absolutely wanted to do a cover of Moonsong, and since this is the last PC-98 cover I'm doing this year I wanted to do this PMD cover with some of the instruments I'd made for my cover of Mimiga Village for the beginning of this year. It's not really that important, but I figured it'd be neat to see how far I'd come, or something like that.

Also yes, as promised, I did beat Cave Story this year (even if I stalled for a while). I think it's a fantastic game that absoultely deserves to be in the running for best indie game ever made, and while it's clear that the original release was made by one person, it still held up surprisingly well. Wish I could say I was able to beat the most infamous portion in time for this video's release (and I'm still gonna try for it over the course of 2020), but I think I screwed up with my setup somewhere and I keep having to grind out my weapons in order to stand a chance, and that's honestly killing my enjoyment of that one level...

Cave Story originally developed and composed by Daisuke Amaya/Pixel
Date/Time Started: 10/27/19, 2:24PM (MST)
Date/Time Finished: 12/19/19, 6:47PM (MST)
Music rendered in Hoot

I swear, I take one step on the ice and next thing I know I've crossed the lake!

DL Folder:!cwlnRY5Z!KjaZ4pKBu4JWquNa9J049Q

Technically speaking, this song appeared much earlier in Pokemon GSC, specifically at the Dark Cave. However, I tend to heavily associate this song with the Ice Path as that's on the intended path to beat the game. Honestly, though, that's just an excuse I'm using to justify doing a song that's been stuck in my head again.

Music originally composed by Go Ichinose and Junichi Masuda
Pokemon (C) 1996-20XX Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company
Date/Time Started: 12/3/19, 1:29PM (MST)
Date/Time Finished: 12/3/19, 9:03PM (MST)
Music rendered in VGMPlay

All I want for Christmas is bubble gum!

DL Folder:!g8NC3YZL!NzlESJTvV_cI433E-Z5ZMg

I felt a little bad that I've posted three separate arranges of Snowman since 2015, so I decided to change it up this year by doing a cover of Winters White from Earthbound as well, just so it wouldn't get left out. Since the DPCM channel was occupied by the sleigh bell samples from Earthbound and the triangle channel was being used as the bass (so as to avoid relying on the Saw channel for that purpose), I used the first 2a03 channel to act as a backup percussion this time around.

Music originally composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
MOTHER (C) 1989-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 12/2/19, 4:06PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 12/2/19, 5:34PM (MST)

Better get a bucket.

DL Folder:!sw0kSAzC!ZNZ1MPHtO_N4hDmN2ePjoA
MML Pastebin:

If Snowman was meant to be one of those songs that can get stuck in your head for years on end, it worked because apparently I'm doing this a second time now (third counting my past on YouTube). Since I'm trying to learn MML, however, I figured I'd try doing it in PC-98 this time instead of two variations of Famitracker like before. I also partially based this off of the Earthbound/MOTHER 2 arrangement for once, since I don't think I'd done that before. In any case, see you in 2021 when I inevitably post another Snowman cover!

Music originally composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
MOTHER (C) 1989-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 11/27/19, 9:15PM
Date/Time Finished: 11/28/19, 12:05PM
Music and video rendered in hoot

It's beginning to look just like an Ice World.

DL Folder:!w01W0SQQ!xCSW25JUvwcq0cLJj_A1YA

The holiday season is finally upon us, and as such the next few videos are mostly gonna be winter or ice themed. I figured I'd start off with one of the snow themes from Super Mario Maker 2, and while I mostly went with SMB3's Snow Theme because I'd already made a level in that style, I actually kinda prefer this out of the new Snow themes. I dunno, I think it just has the right flair of holiday cheer. As with before, if you want to try playing through the level in this video, the ID is CT7-5LW-T3G.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo
Super Mario (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 11/25/19, 5:09PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 11/25/19, 6:14PM (MST)

"It all started on that one night, three years ago..."

DL Folder:!VlV33CDC!HUkLvs2FagjB55eTwbc9HA

Ever since Nintendo announced they were gonna remake the Famicom Detective Club games (in Japan only, at the time this is going up), I was itching to do an arrangement from those games, and I figured since I was learning MML and PMD, I might as well do one for the PC-98 (which was home to quite a few visual novels). Starting with this cover, I decided to try using macros and transpose commands to make the process slightly smoother. I primarily based this on the SFC version as opposed to the FDS original, partly because it's longer, but mostly because I wanted to try and do this by ear instead of relying on a MIDI or any visual aid.

Also as a reminder, this is the last video I'll be posting until the 6th of next month. I don't think I'll be out of town for Thanksgiving, but I'd rather plan ahead in case something comes up.

Music originally composed by Kenji Yamamoto
Famicom Detective Club/Famicom Tantei Club (C) Nintendo 1988-20XX
Started 10/20/19, 9:41AM (MST)
Finished 11/24/19, 9:03AM (MST)
Video and audio rendered in Hoot

Just like old times.

DL Folder:!1g9VzQCY!AeX75-vU-lA_mBJznoDYFA

This was the other song I covered around the same time as Selene's Light. It ended up getting done first, but I felt more comfortable posting Selene's Light first as that was something I hadn't covered yet. Just like last time, this was ported using AddmusicK with SMW's default instruments. The one major issue I ran into when writing the MML for this (and am expecting to run into in the future) is with regards to looping - the song kept trying to play one of the melodies in a different key than intended despite not even trying to transpose the song. I think this was because I tried using the labeled loops Wakana outlined in the music porting tutorial but they weren't a good fit for this track. It also doesn't help that the SPC won't play the full song up to that point if all of the notes and rests aren't there. As a result, I had to cheat a little by having the notes leading back into the loop right at the start, but muted until after the loop.

That's not to say I don't think this turned out well. I am very satisfied with the results here, and I'm glad to have revisited this song. Hope you enjoy it!

Reimu sprite in thumbnail made by hartflip0218 (
Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 11/10/19, 7:58PM (MST)
Date/Time Finished: 11/10/19, 11:29PM (MST)

With any luck this ditty will help you get mentally prepared to *not* trap yourself in a box of bombs like ol' Bomberman here.

DL Folder:!ltVkmaRR!vhM_-mz95ywF8fdeW56aXA

This was initially intended for the Monday timeslot as filler, and I mainly did this because I kept hearing it in the various uploads of Thrown Controllers (also because it used to be used in a lot of ProtonJon's update videos). The only reason I'm not uploading on a Monday is because the cover of Selene's Light got in the way, and next Monday is another SNES cover. I still think it's pretty catchy, though!

Music originally composed by Jun Chikuma
Bomberman (C) 1985-20XX Hudson Soft/Konami
Date/Time Started: 7/31/19, 2:59PM
Date/Time Completed: 7/31/19, 3:36PM
Thumbnail made using sprites ripped by Black Squirrel and Super Justinbros

A breezy tune for preparing students for war.


This is another request from gembound prism, and I decided to focus on using 2a03 this time around and see if I couldn't make a relatively full track work within three melodic channels. It was a little tricky because of the brass chords, but hopefully it turned out alright. One of the challenges this cover had was that some of the piano backing felt too quiet for me to accurately pinpoint, especially near the end of the loop, and none of the sheet music I came across incorporated that. As such, if there's a couple of inconsistencies with the backing I do apologize.

Music originally composed by Rei Kondoh, Takeru Kanazaki and Hiroki Morishita
Fire Emblem (C) 1990-20XX Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
Date/Time Started: 11/13/19, 9:59PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 11/14/19, 11:23AM (MST)
Thumbnail made using sprites ripped by Jackster

"Where are you planning on going in the middle of the night?"

MML Pastebin:

I think I realized this a little bit after making PMD covers of Kraid's Lair and The Sea Where the Home Planet is Reflected, but I remembered that I could use MML with AddmusicK, a tool that lets you make custom music within Super Mario World for the purpose of romhacks. With that in mind I decided to finally brush up on that since the SNES sound hardware was always a console I wanted to make actual music for but could never figure out the tools needed for it, and thanks to Wakana's Music Porting tutorial ( I think I've gotten the hang of it. Just like when I was learning PMD, there were actually two tracks I made around the same time (three counting the SMB castle theme that I wanted to follow the tutorial on), but I ultimately went with this because the other cover is of a song I've already arranged on my channel before. I'll probably post the other arrangement next week.

Also just like with PMD I'm not 100% sure how I want to record these videos, especially with how TINY the SPC700 player is, so you may see more experimentation with this in the future.

The Marisa SMW sprite used in the thumbnail was made by hartflip0218 (
Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Date/Time Started: 11/11/19, 2:18PM (MST)
Date/Time Finished: 11/11/19, 4:37PM (MST)

Jokes about Okina's 'useless door power' are kind of out of season at the moment, so I'll cut her some slack.

DL Folder:!o8cSWCpL!wD1MZUQ7hlNtObMzTECVZQ

I don't remember if I mentioned this in prior videos, but I'll say it again just in case: I LOVE Okina's first boss fight! I think it's one of my favorite final bosses in the entire series from a conceptial standpoint. Her fight takes place across all of the stages that you've been through up to that point, covering every single season in the progress, which is always a nice touch. Then the final spell comes along, and she just takes this game's gimmick and uses it against *you*. I absolutely LOVE when games do this, and it's mostly done well here, especially when you've probably been relying on it for most of your run (assuming this isn't just a challenge run where you don't use it at all). If she didn't also set your power to zero as well, I would have no issues with this boss fight! Her theme is also really good; not quite Pure Furies good, but good enough for it to get stuck in my head long enough for me to want to cover it.

Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou Project (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
The MIDI used in the arrangement process was made by ShinkoNet
Date/Time Started: 11/9/19, 5:35PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 11/9/19, 9:30PM (MST)

I know it's because it's a request, but I'm surprised at myself for doing *this* before doing SMB3's Airship theme.

DL Folder:!BoEmxCrA!Rs91EbTnT5D4NlPs1Pbvow

This was a request from 'Ah'Mani The Dark Bowser Animator 2019', and I thought this would be pretty simple and quick to work on. As I'm posting on a Wednesday, I need to point out that going forward, any and all requests will now go up on Wednesdays whenever they get completed unless I have nothing else planned for Friday's timeslot. This is to avoid having it done but not being able to post it due to it conflicting with any anniversaries or events that I'm posting videos for. This isn't to say they'll be done quicker, mind you, just that I'll get to post them more conveniently.

Also I'd wanted to make another SMM2 level for this video, but I didn't quite get to it before recording this.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo
Super Mario (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 11/5/19, 11:18AM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 11/5/19, 12:07PM (MST)

I couldn't help but feel a little misty-eyed when arranging, must be the mist.

DL Folder:!h5NknCgK!ta0fvhWDRyLMIAA_JOy-2w

Was trying to think of something I wanted to do for one of Monday's timeslots, and Yearnings of the Wind got stuck in my head, so I went with that. Most of the work was done on the 4th, but the second half felt a little off regarding the bass so that ended up getting reworked just before rendering and uploading. It's a great song and I enjoyed arranging it, though I honestly prefer some of the songs that appear later in the game. Since I ended up using the stereo commands I've also added a mono version just in case you prefer that.

Music originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda
Chrono Trigger (C) 1995-20XX Square-Enix

"I will get my revenge!"

DL Folder:!l40TUIyZ!kXc7alKn0Iy_rAkXzzQlMg

Ninja Gaiden is the kind of game where I keep wanting to 1cc it with the expectation that I can handle it despite having never beaten it before, and as a result I keep playing worse. I definitely will try to rectify that, but in any case this music is absolutely fantastic and I absolutely wanted to do a full cover of this song ever since doing the DIY cover a while ago. I made an effort to put the triangle in the lead for the majority of it, and while I think I went overboard on the arrangement this song was absolutely begging for it. I'm glad I worked on it, and I really hope you enjoyed it!

Music originally composed by Keiji Yamagishi and Ryuichi Nitta
Ninja Gaiden (C) 1988-20XX (Koei) Tecmo
Date/Time Started: 10/7/19, 1:46PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 10/7/19, 3:55PM (MST)

DL Folder:!EwUHzQDK!AG6hNyYRu9lU5Jv6ZK1FWQ
MML Pastebin:

This was made almost immediately after making the cover of Kraid's Lair in MML, and like with Kraid's Lair I had a visual reference to go off of (namely, my Famitracker cover of this song from last year). I was planning to do this in Bambootracker since I'd found an instrument in the TOHO.MML set that sounded perfect for the music box sound this song had, but then I started learning MML and I decided to use that idea in this cover instead. While the song was 'finished' the same day, it took a lot longer than I'd initally planned to finalize, mostly because I was concerned about volume balance. The MML itself is also a lot less polished and organized than I would like since at this point I hadn't experimented with segmenting parts of the songs together or making macros for convenience's sake. Hopefully you enjoy it, though, since I'm starting to have a lot of fun messing with MML PC-98 covers!

Music originally composed by ZUN
Touhou Project (C) 1997-20XX Team Shanghai Alice
Started 9/30/19, 6:02PM (MST)
Finished 10/27/19, 1:52PM
Music and video rendered in Hoot.

Destroy Jason...if you can!

DL Folder:!wosnhQCK!2f3mITyiwMGPVXyZljRgTA

Initially I was gonna do a Halloween medley of various spooky songs in time for the 31st, but then I think I was reminded of a notable video relating to the Friday the 13th NES game while I was at lunch, and decided I wanted to do a medley of songs from that game instead. Unfortunately, when I sat down and listened to the soundtrack, I found out that I didn't have much to work with; all the actual songs are either sound effects or short looping songs ("Camp Crystal Lake Map/Searching the Cabins" is the only song that I remember looping for more than 5 seconds). Nevertheless, I decided to press on and try and salvage something out of it, and while I took a few creative liberties so it's not just one minute I think it turned out alright! Happy Halloween, and may all of you get spooked!

Music originally composed by Hirohiko Takayama
Friday the 13th (the franchise) (C) 1980-20XX Victor Miller, Paramount and New Line Cinema
Friday the 13th (the NES game) made in 1989 by Atlus and published by LJN
Date/Time Started: 10/7/19, 5:22PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 10/7/19, 6:47PM (MST)

I think the US subtitle for this game would apply better to Castlevania II instead, but what do I know?

DL Folder:!hhtCDAoA!98QzdSmzuSL_DYITM4odhw

I was originally considering doing Monster Dance because it's really catchy. However, I realize I'd already done Vampire Killer and Bloody Tears earlier this year, so I ultimately went with Beginning as the last of this month's Castlevania tracks to round out the big three. It's clear just how much mileage the Konami sound team got out of DPCM drums, given how much I had to cut into the 3rd channel for toms just to compensate. Just like with Bloody Tears, I put this in the key of a bit so I could make the bass a bit lower. I still had a lot of fun working on this overall, though, and while I don't have any more Castlevania tracks planned for this month, I'll definitely plan some for next Halloween!

Castlevania (C) 1986-20XX Konami
Music originally composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club
Date/Time Started: 10/20/19, 2:36PM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 10/20/19, 10:00PM (MST)

Beware of hitchhiking ghosts...

DL Folder:!4tN2BSxZ!jw_qI_0vsVpTHFTT43Dmug

I wanted to do either this or the SMB3-style ghost house theme for Halloween this year, but ultimately I went with this because as far as I'm aware there's not a VRC6 cover of this song out there yet. There was an ulterior motive, however; I got Super Mario Maker 2 for my birthday, and the idea I had was to make a level, cover one of the songs that's present in that level, and use footage from that level as a sort of in-flight movie to go along with this cover. It's not completely new (I've done this a few times with other games in the past), but I figured I'd have a bit of fun with this week's video. If you want to check this level out for yourself, the ID is LSD-DYT-00G.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo
Super Mario (C) 1981-20XX Nintendo
Date/Time Started: 10/6/19, 6:18PM
Date/Time Completed: 10/6/19, 6:48PM

It's a livin'.

DL Folder:!I0s1QC6b!JSeVvs7Q2yA2fw0TgRUBYA

Lower Norfair's the kind of track I would have done eventually, so I decided to do a cover for October. However, it had also been a while since I did a cover with only the 'Blank' instrument. I'm not 100% sure that was the best option for this track, specifically, but it was definitely fun to try to work with that limitation. I also went with the DPCM vocals as I almost always associate Lower Norfair in particular with ominous choral sounds.

The joke I'd like to make about my sentence, I can't because the last one I told got me here in the first place.

DL Folder:!t4ER1KAQ!Fiu3iuYd3FRfXUe7GB274A

This was a request made by "alexis martinez la rosa jara", and my God, was it a doozy. Most of the track was fine to cover, but Ryusuke Fujioka was a BEAST when composing the song, especially when it came to piano and guitar shredding. It's one thing to try to attempt to port that to 8-bit without it sounding bad, but it's another to do it entirely by ear due to lack of references and sheet music online. As such, I apologize if I missed a few notes here or there. This is still a fantastic song, and I think it worked out really well in the Akumajou Densetsu style!

Speaking of which, at the time this gets posted song requests are open once again! However, I am going to be completing them on my own terms so as to maintain my own sanity, so I do apologize if I don't get to them right away.

Music originally composed by Ryusuke Fujioka.
Bloodstained (C) 2019-20XX ArtPlay and 505 Games
Date/Time Started: 9/17/19, 8:31AM (MST)
Date/Time Completed: 9/17/19, 10:51PM (MST)


DL Folder:!E1dVHIpa!uVUJAQyHTAhtmKSPbGBilw
MML Pastebin:

Up until now, I've mostly been doing PC-98 stuff in Bambootracker, as I viewed it as a more accessible way for me to make those kinds of covers without having to delve into MML or PMD. For the uninitiated, MML stands for Music Macro Language, and was used by a lot of older Japanese game composers to make chiptune music (NES, Genesis, PC-Engine, and I think the SNES?). PMD (or Professional Music Driver) is a driver that allows people to use the MML format to output computer music (primarily the PC-98 and PC-88, but it also works with the X68000 and FM Towns), and was not only used by ZUN (for example) to make the music for the PC-98 Touhou games after Highly Responsive to Prayers, but by a lot of composers to make modern Touhou music in the older style. Unfortunately, the nature of MML is that it's entirely text-based, meaning it's more like programming than composition half the time. As I was more used to the tracker formats that Bambootracker and Famitracker provided I was reluctant to actually learn MML.

Then I watched a video tutorial the other day, and decided "screw it" and actually sat down to try to learn it. I went with Kraid's Lair so I could get used to the format (mostly because I did it earlier this year so I had a visual reference to go off of), but I did get another roughly finished the same day that I'll post after Halloween. I've linked both the usual download folder as well as the MML on Pastebin for convenience's sake. I'm not sure how I want to approach video making for these kinds of covers, so I may experiment with the format a bit down the line. I probably won't abandon Bambootracker just yet, since it might still be a good way to draft a cover, but don't be surprised if BT covers get phased out because of this.

Music originally composed by Hirokazu Tanaka
Metroid (C) 1986-20XX Nintendo
Started 9/30/19, 3:08PM (MST)
Finished 9/30/19, roughly 5PM (MST)
Music rendered in hoot


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