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A battlecry for all those under draconian measures, lockdowns, forced vx and totalitarian rule. It seems thet includes the whole western world nowadays....written, sung and produced by Elisabeth Kitzing Aug 2021 All rights reserved including the right to free speech. https://linktr.ee/ekitzing

A song based on John 7:38

A happy song about leaning on God through the ups and downs of life. #Worship #pop #Christian

Single release in 2020. Music and Lyrics by Elisabeth Kitzing, filmed with a drone in the southern part of Sweden in January.
Just some cool stuff that happened: It was cold and I was afraid to film it without my knitted cap on. I had to take it off for long periods of time while we recorded the various scenes and I was expecting a sinus migraine but instead I haven't had trouble with my sinuses since.

There is a lot of fishy business going on these days: censorship is the norm and it seems like 2020 was the year we all got locked in fear. Still, there is a place of rest where we can find rest in the middle of it all. The flag symbolises freedom - no matter what flag you fly. The kid in the picture is me when I was 50 years younger. A lot of things have changed since then, but one thing still remains - God's loving protection.
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This is the final mastered version of the song Don't Worry that I wrote and composed. It was sung by Rebecka Wendesten and released on the Change My Mind album in 2020 on all major streaming platforms. Jesus told his frens not to worry but to trust Him instead. He promised to prepare a place for you and me and come again to take us there. For more information see https://linktr.ee/ekitzing

This is the official lyrics video for the song, Midnight Lullaby by Elisabeth Kitzing
"When the sun comes up and the sky is blue I'll still be thinkin' 'bout me and you..."

When I finally woke up to the chaos I was in after years of stress I started wondering why I had tried for so many years to prove my worth. Why did I feel worthless? No matter how hard I tried, it seemed hopeless. I guess it was the dysfunctional home I grew up in that made me feel unloved, unseen and non prioritized. Even though I became a Christian at the age of ten, and that was of great comfort, the power of the love of God hadn't seeped into my heart. The knowledge of God was in my head and it needed to take the trip of 18" down to my heart. My self image had been broken during my early years and I had a hard time "getting it". Now I stood there and wondered where to go. I knew Jesus had spoken these words, "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest". I needed that rest. I needed to be loved, unconditionally. This song is my interpretation of how Jesus would have said these words if he was standing right in front of me singing boldly with outstretched arms.
"All I wanna do is help you in this crazy world, give you peace of mind and you'll find it only in my arms of love..." I've found that love and you can too.....
From the Change My Mind album, released 2020 on all major streaming platforms.
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Something happens to you when your self image meets the eyes of unconditional love. Finally accepted, forgiven and loved, you walk away happy and fearless. These Eyes is a country ballad about how God's eyes helped free and empower me so I could go back to being me. From the Change My Mind album, released 2020 on all major streaming platforms. For more information about my books, videos and music, go to https://linktr.ee/ekitzing

The Vine is a ballad about staying in love with Jesus from the Change My Mind album, released 2020. It's easy to get distracted from the lover of your soul. The story of Mary and Martha with Jesus is a well known illustration of this. I can relate to Martha and this song is about how hard it was for me to stay "in the vine", i.e. in a close relationship with God, until I gave my whole heart to Him. Now I sit at his feet every day expecting and waiting for the intimacy that he gives. "I'm giving you all I have, all my devotion and all my emotion, I'm giving you all I have, I am yours!"

Here's the original country music videoI made based on Psalm 23. Jesus is the Good Shepherd leading us to a place of rest in this crazy mixed up world. All rights reserved by Elisabeth Jeanne Campbell Kitzing. https://linktr.ee/ekitzing for more videos, inspirational books and music links.

In 2015 I started making my debut album and ebook about unconditional love called Change My Mind. This video was the vision. Well, good things take time! It wasn't until 2020 that the album was done and the book is still in progress as of this writing, November 2020 (80k words).

About the album
It took five years and 11 musicians to create the 12 original songs about my journey from stress to rest through God's unconditional love.

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With everything going seemingly crazy in this mixed up and harassed world, it's good to hear these comforting and wise words of Jesus once again. Rebecka Wendesten ended her smokey voice to recite a new version of some words that went viral 2000 years ago and are still going strong. Lyrics and music ©Elisabeth Kitzing (all rights reserved), Mastered by Sonic Media, Gothenburg Sweden..This song is one of twelve on the Change my mind album.


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I am an indie music producer, audio engineer, writer ...and artist making creative content about how God's unconditional love can heal and help you out. I also make inspirational videos about our fight for freedom of speech, like Troublin' Times. The freedom of religion, assembly and of speech is being trampled on throughout the world. Speak up! Sing loud and clear!

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