C-Ville 8/2017


First published at 07:20 UTC on June 14th, 2018.

C-Ville - 8/2017
4 hours after the march, 2 miles away, driver Fields retrieved his car from the parking garage and was making his way out of town.

He turned down a narrow one way street heading south.

University Prof. Dixon of antifa (pictured thumbnail) bragged in a lecture hall and elsewhere in public admitted proudly that he pointed his gun (the one in the picture) at the driver Fields just prior to the crash motioning him to move forward as a warning.

Fields began to drive slowly forward, two other antifa members hit his car with bats (one member is displayed in the video, still photo).

The Drive in a panic spend up to get away and crashed into cars blocking the crosswalk
(The cars were there an hour prior to the illegal march before antifa arrived).

The drive panicked after the people with bats attacked his car, he beeped his horn before crashing into the illegally parked cars.

There were no police in sight to man the marchers or crosswalk, marchers did not have a permit, the march which was two miles to this intersection was illegal.

People were walking in the streets and the police were no where in site to break this illegal march up for its duration.

After the crash the Driver threw his car into park and was immediately attacked on all side by bats, a sledge hammer, and tire irons by members of antifa.

The drive again panicked and threw his car into reverse in order to escape the antifa attackers.

One person died at the scene of a heart-attack..

Several of the attackers were caught on video tape hours earlier using bear mace on people at the protest that day. Specifically the man with the sledge hammer in this video.

No member of antifa has been detained or arrested.

All that happen that day and during this tragedy is on video tape all over the internet to be scene by the public.

This video is just the end of the event that happen on that day.

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