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RTÉ News coverage of the Rally for Life. Over a year after the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, around 10,000 people marched in the Dublin "Rally for Life".

The event took place to highlight opposition to the new abortion laws, introduced this year following the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

Niamh Uí Bhriain, a member of the organising committee, said people wanted to "continue to stand for life." In an address at the rally, she said "we may have lost the Eighth referendum, but we are not defeated."

She also said pro-life activists "will overturn what happened last May."

"Pride cometh before the fall." Every organ of Official Ireland was out to celebrate the Dublin Gay Pride parade of 2019, which was the biggest on record. Political parties, members of the Civil Service, the Grab-All-Association (GAA), and the broadcaster of national disservice were all there to support the event.

"Thousands take part in Dublin Pride parade"

RTÉ Prime Time asks "How Racist is Ireland?" following only two incidents of racist abuse involving clearly drunken Irishmen, one recently on Irish Rail on Sunday where a drunkard verbally abused an Indian family, and another from back in Easter where another drunkard physically and verbally abused an African taxi man.

Incididents such as these are being used by the likes of the Immigrant Council of Ireland to promote the need for Hate Crime Legislation.

This all comes off the back of a recent ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance) report from the 4th of June which calls on the Irish government to come up with a new strategy to tackle racism and prejudice.

The report calls for a new strategy against racism in order to reduce what it calls prejudice against Travellers, Roma, migrants and Muslims.

The 37-page report concludes that the majority of local authorities have consistently failed to provide adequate and culturally appropriate accommodation for Travellers.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, one of the report's authors, Volodymyr Kulyk, said Travellers are treated worse than refugees in Ireland.

Mr Kulyk said the Government should either pressure local authorities to provide adequate Traveller accommodation and punish the authorities that fail to deliver, or remove the responsibility from a local level and move it to a central level.

He called on the Government to focus on combating prejudice and fostering tolerance.

In addition, he said, there should be a new national plan against racism because, despite the best of intentions, the last one has not been successful.

He added that asylum seekers are spending too long in direct provision and are unable to lead normal lives.

It says migrants face "discrimination", as well as high rents and a severe housing shortage.

The report also criticises the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act as particularly ineffectual in "combating online hate speech".

There are no provisions in Irish l..

The Trump sons on a pub crawl around Doonbeg. The first clip is from 2016 following Trump's win where some of the locals were interviewed, including Fr. Joe Haugh who recently said that he had 'saved a place in heaven' for the Trump family.

"Local Doonbeg priest delighted on Donald Trump's White House victory due to his pro-life stance"

"Doonbeg priest says he has 'saved a place in heaven' for Trump family"

"Doonbeg 'best neighbours in the world' - Eric Trump"

One of the "New Irish". Fine Gael's Yemi Adenuge becomes Ireland's first black female councillor, elected in Navan, County Meath. 8 New Irish were elected to councils around Ireland.

The Green Party's Hazel Chu was elected to Dublin City Council.

Fianna Fáil's Abul Kalam Azad Talukder was elected Limerick City's first muslim councillor.

Fine Gael's Kazi Ahmed, from Bangladesh, was elected in the Glencullen-Sanydord Local Electoral Area to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Fine Gael's Baby Pereppadan, who is originally from India, was elected in Tallaght South.

Another successful Indian-born candidate was Fine Gael's Punam Rane. She was elected in the Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart local electoral area to Fingal County Council.

Swedish-born Madeline Johansson was elected for Solidarity-People Before Profit in the Palmerstown-Fonthill area to South Dublin County Council.

The only nationalist elected was our man in Monaghan, Seamus Treanor, who is closely aligned with The National Party.

"Making history: Gogglebox star elected as 'Ireland's first black female councillor'"

"7 things we have learned from the elections"

On the final 16th count in the Dublin Euro constituency, Indepedents4Change TD Clare Daly beats Fianna Fáil's Barry Andrews to the 3rd seat. Andrews is now being placed in "cold storage" and will only take his seat if Brexit happens.

Daly's election means that there will be a by-election held in the next six months in the Dublin Fingal constituency. There will also be a by-election in Frances Fitzgerald's Dublin Mid-West constituency. There could also be two more by-elections if Mick Wallace and Billy Kelleher are elected in the South. The large number of by-elections has caused speculation of an early general election.

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan lost her seat.

Gemma O'Doherty was elimated on the 9th count with a final vote total of 10,622.

Final Count:
Cuffe, Ciaran: 73,028
Fitzgerald, Frances: 78,580
Andrews, Barry: 68,952
Daly, Clare: 87,770

RTÉ spared a few seconds of their Euro election coverage to take a dig at the Irish Freedom Party who they didn't bother inviting to any of their debates, which is an utter failure of their remit as a public broadcaster as all candidates were invited to Euro debates back in 2014.

In the Dublin constituency, Hermann Kelly of the IFP received only 2,441 1st preference votes (0.67% of the total).

In the Ireland South constituency, Dolores Kelly of the IFP according to the RTÉ/TG4 exit poll received 2%, although there's been no first count yet.

First count in the Dublin Euro constituency. Ciarán Cuffe of the Green Party actually underperformed the RTÉ/TG4 exit poll by 5.5%. Gemma O'Doherty received 6,659 1st preference votes (1.83%), Hermann Kelly of the Irish Freedom Party received 2,441 votes (0.67%), while Ben Gilroy won 7,594 votes (2.09%).

Cuffe, Ciaran 17.54% 63,849
Fitzgerald, Frances 16.23% 59,067
Andrews, Barry 14.13% 51,420
Daly, Clare 11.62% 42,305
Boylan, Lynn 10.82% 39,387
Gannon, Gary 5.59% 20,331
White, Alex 5.03% 18,293
Durkan, Mark 4.53% 16,473
Brien, Gillian 2.99% 10,864
Higgins, Alice Mary 2.98% 10,846
Gilroy, Ben 2.09% 7,594
O'Doherty, Gemma 1.83% 6,659
Harrold, Rita 1.36% 4,967
Ryan, Éilis 1.02% 3,701
Murphy, Eamonn 0.69% 2,519
Kelly, Hermann 0.67% 2,441
McNiffe, Aisling 0.43% 1,572
Mullan, Mark 0.26% 932
Lowth, Tony Bosco 0.20% 727

First count in the Midlands North West constituency. Fine Gael's Mairéad McGuinness tops the poll with a large surplus that could help 90s kid Maria Walsh get elected. Once again the Green Party underperforms compared to the RTÉ/TG4 exit poll, with Saorise McHugh down 4%. Peter Casey did better than the exit poll projected:

McGuinness, Mairéad 22.63% 134,630
Flanagan, Luke 'Ming 14.29% 85,034
Carthy, Matt 13.05% 77,619
Walsh, Maria 10.84% 64,500
Casey, Peter 9.52% 56,650
McHugh, Saoirse 8.58% 51,019
Smith, Brendan 7.20% 42,814
Rabbitte, Anne 5.08% 30,220
Healy Eames, Fidelma 2.69% 15,991
Hannigan, Dominic 2.08% 12,378
Brennan, Cyril 1.37% 8,130
O'Dowd, Michael 1.16% 6,897
O'Connor, Olive 0.53% 3,132
Mahapatra, Dilip 0.41% 2,450
Greene, Patrick 0.23% 1,352
Miller, James 0.22% 1,322
Mulcahy, Diarmaid 0.13% 789

The Divorce Referendum has been passed overwhelmingly by the Irish people, with 82.1% voting in favour, and only 17.9% voting against. Some commentators have remarked that this is a "huge cultural shift" in Irish society given that the country only narrowly voted to introduce divorce back in 1995 when 50.28% voted "Yes" and 49.72% voted "No". It only goes to show that modern Ireland is now at peak liberalism.

The highest "Yes" vote in the 2019 Divorce Referendum was in the Dublin constituency of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, where 86.7% voted in favour of the proposal followed by Fingal which was on 86.4%.

The highest "No" vote was in Monaghan where 24.96% voted against the proposal followed by Leitrim where the "No" vote was 23.59%.

Turnout nationally was 50.83%.

Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan, who was the Fine Gael Director of Elections for the Referendum, had earlier said she was surprised by the extent of the vote but not by the "kindness and compassion" of the Irish people.

She said the vote reflected that people felt compassion had to be shown to those going through marital breakdown and that the four-year wait was too long.

"This was not about rocking the system, it was about humanising the system," she said.

The referendum proposed two changes to the restrictions on divorce which are currently written into the constitution. It will remove from the Constitution the requirement for couples to be living apart for four years before qualifying for a divorce. Instead it will now be a matter for which the Oireachtas will legislate.

The Government has indicated it will reduce the time period through legislation to two years by amending the Family Law (Divorce) Act of 1996 which up to now contained the same provisions as the Constitution. Because the current four-year period was written in to the Constitution, it could only be changed by a referendum.

The second change will make it easier for foreign divorces to the recognised...

Amnesty Ireland celebrates the one year anniversary of removing the right to life of the unborn child from Bunreacht na hÉireann. They've decided to celebrate that dark day on the 25th of May 2018 with a film.

Here's the film if you want to downvote it:
"Story of Repeal"

An RTÉ/TG4 Exit poll released tonight shows that the tree-hugging liberals of the Green Party have done very well at both the European and Local level. It only goes to show what constant media promotion of a single issue can do for a party. Now that they've got gay marriage and unrestricted access to abortion out of the way, the cause célèbre of liberal Official Ireland is tackling the climate of the entire globe. It also seems as if the Irish youth are the big drivers of support for the Green Party, as evidenced by the "climate strike" that took place today, after a call to arms was issued by little Swedish busybody Greta Thunberg.

The Exit Polls for the European elections have a margin of error of 4% so there's a lot to be decided yet. For the Local Elections it's 3%. As expected the Divorce Referendum was a thumping win for the "Yes" side. Counting in the Divorce Referendum and the Local Elections begins on Saturday, while counting begins on Sunday for the European elections.

"Strong support for Greens in Euro elections topping Dublin poll - exit poll"

"FF and FG share lead with strong support for Greens: exit poll"

"Overwhelming support to ease divorce restrictions - exit poll"

"Students holding protest over climate change"

Peter "The Patriot" Casey raises the flag for Ireland over the disputed lake of Lough Foyle. According to the Ipsos MRBI Poll released earlier this month, it's going to be a scrap between Casey, Maria Walsh and Brendan Smith for the final seat in the MNW:

Midlands North West (4 Seats) Ipsos MRBI Poll 1st Preference Vote:
Mairéad McGuinness (FG) 26%
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan (IND) 16%
Matt Carthy (SF) 14%
Maria Walsh (FG) 11%
Peter Casey (IND) 9%
Brendan Smith (FF) 8%
Anne Rabbitte (FF) 5%
Saoirse McHugh (GP) 3%
Dominic Hannigan (LP) 2%
Other Candidates 1% or less

The poll was released on the 10th of May, so perhaps all Casey's exposure in the media since then will have boosted his standing, if not he's going to need transfers to get him over the line.

Dublin (4 Seats) Ipsos MRBI Poll 1st Preference Vote:
Frances Fitzgerald (FG) 22%
Barry Andrews (FF) 18%
Lynn Boylan (SF) 13%
Clare Daly (I4C) 10%
Ciarán Cuffe (GP) 9%
Alex White (LP) 8%
Mark Durkan (FG) 7%
Rita Harrold (S-PBP) 3%
Gillian Brien (S-PBP) 3%
Alice-Mary Higgins (IND) 2%
Other Candidates 1% or less

South (5 Seats) Ipsos MRBI Poll 1st Preference Vote:
Seán Kelly (FG) 18%
Liadh Ní Riada (SF) 14%
Billy Kelleher (FF) 13%
Deirdre Clune (FG) 10%
Malcolm Byrne (FF) 10%
Andrew Doyle (FG) 9%
Mick Wallace (14C) 8%
Sheila Nunan (LP) 5%
Grace O'Sullivan (GP) 5%
Breda Patricia Gardner (IND) 2%
Other Candidates 1% or less

God help us and save us. She actually has a good chance of being elected. Make sure to give Peter Casey a good transfer, as it's either him or Brendan Smith that will take the final seat to keep Maria Walsh out.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar calls for a "Yes" vote to the upcoming Divorce Referendum scheduled for Friday the 24th of May. Indications from opinion polls show that it's going to be a massive "Yes". An Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll earlier this month showed 77% of voters were in favour of liberalising Ireland's divorce laws. Only 8% said they would vote "No".

"Campaigners see little appetite for No vote in divorce referendum"

"Irish Times poll: Support for Varadkar and Government plummets again"

RTÉ Prime Time hosts a good enough debate involving candidates from the Ireland Midlands-North-West constituency for the EU parliament. Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Brexit / Ever Closer Union / €13 Billion Apple Tax: 1:53

Other Candidates:
Patrick Greene, Direct Democracy Ireland: 23:59
Fidelma Healy Eames, Independent: 24:56
Dr. Dilip Mahapatra, Independent: 26:03
Diarmaid Mulcahy, Independent: 27:01
Olive O'Connor, Independent: 28:00

Immigration / Direct Provision: 29:20
"47% agree we are losing Irish identity in the face of foreign influx": 42:05
Questions particular to candidates: 43:36
European Army: 48:41

Other Candidates:
Michael O'Dowd, Renua Ireland: 50:28
Anne Rabbitte, Fianna Fáil: 51:18
Maria Walsh, Fine Gael: 52:12
James Miller, Independent: 53:14

In the debate:
Mairéad McGuinness, Fine Gael MEP
Saoirse McHugh, Green Party
Matt Carthy, Sinn Féin MEP
Cyril Brennan, People Before Profit
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, Independent MEP
Dominic Hannigan, Labour Party
Brendan Smith, Fianna Fáil
Peter Casey, Independent

I didn't bother uploading the Dublin or Ireland South debates as they were fairly bland affairs, basically they were just discussions about climate change, with everyone in agreement about the need to tackle it but differing over the approach.

According to doctors who have set up a new group to campaign against liberalisation of cannabis, not enough caution is being exercised when it comes to the possibility of it becoming legalised. The group of more than 25 senior doctors have written a letter voicing concerns about increasing health-related problems from cannabis use.

In the letter published in today's Irish Times, the Cannabis Risk Alliance argue that society has "taken its eye off the ball" in relation to the harmful effects of the drug.

Dr Bobby Smyth, a child psychiatrist and addiction specialist and Dr. Garret Mc Govern GP specialising in alcohol and substance abuse Priority Medical Clinic in Dundrum, discuss the issue.

"Unspoken risks of cannabis use"

"Ireland has lost sight of risk to health from cannabis, doctors warn"

"PETER HITCHENS: The elites hellbent on legalising marijuana couldn’t care less about the families they obliterate"

"My opposition to cannabis is based on hard evidence, not prejudice - Peter Hitchens"

A direct consequence of the repeal of the Eighth Amendment in May of last year and the rushed abortion legislation by "Health" Minister Simon Harris, the government, and the fake opposition. A healthy 15 week old baby was aborted in March on mistaken grounds of fatal foetal abnormality. An external review is to be conducted into the circumstances of the abortion.

A diagnosis of FFA was one of the main arguments used by the "Yes" campaign for the introduction of unrestricted abortion into Ireland and for the removal of the right to life of the unborn child from Bunreacht na hÉireann.

There are now also indications that show that Ireland's abortion rate has tripled compared to this time last year. Simon Harris' abortion legislation came into effect in January.

"External review over termination of pregnancy at NMH"

"Indications that abortion rate has trebled in one year a devastating tragedy: Pro Life campaign"

Excerpts from "Pat Kenny's Big Debate" on the topic of immigration, with Independent Euro Election candidate for the Midlands-Northwest Constituency, Peter Casey, saying Ireland can't afford more immigration until we look after our own first, and that the EU's freedom of movement needs to be changed.

In the debate:
Peter Casey, Independent candidate for EU Parliament
Maria Walsh, Fine Gael candidate for EU Parliament
Malcolm Byrne, Fianna Fáil candidate for EU Parliament
Pearse O'Doherty, Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson
Neil Hamilton, UKIP Leader in Wales
Dr. Jennifer Cassidy, Politics Lectures at University of Oxford

Broadcast: 15/05/2019.

The beautiful city of Kilkenny is spared the spectre of a mosque and Islamic cultural centre being developed after it's plans were rejected by An Bord Pleanála.

The Imam of Kilkenny has described the decision as "crushingly disappointing".

Kilkenny County Council granted permission last year, but after objections and an appeal to the board, the mosque, two houses, a community building, cafe and halal shop will not be built.

The Islamic community wanted to build on a site at the Hebron Industrial Estate.

An Bord Pleanála said it does not believe the plans will contribute positively to the architectural and cultural heritage of the city.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Imam Ibrahim Ndure said the decision is painful.

"It is a very sad day, it's crushingly disappointing. We will try to look at the objection articulated in the inspector's report to see what we can take as the next step.

"We are trying to accept that this has been rejected. It's taken up a huge amount of our time and resources for nearly four years. It's very painful."

Imam Ndure said they have been renting the building they currently use for over a decade, and all they want is a place to call their own.

"Frankly, we have been paying rent for a long time, and it's high time we have our own Islamic Cultural Centre. We were banking on An Bord Pleanála to come to a favourable decision so we can start the process of moving from a rented place."

He said that when they first lodged the application, it generated an outcry. He said people claimed property prices in the area would drop, and they mistakenly believed the centre would have the "call to prayer".

He said they invited locals to a meeting to explain to them what the centre would be about but they got a lot of negative feedback.

"It was brutal. It was harsh and terrifying. We just wanted to allay the fears of people, and tell them that what they'd been hearing was false."

There were a number of objections, including from a nearby housin..

Euro election candidates for the Ireland South constituency appear on RTÉ's "The Week in Politics" with five candidates in studio. Timeline / Issues Discussed:
0:00 - Constituency Profile
7:10 - Questions relating to candidates
13:20 - CAP / Climate Change / Fishing
28:05 - "The sleeping beauty of the Lisbon Treaty" - PESCO / Proposed EU Army
35:01 - Scrapping EU funds for Hungary, Poland and Romania?
38:06 - Transfers?

Other Candidates:
39:31 - Andrew Doyle, Fine Gael
39:58 - Breda Gardner, Indpendent
40:26 - Billy Kelleher, Fianna Fáil
40:52 - Seán Kelly, Fine Gael
41:21 - Liam Minehan, Independent
41:48 - Peter O'Loughlin, Identity Ireland
42:14 - Grace O'Sullivan, Green Party
42:43 - Jan Van De Ven, Direct Democracy Ireland
43:10 - Adrienne Wallace, Solidarity - People Before Profit
43:40 - Allan Brennan, Independent
43:48 - Dolores Cahill, Independent (Irish Freedom Party)
43:55 - Paddy Fitzgerald, Independent
44:01 - Theresa Heaney, Independent
44:07 - Peter Madden, Independent
44:11 - Diarmuid O'Flynn, Independent
44:17 - Walter Ryan-Purcell, Independent
44:23 - Maurice Sexton, Independent
44:30 Colleen Worthington, Independent

45:00 Talking heads talk about debate

Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll - Friday 10th May
With five seats up for grabs, an opinion poll released on Friday gave the following for 1st preference votes:
Seán Kelly (FG) 18%
Liadh ní Riada (SF) 14%
Billy Kelleher (FF) 13%
Deirdre Clune (FG) 10%
Malcolm Byrne (FF) 10%
Andrew Doyle (FG) 9%
Mick Wallace (I4C) 8%
Sheila Nunan (LP) 5%
Grace O'Sullivan (GP) 5%
Breda Gardner (IND) 2%

All other candidates were on 1%. Transfers are going to be important to decide who gets the last few seats.

Broadcast 12/05/2019.

Ireland South candidate for the European parliament, Diarmuid Patrick O'Flynn, Independent, gives his pitch for being elected. O'Flynn is the founder of the "Ballyhea Says No" protest movement, which has been marching against payments to bondholders since 2011. He has repeatedly called for debt justice for Ireland. He ran five years ago in the same constituency and performed well, gaining 30,323 1st preference votes (4.6% of the total).

Ireland South candidate for the European parliament, Mick Wallace, Independents4Change, gives his pitch for being elected. Wallace has been a TD for Wexford since 2011 and has played a role in the downfall of Justice Minister Alan Shatter and the exposure of corruption in the Gardaí. An Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll released on Friday has Wallace on 8%, which means he's in the running for the final fifth seat in the constituency.

Ireland Midlands–North-West candidate for the European parliament, Peter Casey, Independent, gives his pitch for being elected. With five seats up for grab, an Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll released on Friday put Casey at 9%, coming fifth. Ahead of him were Mairead McGuinness at 26%, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan at 16%, Matt Carty at 14%, and would you believe it, Maria Walsh at 11%!

Ireland Midlands–North-West candidate for the European parliament, Michael O'Dowd of Renua Ireland, gives his pitch for being elected.

The pro-life activist announced in January that the theme of his campaign would be ‘Family, Community & Country’.

Mr O’Dowd said that “today, if you have a traditional view, you are banished to the backwater of public life. In this new Ireland, it almost seems like a crime to be a Catholic. Our Government is determined to relegate Christian values from the public sphere.”

He said that “this year alone we have witnessed the gleeful introduction of extreme abortion laws in Ireland and the holding of a referendum on blasphemy – the sole purpose of which was to aim another kick to the heart of Catholics in Ireland.

“The liberal juggernaut is barrelling through traditional Ireland. Only when electoral defeat is inflicted on the establishment will that juggernaut be stopped in its tracks,” he said.

Mr O’Dowd has been a highly active campaigner for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities for many years and is a former board member of Down Syndrome Ireland and a board member of Ablevision Ireland, a media production and training company for people with intellectual disabilities.

"Renua selects pro-life campaigner for EP vote"


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