Bad day to be a von helton troll........

More supposed "friends" who were not friends at all.....

Time to stop the crap & get a massive dose of reality.

Considered by mainstream science as a "myth", Lemuria holds a secret.........

Atheists love to say there's no such thing as the supernatural. Well, I got it on video.

A convicted criminal, Darrin Morrison, accuses me of stolen valor.

I will not stand for people deliberately lying to my face.

Willing to give it a shot?

Yes, Paul really did die. He died in a car crash. There are ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLES that said he died in that crash! He was obviously replaced. The most well known is William Campbell, aka Billy Shears. The Beatles even did a song about him. Further, the real Paul had brown eyes, Billy Shears has green. Billy Shears is also taller than Paul. Lastly, Paul wears a size 8 shoe, but when he removed his shoes for charity the shoes were 9.5. So unless you claim Paul grew 2 inches, got a size & a half bigger foot, & changed his eye color to green, he definitely *WAS* replaced by Billy.

Published on Nov 16, 2017
Just a quick video of two interviews from 1966 and 1967 Paul to Faul - 1966 and 1967 Interviews with more differences.

Thanks to Jaems Harilie who found the dates of these two recordings, the 1966 interview is from the 19th of August. And the 1967 one's from 18th January. So that's only 5 months between the 2 videos.

6 months ago (edited)
Paul & Faul are not one the same the difference is like night & day.
Faul has a longer face & has a scottish accent & Paul has a rounder face.
Just one year apart & no wonder they didn't perform live again. The fans would've noticed the difference instantly.

No auto-tune! EVER! (I originally did this song years ago, but can't find that copy, so I did a new one).

Atheism is a medical problem. One that quite possibly can be cured.

No question. My tweets are public record.

You Lefties better wake up man.......

Originally by the Doors

AC/DC Cover

Once again, unaccountable atheists have figured out a way to kill us all, but this time, it's NOT just a theory, they intend to do this IN JUST DAYS!

......As it should be!

France burns & the govt of France doesn't seem concerned.........Why?

SHTF in 3,2,1......

Once again, I'm not making these videos because of some perceived narcissism. I do them because in 20 years, I never got ANY SUPPORT.

Bad day to be an atheist.....LOL.

Unusual activity from some of my fellow pagans online........

Today is a great day!

What is a Pagan, and how would I know a real one from a fake one?


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Banned from every social media for exposing the evils of Islam. It is *NOT* "hate speech" to expose a 7th century cult that wants me DEAD.