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“Unbiased History” is a work of historical parody.

It seeks nothing, but to provide a severely distorted, and outright false rendition of historical events, producing heavily biased narratives for lighthearted critical reflection, and with luck, comedic effect.

It neither holds, advocates, or encourages the adoption of any real life political or social stances, most especially those deemed hateful and/or threatening to human rights.

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Let’s try to all get along, but without having to sacrifice our ability to joke about each others stereotypes, faults, and misery. However, dark humor about sensitive topics, and dog-whistling extremist ideologies are often hard topics to draw a line in between. This channel will act in such a manner as to, hopefully, not be mistaken with the latter. I plea for all parties involved, viewers and moderators alike, to consider this disclaimer before reaching any final conclusions.

Thanks for reading, and more so for understanding.

As Augustus leaves the empire to his surviving heirs, we now cover the remains of the Julian-Claudian Dynasty, from Tiberius to Caligula, Claudius, and finally Nero. These were crazy times, one could even say... Mad.

A V E * C A E S A R, also Activate Windows

Augustus, born Octavian, was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. As the divine descendant of Aeneas, and Julius' Caesar's chosen heir, Octavian will rescue a decadent Rome, and unsure in the Pax Romana. With the likes of Agrippa, Virgil, and Maecenas on his side, he will endure endless wars, misery, barbarity, and treachery on the way, from Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, Quintillius Varus, Arminius and so on. This, the birth of the Roman Empire


Yes, yes, grammar, I know.

Keyword dump: Rome, Judea, Julius Caesar, Crassus, Pompey, Sulla, Siege of Jerusalem, Spartacus, Sertorian War, Sertorius, Third Servile War, Mithridates, Third Mithridatic War, Late Republic.

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