The time has come for Tommy Robinson to take things to the next level, please watch this video and understand the next step will change things for the future of our nation.

Saudis fund hardline British TV station the Islam Channel
Ofcom is investigating Islam Channel over concerns it has aired extreme views
The broadcasting regulator Ofcom is investigating a Muslim television station that is accused of promoting divisive and hardline views in Britain. Ofcom said it was “conducting an assessment of content on Islam Channel to determine whether it complies with the broadcasting code”.

The station, which claims it has 1m viewers daily, reaches 59% of British Muslims, according to government research reported in 2008. There are no recent independent figures.

The move comes as a Sunday Times investigation shows that the channel has been supported by Saudi money. The Ofcom probe follows routine monitoring of its output. The regulator has censured the channel in the past for political bias, advocating violence against women and supporting marital rape.


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Free speech is being banned...the uk is being sold out by our own government.. the people are not being heard..