A new piano parody by Joe Winko! This time for the State of Delaware :D A Very lovely place :D :D :D Sorry I'm not lucky enough to have a great singing voice or on-key piano skills :P Hope you don't cringe too much :P lol :) But as I said in the video "at least I tried" :P

a morbid and gloomy 2017 episode of Joe Winko Talk about when I almost ran away to Arkansas forever. It was a very rough time in my life. and it's also what inspired my 2020 sims 2 slasher movie CALL OF THE SCARECROW:

BODY COUNT HOUSE tells the story of a girl named Johanna (my feminine persona) who is stalked by a crazy guy who was watching her on YouTube!

Call of the Scarecrow is another scary sims 2 horror movie about a boy named Joe Winko who is left for dead in Arkansas where a magic killer scarecrow is on the loose. This took 3 years to make (only because I been slacking off on it A LOT). Hope you like it :) it's based off the real time I almost ranaway to Arkansas forever during a rough time in my life:

Trailer for my upcoming Sims 2 Slasher film CALL OF THE SCARECROW. A video I been working on for 3 years. :) watch the whole movie here :)

Julia Tyson was a school teacher from Manatee County Florida who committed suicide by jumping off the Skyway Bridge in year 2005. I visited her grave in this video and brought flowers for her ♥ I never knew her but her soul lives on forever ♥ I wish her peace in the afterlife ♥

Rest in peace Jessica Lundsford ♥

Come watch the Famous (or Notorious) shirtless skinny Autistic hawaiian, Joe Winko go on another whack adventure back to his favorite city in North Carolina! CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA!

A really sad episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2015 about a girl who's life was stolen from her for no reason ♥ Rest in Peace Tammy Jo Alexander ♥

A scary movie I made with the sims 2 back in 2015! It tells the story of a famous YouTuber named Joe Winko (me) who visits a haunted hotel in Los Angeles... the Cecil Hotel...

my first 2015 episode of Joe Winko Talk :) about a lesbian vampire and a dance session that went wrong...

My last episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2014. It's about this girl who died in a hotel. it's a very eerie story.

My 2014 birthday episode of Joe Winko Talk about a crazy girl who flipped out in court, only after she was mistreated though...

An episode of Joe Winko Talk about the real life living Ken Doll :)

another episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2014 about a man who was attacked and killed by a tiger and an old episode of The Walking Dead.

My 2014 Halloween episode of Joe Winko Talk. Quite a morbid one...

This episode of Joe Winko Talk is about these creepy pictures that show up on the old school gameboy camera! Legend is that they're tied to a cult! :S

way back in 2014 everyone was saying I should do an episode an episode of Joe Winko Talk about tattoos and piercings and this was the best i could come up with on that topic :P

A personal and haunting old episode of Joe Winko Talk about Elliot Rodger....

another episode of Joe Winko Talk that barely has any plot :P

another old episode of Joe Winko Talk. This one is of me talking about a theory that the character, Lizzie McGuire might have schizophrenia! crazy stuff....

This episode of Joe Winko Talk is of me talking about these crazy bitches who tried murdering their friend because they wanted to impress the slender man...

Cassie was a young girl who lived in Wisconsin who suffered from depression. She passed away in January 2005 due to suicide caused by depression and bullying. I read about her online back when I was a young teenager and her story Always stuck with me. I always felt sorry for her and Never wanted anyone to forget her ♥ Which is why I made this video ♥ Rest in Peace Cassondra Leigh "Cassie" Gielecki ♥

this episode of Joe Winko Talk is about why I hate snapchat and a crazy looking girl who wants to be a pole dancer....

Another episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2014. This one is about a teacher who got busted for looking at porn while she was at work :P


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