If you are a Targeted Individual: GODSPEED to you!!!

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A lecture given by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on September 22, 2019

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Are ALL these Doctors and Experts Schills and/or Controlled Opposition??? Decide for yaself.

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A Look at the BANKING SYSTEM of Our World Today.

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A CALL FOR AN UPRISING reviews how the World Leaders attending The 2022 World Government Summit are discussing BLOCKCHAIN's role in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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A look into the World of our SATANIC, PEDOPHILE Rulers & Controllers.

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Dr Astrid Stuckelberger is a PhD in Population Health and Privat-Docent at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and Lausanne. She has been teaching and conducting research for over 25 years, has a BSc in Genetic Psychology, and a Master of Science. She has worked with WHO on pandemic management and International Health Regulation, on the Ethics Review Board, and on human-centered factors in health policy. Dr Stuckelberger has represented scientific NGOs at the UN/WHO for the last 20 years and is the author of several books, scientific articles, and UN/EU reports.

TRANSCRIPT: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/dr-astrid-stuckelberger-who-pandemic-treaty/

OPEN LETTER: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/WCH-OPEN-LETTER-ON-WHO-PANDEMIC-TREATY-2.pdf

At the Munich Security Conference, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anne Linde warned that Covid has “exposed holes” in the international order, and that the UN, WHO and EU were not empowered enough to take appropriate action.

The signs are all there, and they’ve been flashing like neon lights for months: New international legislation to “deal with future pandemics”.

"There will be other pandemics and other major health emergencies. No single government or multilateral agency can address this threat alone," the leaders wrote in a joint opinion article in major newspapers. "We believe that nations should work together towards a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response," they said.
https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2022/03/03/council-gives-green-light-to-start-negotiations-on-international-pandemic-treaty/ / https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2022/03/03/council-gives-green-light-to-start-negotiations-on-international-pandemic-treaty/pdf

Mack, Eric (2006) “The World Health Organization’s New International Health Regulations: Incursion on State Sovereignty and Ill-Fated Response to Global Health Issues,” Chicago Journal of international Law: Vol.7: No.1, Article 18. Available at: https://chicagounbound.uchicago.edu/cjil/vol7/iss1/18

WHASS closing remarks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP0Up-wSfrI

International Health Regulations (2005):
World Health Organization. International Health Regulations (2005) 3rd Edition [Internet]. Geneva, Switzerland; 2016. Available from: https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/246107/9789241580496-eng.pdf

One Politician willing to RESIST the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

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Astrid Stuckelberger (MSc PhD PD) is an international health scientist, UN/WHO expert. She performed researches from clinical to epidemiological studies for the policy-makers (United Nations, European Commission, Governments and served on IHR WHO and ERC (Int. Research Ethics Committee) during the last 30 years. She taught at the Faculty of Medicine at various Uni's in CH.
In this short video clip, Dr. Stuckelberger alerts us all to a new global accord the WHO is planning to implement to its constitution. The new treaty or other international instrument for pandemic preparedness and response if adopted by member states means that the WHO’s constitution will take precedence over each country's constitution during natural disasters or pandemics. In other words, the WHO will be dictating not just recommending.
This would be a significant step towards the establishment of the One World Governance.

World Health Organization's WORLD Constitution: https://www.who.int/governance/eb/who_constitution_en.pdf

My 2nd Television SPECIAL...Originally aired on December 6th, 2021...on OLELO COMMUNITY MEDIA here on Oahu, Hawaii

As the title and thumbnail suggests. Please Watch the WHOLE Video....but decide for yaself.

My 2nd OLELO COMMUNITY MEDIA-Oahu Free Speech Video, produced & posted earlier this year.

Original lyrics written by me, to the PEACE OF MIND Instrumental by Talib Kweli, ft. Saigon.

The Video That Got Me Taken Down From YouTube. Originally posted to my now GONE Main YouTube Channel in 2020.

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What ya ought to know about OUR most "PROMINENT" Flat Earthers & Truthers

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Saule Omarova Biden's nominee to head the Nations Banking System has proposed a radical new communist system that the Chinese are excited about. "The Peoples Ledger" is a bill currently being pushed secretly by the White House that will effectively end private banking as we know - the collapse of the dollar and forcing everyone to a digital totalitarian economy.

Feds to Unleash non toxic gas in 120 locations for ww3 style scenario and robot dogs armed with guns

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My OLELO COMMUNITY TV Special - #WeMUSTUnite: COVID-19 in Hawaii
September 2021
Guest: Gary Cordery

COVID-19 Vaccine Passports are rolling out in Honolulu on September 3rd. If THAT does NOT "flatten Honolulu's COVID-19 curve" within 60 days Mayor Rick Blangiardi will make V-Shots MADATORY for ALL of Oahu.

***CORRECTION: 6,000 Oahu residents submitted testimony AGAINST the Vaccine Passports. NOT 400.***

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Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi announces that if COVID-19 numbers DON'T go down, residents face MANDATORY V-Shots by November.

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Spot is a $150,000 robot purchased earlier this year. Spot is used to screen individuals at homeless sites on Oahu. OR SO THEY SAY...

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The Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 vote on Thursday to strike down Biden's eviction ban. The ruling came only three weeks after Biden issued the 60-day ban, covering most of the US. Previous bans were ruled unconstitutional, but kept in place as cases kept rising.

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