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video of me/Joe Winko drawing a picture of a stupid redneck hillbilly who pissed me off who is getting attacked/killed by a shark! imagine it happening in real life please (he's a skinny man with brown hair & blue eyes, the character GLENROY SUNRISE from my WEREWOLF GAME movie is based off of him...)

The Autistic Joe Winko back at Fort Island Beach in Citrus County Florida ☺

Thanks so much to the Anonymous Person who got me this AWESOME Amazon present! ☺ A Ken Doll ☺ OR AN ACTION FIGURE BASED ON IT'S JOINTS! NOT A GIRL TOY! :P

The Autistic Joe Winko had managed to make his way to the old Virginia town of Spotsylvania ☺ What will he do there? Film a video blog of him having an Autistic Ramble obviously! :P
Share your thoughts about this lovely Virginia town ☺

I/Joe Winko was having problems with the battery in my laptop computer & my imagination went crazy which lead to me making this video ☺ SHOUT OUT TO MR. BALLEN! ☺ ♥ ☺ Hope my impression of him was good :P lol

Me summoning a tornado to destroy Solid Rock Church in Ohio. I HATE THAT CHURCH! Imagine it happening! 🌪️ ⛧ So Mote it be ⛧

Video of Joe Winko/me being kicked off of a church property (that has NEVER happened before...) Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio is the WORST church ever! DO NOT GO THERE! Imagine Solid Rock Church being struck by an F5 tornado! ⛧ 🌪️

Another view of Joe Winko on Interstate 75 in Ohio as Joe Winko summons a tornado to strike Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio! So mote it be! ⛧

Joe Winko explains why he visits people's graves. This is a seemingly controversial ritual that Joe Winko does pretty often.

A funny clip from one of my Kenshi gaming livestreams when I added Tucker Carlson to my all male squad :P lol. I honestly think he's too handsome to be Tucker Carlson but whatever :P

One day, Joe Winko's adoptive parents send him away to Gilda Ville to live with his Unbiological Uncle. Things go ok until he crosses paths with the chainsaw wielding psychopath Leatherface! Will Joe Winko survive or will he end up next on the menu in FRESH APPLE MASSACRE!

The trailer for my 2014 Sims 2 Slasher Film, FRESH APPLE MASSACRE ☺ It's about me/Joe Winko moving to the small country town of Gilda Ville, where I become the target of the notorious serial killer, Leatherface!

Clips from the nicer people that Joe Winko met in Ohio ☺ All of them are nicer than Solid Rock Church, where Joe Winko was not welcome...

Joe Winko discusses his gay love for Captian America & he talks about a gay superhero series he'll be starting. It's a bit x-rated...

Joe Winko at Brittanee Drexel's Memorial Tree in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ♥ Rest in Peace Brittanee Drexel ♥ Joe Winko always believed she was alive ♥

Joe Winko summons a tornado to strike Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio! So mote it be! ⛧

In this episode I talk about why I LOVE men with beards... It obviously gets X-rated...

Another drawing video I did :) Imagine this happening for real ♥

Video of Joe Winko unboxing a new gift from his grandmother! THE DEATHNOTE! a.k.a. "the death curse book"! Joe Winko writes in his death curse book to get revenge on his enemies! This time by summoning a category 5 hurricane to strike Houston Texas!

video of me talking about the sad stuff that happened on the Skyway Bridge near the fishing dock of the skyway bridge ♥

a video of me being driven over the Skyway Bridge in Florida back in 2018 ♥

In this episode Joe Winko talks about how he would Love to have a naked german landlord :P which is aparently an unpopular opinion....

Steven Edward Simpson passed away in 2003 ♥ May his soul & spirit live on forever & never be forgotten ♥

Billy Howard “Buddy” LaFrance Jr. was a brave man who sacraficed his life to save his family from the Jarrell Texas tornado in 1997 ♥ He is a true hero who deserves to be remembered that way ♥ In this video, Joe Winko tells his heroic story & leaves a rose by his grave ♥
Rest in Peace Billy Howard “Buddy” LaFrance Jr. ♥

Thank you so much to the Awesome person who got these presents off my Amazon wishlist for me ☺ ♥ ☺
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Come explore the Active Autistic mind of a tall skinny single Gay guy in a red pointy bandanna who lives in Florida! The one and only Notorious Joe Winko! Welcome to his official BitChute channel! :) #ThirdPersonTalk

Rest in Peace Robbie & Kirby ♥ the best pets ever ♥ 2011-2014

All characters appearing my work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental