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"Truth Troubadour" BitChute Channel showcases songs and videos by Vic Sadot. There is a pre-existing "Truth Troubadour" YouTube Channel, and a "Truth Troubadour Blog" at Blogspot that you are invited to check out! The latest CD released by Vic Sadot is titled "Truth Troubadour" (Dec 2016). On 9-11-11 Vic released a CD titled "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs". All remain available at CD Baby!

Truth Troubadour (2017) – 18 songs sung by Vic Sadot. Featuring Eric Golub, Rob Sadot, Dean A Banks and Rbeast Hunter.

9/11 Truth & Justice Songs (9/11/11) sung by Vic Sadot

Broadsides & Retrospectives CD (2005) by Vic Sadot at CD Baby

Comin’ Home CD (1997) by Vic Sadot & Planète Folle at CD Baby