A video of me, the Infamous Joe Winko, rambling on US Route 13 aka Military Road in the city of Norfolk Virginia :D :D :D

Rest in Peace Patricia Ann Miles ♥
The cemetery in Arkansas that I thought I would have been buried at if I would have ran away to Arkansas forever back in summer of 2015. A very rough time in my life.

My last episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2013 :P A bit of a silly one too.... Enjoy :) ♥

My birthday episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2013! :D About a crazy Mayor who gets in trouble for doing crack and a crazy woman on Judge Judy :P

A funny episode of Joe Winko Talk about me talking about this stripper woman who had an affair with her sister's boyfriend... But the first topic discussed is really morbid and gloomy.

Another old episode of Joe Winko Talk of my silly self reacting to the Resident Evil Director's cut soundtrack :P

After surviving the events of the 7th Ghostface killing spree, Joe Winko and Briary Rose have decided that it was time that both of them enjoy a vacation on a luxury Atlantic cruise line. But Ghostface doesn't take a vacation! And now there's a huge ship out in the middle of no where and the bodies are piling up! Someone about the S.S. Mariana wants to kill Briary Rose & Joe Winko!

the 7th installment to my Sims 2 slasher series KNIFED! 15 years after the original Woodscreek massacre, Joe Winko and Briary Rose Harold return to the town of Woodscreek Wisconsin where their terrifying past comes back to haunt them! Ghostface has returned and is killing off all the new residents of Woodscreek Wisconsin! Will they survive the terror once again?

Another 2013 Episode of Joe Winko Talk hosted by my 17 year old self! :D About a crazy lady who is afraid of cats :P and some dangerous Halloween candy I got :P lol enjoy! :D :D :D

Another funny 2013 episode of Joe Winko Talk about a man trying to pay his rent with crack and a woman getting whacked in the face with a watermelon :P hosted by my 17 year old Autistic self :P

My first ever episode of Joe Winko Talk without my pointy red bandana! :D This episode is about a crazy shirtless boy who gets pissed off about a lot of stuff (and no, we aren't talking about me :P) lol!

Heads are rolling when Ghostface travels back in time to eliminate the Rosethorn family, Joe Winko & Briary Rose's bloodline! It's up to Joe Winko, Briary Rose, and the ghost of Briary's murdered brother, Jeff, to stop Ghostface once and for all! Will they win? Find out!

A scary Sims 2 slasher film i made back in year 2013! Joe Winko and Briary Rose must survive the infamous Ghostface killer once again! this time in Hollywood California! :D :D will they survive? Find out!

Just when Hilary Duff thought she was safe at Green Glass University, Ghostface is suddenly on the loose again, and has Hilary Duff as his main target! It's up to her cousin, Joe Winko to save her from the savage psycho killer. Will he be successful? or will they both fall victim to the Knife of doom?

Ghostface is now back and this time he's stabbing over seas in the country of England! Will Joe Winko and Briary Rose be able to stop his terrifying killing spree? Find out!

A new video of me exploring Citrus County Florida last April! :D Such a lovely place :) Not as deserted as I had hopped for but still lovely non the less :D Please share your thoughts of this wonderful wilderness place on the west coast of Florida :)

A crazy episode of Joe Winko Talk from year 2013 about a man who tried paying his bills in Crack and a girl who got whacked in the face by a flying watermelon! :P

A 2013 episode of Joe Winko Talk about a Crazy girl who had sex for a double cheese burger with bacon :P it's sad, weird, & disgusting But HILARIOUS at the same time :P

A 2013 episode of Joe Winko Talk about Britney Spears! One of my favorite celebrities :D ♥

A video of me exploring Pasco County, Florida! :) One of my favorite places in Florida :) :) :) So many memories :P I hope you all like it :) I actually filmed this earlier this month. It took me a while to get it posted because there so much I had to edit :)

When I visited Flagler Beach Florida back in Summer of 2018! :D A Very lovely Place :) ♥ it's literally like a small country town out by the beach :) But This is where an episode of Chris Hansen's 'TO CATCH A PREDATOR' series was filmed! 21 men were arrested in that sting operation BUT NONE of them were local to Flagler Beach :)

The legend of Sky Woman. A fantasy story video based off an old Native American legend. Many people believe that this is the true story of how the world truly started. Made with the program Simpose 1 by Joe Winko. My last video of year 2016 :) Starring Michelle Pfeiffer & Joe Winko! enjoy :)

The second trailer for my 2012 Sims 2 slasher film, MICHAEL :)

The trailer for my 2012 Sims 2 Slasher film, MICHAEL :) :) :)

An old Sims 2 Horror movie I made back in year 2012 about Michael Myers! I changed the story drastically though :) but it's a fan film based off of Halloween :) It was a silent film at first but then I added voices :) I hope you all like it :)

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