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First published at 20:54 UTC on November 3rd, 2017.

911 IN PLANE SITE, Dave vonKleist (2004)

After Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9/11 in 2004, which documentary can't be taken too serious as a false flag accusation against the United States government, it was this early documentary from Dave vonKleist that brought me in serious doubt about the official statement. I mean, of course I doubted the layers behind that story, but not the possibility that it was completely fabricated. Due to the very early date, considering most of the 9/11 documentaries that would follow, I consider In Plane Site as a documentary of great importance. Although some later documentaries were much more sophisticated with more gathered facts, I still find this documentary pretty accurate in its core.
I copy/paste here one review from IMDB.com which is quite representative for my own impression of the film...
Author: rickr2889 from United States
23 July 2007

The questions raised by the video are valid questions. How could a plane have crashed into the pentagon leaving no wreckage whatever? The photos and videos of the fire fighters confirm there was absolutely no wreckage on the ground. Where is the wreckage what of the black box? An eye witness said he saw something like a missile hit the pentagon.

President Bush told school children that he saw the first plane crash into the tower on TV. Why would he make that up when there was no video of that crash on TV at the time?

How could the steel inner core of the towers melt when the fire did not reach the bottom of the towers not even half way down? Why is it that not a shred of evidence related to the planes has been released?

How does it happen that the tower planes and the pentagon plane somehow exploded into oblivion. One must admit that is very suspicious as though it were planned some how. How convenient that all the legal work on the corporate fraud was destroyed in building 7. Frankly it takes a lot of blind faith to believe the government and media explanations for what happened.
Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454587/reviews


De eerste documentaire waarbij de hoofdthema's, zoals op deze site (zie bron) omschreven, helder aan bod komen. Inmiddels verouderd en ingehaald door recentere documentaires. Het kostte mij een slapeloze nacht om al het materiaal te laten bezinken. Veel twijfels uiteraard en blijven focussen om van het eigen ongeloof geen gelovige te worden. Ineens klopte er niets meer van wat er in de kranten stond. De fase van 'is het waar?' was kort maar hevig. Veel heronderzoek en dat steeds weer opnieuw. Vooral het onderdeel waarbij de crash op het Pentagon systematisch met animaties en schema's werd behandeld kwam geloofwaardig over. Voldoende om serieus te gaan voor waarheidsvinding. Overige onderdelen gaven vooral aanzet tot twijfels over de gangbare lezingen, maar werden naar mijn idee pas echt substantieel na het kijken van de volgende baanbrekende documentaire Confronting the Evidence, 'A Call To Reopen the September 11 Investigation'.
Bron: http://www.waarheid911.nl/911documentaires.html#vonkleist
911inplanesite website: http://www.911inplanesite.com/911synopsis.html

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