Civil war - Knights of Dalecarlia (English Lyrics)


First published at 07:13 UTC on May 17th, 2018.

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There is an ancient story about how Sweden gained its independence from Denmark. In the brutal reign of Danish king Christian II, a knight by the name of Gustav Vasa fled the court of the king and traveled to the Swedish province of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) to the city of Mora where he intended to raise an army to fight against the king, the Dalecarlians refused. Gustav Vasa then travelled further north to seek more assistance, until a band of refugees arrived in Mora and told the Dalecarlians of the horrors of Christian II and demanded help. The Dalecarlians, realizing they were wrong, sent two of their best skiiers to find Gustav Vasa in the mountains and join his rebellion. He was declared hövitsman of Dalarna and continued his fight against the danes until final victory in 1523

Lyric video for Civil war - Knights of Dalecarlia
Picture is Gustav Vasa adressing the Dalecarlians
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