You Lefties better wake up man.......

Originally by the Doors

AC/DC Cover

Once again, unaccountable atheists have figured out a way to kill us all, but this time, it's NOT just a theory, they intend to do this IN JUST DAYS!

......As it should be!

France burns & the govt of France doesn't seem concerned.........Why?

SHTF in 3,2,1......

Once again, I'm not making these videos because of some perceived narcissism. I do them because in 20 years, I never got ANY SUPPORT.

Bad day to be an atheist.....LOL.

Unusual activity from some of my fellow pagans online........

Today is a great day!

What is a Pagan, and how would I know a real one from a fake one?

The media is calling this person a terrorist.......They apparently haven't read his manifesto.

A long time in coming, but finally here......

AC/DC Classic

Rolling Stones classic

I told you this was coming.........

AC/DC classic

Used with permission from Kyle the Guitar Guy!


To properly confront an entity, you need to know its NAME.....

The never-ending Trump bashing fiasco.

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Bill Withers Cover

Cream Cover

Jimi Hendrix Cover

Dire Straights cover. Ignore the thumbs down. It was made by a bot, and is not a true representation of the Likes & Dislikes.


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Banned from every social media for exposing the evils of Islam. It is *NOT* "hate speech" to expose a 7th century cult that wants me DEAD.