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The Irish regime has gone into overdrive condemning supposed racism in Irish society following the death of one black man across the Atlanic Ocean. Caretaker Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told Pat Kenny that the next government should focus on rooting out racism and making sure that people from ethnic minority backgrounds are better represented in the public service.

No mention in the MSM of course about the violent hateful attack by African thugs on a young Irish lad in Limerick:

The anti-Irish Times has run articles from young black people in Ireland about how Irish people with their "white previelege" have never had to think about racism in their country. In one article, Boni Odoemene (25), former DIT Students’ Union president, told The Irish Times the following:

“When I was 11 I was called n***r for the first time and had to ask my dad what the word meant. When I was 20 a guy called me a black b*****d on the street and no one passing by said anything. What’s struck with me the most is Irish people were surprised to hear this; they say they ‘literally had no clue’. This is the personification of white privilege; white Irish people have never had to think or talk about this.”

While racist police brutality is not a problem in Ireland, Garda “micro-aggressions” towards people of colour happen all the time, says Odoemene, who now works at the University of Birmingham. “I never had any issues with guards growing up but as I became a man I noticed how they approached me differently compared to white friends.”

Amanda Adé, who spoke outside the US embassy at Monday’s protest, says racism has been “programmed into people’s consciousness” and that many Irish are “blissfully ignorant” of their prejudices towards people of colour.

People need to learn to call out racist remarks and not “brush them off as banter”, says Adé. “It’s great the black Irish community finally has the courage to step up. It helps people realise racism is real and brings it beyond what’s going on in America. It brings it home to Ireland.”

‘White Irish people have never had to think about this’

"'Ethnic diversity matters' in Irish classrooms"

'Just because the gardaí are not kneeling on necks does not mean there's no racism in Ireland'

"Hello, White Irish Person! Here's how to upgrade from being an ally, to being an accomplice."

Broadcast: Virgin Media One, 05/06/2020.

Following the death of one black man across the Atlantic Ocean, Irish politicians, media personalities, celebrities, "influencers" and racial grievance mongers are all now waxing lyrical about racial injustice in America and the need to tackle "systemic racism" in Irish society. Some politicians called for the end of direct provision. Others called for more diversity in education. The pro-immigration NGOs are calling for a new national action plan on racism and the introduction of hate crime legislation without delay. Is it any wonder the country is going down the swanney with these traitors running the show?

"Leo Varadkar criticises Donald Trump over 'absence of moral leadership' in response to US protests"

"Poor levels of diversity in Irish public life, Immigrant Council warns"

"Irish Lives Matter: The Government Have Abdicated Moral Authority"

"Racial grievance expert Dr. Ebun Joseph tells Joe Duffy that she isn't a fan of her parody account"


A failed Albanian asylum seeker who was granted leave to remain in the state and subsequently became an Irish citizen, has become the first person in Ireland to be convicted for providing false and misleading information in the process of applying for Irish citizenship.

Emri Bardhoshi pleaded guilty to breaching Section 29A of the Irish Nationality and Citizen Act at Mullingar Circuit Court.

He pleaded guilty to a breach of the Passport Act 2008 by using similar information to falsely obtain Irish passports for himself and his three Irish-born children aged four to seven years. His oldest child, an eight-year-old boy, was born in Albania and holds an Albanian passport.

Bardhoshi came to Ireland in the back of lorry in 2001 claiming he was a Kosovan fleeing war in the Balkans.

Det Garda Derek Thompson of the Garda National Immigration Bureau said Bardhoshi had presented himself as Islihat Doli, a Kosovan, five years younger than his real age on his arrival in Ireland 19 years ago.

Judge Keenan Johnson said it was an unusual prosecution and one that he had never come across before. He said the whole process of applying for citizenship was built on integrity honesty and trust but Bardhoshi's actions had undermined the cornerstone of the whole system.

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 15/05/2020.

"Takeaway owner admits using false identity as Kosovan refugee to obtain Irish passports"

"Asylum Seekers from Albania and Georgia largest group entering Ireland in 2018"

"80% of failed asylum seekers stay"

Minister for Health Simon Harris has apologised for claiming that there were ’18 other coronaviruses’ before COVID-19.

The WHO coined the official name COVID-19 to identify the strain of coronavirus causing the current pandemic on February 11, which had previously been known as 2019 novel coronavirus.

As such, ’19’ refers to the year in which the virus was identified, rather than numbering the current disease as the 19th strain of the virus.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Harris appeared on the 2FM Breakfast Show hosted by Doireann Garrihy and Eoghan McDermott, stating:

"Remember this is Coronavirus Covid-19. That means there’s been eighteen other coronaviruses and I don’t think they’ve actually successfully found a vaccine for any."

Harris then took to twitter to apologise for the "awful boo-boo".

"Watch: ‘I made an awful boo-boo’ — Simon Harris apologises for inaccurate coronavirus comment"

Broadcast: 2FM Breakfast with Doireann and Eoghan, 22/04/2020.



An investigation is under way into the large gathering in support of John Waters and Gemma O'Doherty at the Four Courts in Dublin city centre yesterday.

The group gathered for the High Court challenge by the former journalists against the restrictions imposed by the Government in response to Covid-19.

Gardaí said they attended the scene and asked the group to disperse because of concerns over adherence to the Government instructions on non-essential journeys and social distancing.

Garda headquarters said all persons were asked to disperse, a number of people initially failed to comply and the names of some of those present were taken "along with other evidence".

Gardaí also said the group eventually dispersed and no arrests were made, but "investigations are continuing".

The court service has strongly criticised the gathering "in large numbers" which it said endangered gardaí, court staff, court users, and the people themselves.

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 22/04/2020.



Minister for Health Simon Harris has signed regulations to give the Gardaí unprecedented powers to enforce the Coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown. As a result, between now and Sunday night, Gardaí can arrest and detain anyone who refuses to comply with the regulations. Defendants will face a maximum prison term of up to six months and a fine of up to €2,500 on conviction.

The regulations are based on the guidelines issued by the Government two weeks ago. Anyone exercising more than 2km from their home or with people from outside their household will be in breach. Anyone travelling beyond 2km for non-essential reasons will also be in breach. People can travel for a variety of other reasons. These include essential shopping, medical and veterinarian appointments, funerals, court dates and court mandated child visitation.

The Gardaí have never been given such sweeping powers before. Since 1947, the Government has had the power to grant the Garda and health authorities somewhat similar powers to limit the spread of tuberculosis but these were never enacted. Even at the time of the Emergency during World War two, a period when the Government had the power of censorship and internment without trial, there were no comparable restrictions on movement.

"Let’s face it: These new Garda powers are absurd"

"Make gardaí aware of Covid-19 rule breaches - Garda Commissioner"

"Minister for Health Simon Harris signs regulations to give An Garda Síochána the power to enforce Covid-19 restrictions"

Broadcast: RTÉ One News, 08/04/2020.

The process of handing Ireland away continues with yet more citizenship ceremonies in Killarney. 5,000 foreign nationals were granted Irish citizenship today and yesterday. The new citizens come from 135 separate countries. Here’s the totals for the top 10 countries:

United Kingdom – 982
Poland – 715
Romania – 496
India – 370
Nigeria – 201
Brazil – 171
Latvia – 138
Philippines 137
China – 113
USA – 113

It was mentioned in the news report that 132,000 people from 180 countries have become new citizens since 2011.

The ceremonies are being held following a Court of Appeal decision last November, which clarified the law in relation to residency requirements for citizenship candidates (Residency law became more lax). An earlier High Court decision had led to the postponement of ceremonies for the latter half of 2019.

To become a citizen of Ireland, a foreign national must have 5 years reckonable residence out of the last 9 years, and if their application is successful will pay about €1000.

On March 2nd at the first ceremony, the Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan, welcomed the new citizens, noting that the day will be a milestone in their lives:

"The possibilities opened up to you in Ireland today are almost limitless; perhaps one day, you or a child or grandchild of yours, could be up here as a Government Minister, or as a Judge, or perhaps the President of Ireland."

On March 3rd at the second ceremony, presided over by Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration David Stanton, retired Circuit Court Judge Paddy McMahon said the following (16:27):

"As new citizens you will contribute to the creation of a new inclusive and diverse society. In bringing your culture and traditions and unique experiences to this country and joining them with ours you redefine what it means to be Irish and you will enrich our national life."

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 02/03/2020.


Bitchute: htt..

Eurosceptic Michael Fitzmaurice is re-elected as an Independent TD in Roscommon-Galway on the first count with 13,077 1st preference votes, 28.67% of the total.

Fitzmaurice is one of the few voices in the Dáil who speaks against the Green Climate Change agenda. He voted against repeal of the Eight Amendment.

Paul Hanley of The National Party received 319 votes in this constituency, 0.70% of the total.


Broadcast: RTÉ Election Special 09/02/2020.

The National Party's radio broadcast read by Rebecca Barrett and aired on RTÉ Radio One today.


Broadcast: RTÉ Radio One, 03/02/2020.



Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed that the Irish General Election will take place on the 8th of February.

Broadcast: RTÉ One News, 14/01/2020.



Fine Gael have officially deselected Wexford by-election candidate Verona Murphy over her comments about security concerns around illegal migrants entering the country. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that Murphy had caused "reputational damage" to Fine Gael, and that her comments were "very wrong and very hurtful to some of our migrant communities".

Murphy spoke to Ivan Yates on Newstalk and to South East Radio about how a media ban was placed on her by Fine Gael in the final days of the Wexford by-election campaign:

In those interviews she reiterated the need for greater security checks about people entering Ireland. "Am I not allowed to raise the security issues these unrestricted migrants bring?". "Do we have to wait to have a London bridge incident on Wexford Bridge?"

Following her comments on South East Radio, Minister for Health Simon Harris said “The decision to deselect her is looking better by the moment. I think anybody who engages in stoking what I believe are to be unfounded racist fears has no place in the Fine Gael party. I thought the comments this morning… gave a great insight perhaps into why it’s best that she’s been deselected.”

Murphy responded on Newstalk: “Well, I think what you have there is probably one of the worst Ministers for Health. He’ll probably go down in history deflecting from his own ineptitude. I don’t know if it warrants a comment."

Verona Murphy has said she will decide by mid-January whether she will run as an independent candidate at the next general election. She got 9,543 1st preferences votes in the Wexford by-election.

"Verona Murphy: 'Do we have to wait for a London Bridge incident on Wexford Bridge?'"

"‘Silenced’ Verona Murphy may run as Independent candidate"

Broadcast: Pat Kenny's Big..

A retired member of An Garda Síochána has been arrested on suspicion of bribery over fraudulent immigration applications. The man in his sixties, is suspected of taking bribes from a “fixer” who brought applicants in large numbers to his Garda station in the Western Region to have their forms stamped. The applications were from Indian and Pakistani applicants.

The garda allegedly stamped documents certifying the applicants had submitted the relevant documents required to gain permission to reside and work in the country.

The irregularities first came to light two years ago and the man has since retired from the Garda. According to the Irish Daily Mail, which first reported on the investigation earlier this year, the man has already been interviewed by detectives.

The man was arrested on Wednesday morning by gardaí from the Roscommon/Longford Division who were assisted by an investigative team from the Garda National Immigration Bureau and officials from the Department of Justice. He is being held under Section Four of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 and can be questioned for up to 24 hours.

It is understood the man may have fraudulently stamped forms for several hundred people before the matter came to light. The ex-garda is suspected to have taken large sums of money - possibly several thousand euro per form – from a Pakistani fixer who is believed to be part of a criminal group involved in sophisticated immigration fraud in Ireland and other countries.

The immigrants entered the country on student visas and sought permission to stay on after those expired.

The alleged scam came to light when officials noticed an unusually high number of forms were being stamped by the same garda in a county which does not have a particularly high population of non-nationals.

Officials have since been reviewing every application signed by the ex-garda in the last five years and attempting to track down the immigrants concerned. Some have been located but many are thought to have already left the country. As many as 1,000 applications may be affected.

"Ex-garda arrested on suspicion of bribery over fraudulent immigration applications"

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 11/12/2019.



A UN delegate is stunned at the number of NGOs in Ireland screwing the Irish taxpayer in the racial grievance sector. This was at a UN meeting in Geneva this month where the state was taken to task over it's supposed failure to effectively combat "racism" in Irish society. Minister for Direct Plantation David Stanton and a large number of NGOs were in attendance, including Ireland's favourite Black Studies professor, Dr. Ebun Joseph.

An extraordinary amount of bollocks was spoken at the meeting. Salome Mbugua, a researcher, gender equality activist and human rights advocate with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Network said: "Ireland has always been a diverse society, linguistically, ethnically and religiously. Diversity is at the core of what it means to be Irish".

The meeting concluded on Friday 13th of December with the UN calling for Ireland to adopt a new national action plan against racism and to phase out direct provision as part of a series of recommendations to end racial discrimination.

The UN committee expressed concern about “gaps” in existing anti-racial discrimination, particularly the State’s failure to renew its national action plan against racism since 2008 and the disbandment of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism.

It called for the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill to be enacted “expeditiously” and said acts of hate speech committed by politicians should be effectively investigated and prosecuted.

The committee warned of a “high incidence of racial profiling by gardaí” and called for legislation to prohibit the practice and an independent complaints mechanism to handle such issues.

The judicial council, gardaí, prosecutors and judges should also receive training on the proper methods for identifying, investigating and prosecuting racist hate crime, while legislative provisions should be made for crimes with a racist motivation, it said.

The committee recommended that Travellers, Roma and people of African descent receive improved access to social housing, and called for a moratorium on evictions of Traveller accommodations. The national Traveller and Roma inclusion strategy should also be fully implemented through concrete action plans, clear targets and time frames, it said.

Measures should be taken to address all forms of discrimination towards people of African descent, particularly in employment and education, while the Government should step up its plans to mark the UN decade for people of African descent, it said.

Migrant women who are victims of sexual violence should be guaranteed a legal stay regardless of their residence status until they have recovered, while victims of trafficking should have access to shelters and legal protection, it said.

Recommendations also included a significant review and renewal of Ireland’s equality legislation and the State’s incorporation of the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (Cerd) into domestic law. Ireland should also stop purchasing coal from Colombia’s Cerejon mine, it said.

“We need as a society to ensure that in our communities and country, racism has no safe harbour, no resting place,” said commission member Salome Mbugua. The commission said it would continue to monitor the State’s progress on the UN recommendations.

Video sources: Headshot Hagan on Twitter, @HGKrell

The forces lined up to make the Irish a minority in their homeland

"Ireland urged to take up action plan to combat racism"

"Legislation against hate speech is ill-advised and counter-productive"

Chairwoman of the Irish Freedom Party, Professor Dolores Cahill, talks to Michael Reade of LMFM Radio about the government's proposed hate speech laws following the successful free speech rally outside the Dáil on Saturday 14th of December.

Broadcast: LMFM Radio, 17/12/2019.



After a year in which Direct Provision made the headlines with protests and meetings in Rooskey, Oughterard, Borrisokane, Achill and Ballinamore, it has been revealed that the cost to the Irish taxpayer of the direct provision asylum racket is €55 million for 2019. Since it's inception 20 years ago DP has cost the taxpayer €1.35 Billion.

Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration described the cost of Direct Provision as "good value" for money.

Broadcast: RTÉ Nine News, 05/12/2019.

A study from the Central Bank has found that 34,000 new dwellings will be needed each year for the next decade to keep up with demand. The demand for housing comes from a natural increase in the population and more people coming to live in the country.

Today's study from the Central Bank found that in order for housing to have kept up with the growth in the population, around 27,000 dwellings per year would have had to be built in the past eight years from 2011 until 2019. However, the average housing completion rate for this period was just 10,500 dwellings a year.

Since 2016, the recovery in the economy has also meant more people are returning to Ireland and more people from abroad are coming to live here. This accounts for around a third of housing demand.

The Central Bank study shows that from the years 2006 to 2011, the overall population grew by 348,000 with 122,000 or just over a third from net inward migration.

After the crash - between the years 2011 and 2016 - 25,000 people left the country but the population kept growing, adding 175,000 people.

When the economy picked up again from 2016, the numbers coming into the country also went up. Between 2016 and 2019, it is estimated there was net inward migration of 104,000 with the population overall increasing by 182,000.

The current population stands at 4.922 million. In 2006, it had stood at 4.233 million.

"34,000 new homes needed every year for next decade - Central Bank"

"Huge scale of immigration is making our housing crisis worse"

Broadcast: RTÉ One News, 10/12/2019.



64 "vulnerable" asylum seekers are to be housed in an upgraded direct provision centre in Ennis, County Clare. Clare Lodge on Carmody Street will provide the accommodation. It was previously used to provide similar accommodation between 2002 and 2009.

A 60% increase in the number of asylum seekers arriving in Ireland has prompted the Department to seek additional accommodation, and this facility will be the third in Clare and the fortieth in the country.

Clare Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway, says it’s a necessary development, and one which will receive a warm welcome in Ennis.

Orla Ní Fhéilí of the Clare Immigrant Support Centre says the facilities for independent living will make a phenomenal difference to the people living there.

The centre will be run by Bridgestock Care Ltd., which operates existing centres in Ballyhaunis and Sligo and it’s understood they’ll employ 15 people there.

The Department of Justice said the decision follows a countrywide tendering process.

A delegation of local councillors is due to visit the centre to inspect the facilities and see what supports are in place for the new residents. It is understood the 64 residents - mostly men - will have their own cooking facilities and will move to Clare Lodge in small groups over the coming months.

Mayor of Ennis Johnny Flynn said the town has a long tradition of working with refugees who came there, many through Shannon Airport. He said they want to see how best they can be welcomed and supported to integrate into the local community, through sport, education and other services.

In a statement, Minister of State David Stanton expressed confidence that the people of Ennis would be “warm and welcoming,” saying this would help promote integration between its residents and the local community.

"Council Delegation To Visit New Direct Provision Centre In Ennis"

"Independent Living At Ennis ..

Turnout was extremely low in the four by-elections that took place on the 29th of November, with the lowest ever recorded turnout in the history of the state of 25.6% in the Dublin Fingal Constituency. Gemma O'Doherty of Anti-Corruption Ireland got 1,026 1st preference votes, 4.09% of the total. A decent vote considering she was ignored by the media. She got %1.8 of the vote in the Dublin Euro Constituency back in May.

Mellisa O'Neill of the Irish Freedom Party got 489 1st preference votes in Wexford, 1.2% of the total.

Fianna Fáil won two seats, Sinn Féin won one, and the Green Party also won a seat in their first ever by-election win.

Full results: 6:31

Cork North-Central (Turnout: 30.2%)
Fianna Fáil: Pádraig O'Sullivan, 28.0%, 7,148
Fine Gael: Colm Burke, 21.1%, 5,385
Sinn Féin: Thomas Gould, 19.7%, 5,041
Labour Party: John Maher, 9.7%, 2,482
Green Party: Oliver Moran, 7.4%, 1,883
Solidarity–PBP: Fiona Ryan, 4.4%, 1,121
Aontú: Finian Toomey, 3.9%, 1,008
Social Democrats: Sinéad Halpin, 2.5%, 644
Independent: Martin Condon, 1.1%, 291
Workers' Party: James Coughlan, 1.1%, 281
Independent: Thomas Kiely, 0.9%, 234
Independent: Charlie Keddy, 0.2%, 49

Dublin Fingal (Turnout: 25.6%)
Green Party: Joe O'Brien, 22.9%, 5,744
Fianna Fáil: Lorraine Clifford-Lee, 18.5%, 4,631
Labour Party: Duncan Smith, 15.2%, 3,821
Fine Gael: James Reilly, ,14.8%, 3,707
Inds. 4 Change: Dean Mulligan, 10.2%, 2,550
Sinn Féin: Ann Graves, 5.3%, 1,327
Social Democrats: Tracey Carey, 4.4%, 1,106
Independent: Gemma O'Doherty, 4.1%, 1,026
Independent: Glenn Brady, 2.7%, 670
Independent: Peadar O'Kelly, 1.4%, 350
Independent: Charlie Keddy, 0.4%, 112
Independent: Cormac McKay, 0.2%, 46

Dublin Mid-West (Turnout: 26.6%)
Sinn Féin: Mark Ward, 2..

As part of a week-long look at the Direct Provision system in Ireland, Newstalk's Barry Whyte examines whether there is any truth to the claim that Direct Provision is "inhumane", a claim made by the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI), certain politicians, and indeed people protesting against the imposition of direct provision centres in their towns and villages. The comparison has also often been made that Direct Provision is the equivalent of the Magdalene Laundries of the past.

"35% of TDs believe Direct Provision is inhumane - survey"

Broadcast: Newstalk, The Pat Kenny Show, 26/11/2019.



A look at the candidates and some of the issues in the Cork North-Central Constituency ahead of the by-election to be held on the 29th of November to replace the seat of former Fianna Fáil TD Billy Kelleher.

Fine Gael Colm Burke
Independent Martin Condon
Workers' Party James Coughlan
Sinn Féin Thomas Gould
Social Democrats Sinéad Halpin
Independent Charlie Keddy
Housing Rights and Reform Alliance Thomas Kiely
Labour Party John Maher
Green Party Oliver Moran
Fianna Fáil Padraig O’Sullivan
Solidarity Fiona Ryan
Aontú Finian Toomey

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 22/11/2019.



Discussion on Irish politics descending into a "mire of hate" following the comments of Noel Grealish, Verona Murphy and other incidents. The idea is now being mooted by the likes of Green Party TD Catherine Martin and Fine Gael's Deirdre Duffy of setting up an Electoral Commission which will decide which candidates are unsuitable for public office.

Deirdre Duffy: "a lot" of the 79% of voters who voted in citizenship referendum motivated by 'latent racism'

On the panel:
Joan Burton, Labour TD, Dublin West
Michael McGrath, Fianna Fáil TD, Cork South-Central
Deirdre Duffy, Fine Gael Human Rights Lawyer
Dr. Ebun Joseph, Lecturer in Black Studies and Critical Race Theory

Broadcast: Virgin Media One, The Tonight Show, 20/11/2019.



A look at the candidates and some of the issues in the Dublin Fingal Constituency ahead of the by-election to be held on the 29th of November to replace the seat of former Independents 4 Change TD Clare Daly.

Fingal is one of Ireland's most diverse constituencies. In 2017, the percentage of people on the social housing list in Fingal who were Irish citizens (some might be naturalised immigrants) was 61%. 39% were citizens of other countries with 16% from outside the EU:
"Huge scale of immigration is making our housing crisis worse"

Independent Glenn Brady
Social Democrats Tracey Carey
Fianna Fáil Lorraine Clifford-Lee
Sinn Féin Ann Graves
Independent Charlie Keddy
Independent Cormac McKay
Inds. 4 Change Dean Mulligan
Green Party Joe O'Brien
Independent Gemma O'Doherty
Independent Peadar O’Kelly
Fine Gael James Reilly
Labour Party Duncan Smith

Broadcast: RTÉ Six One News, 18/11/2019.



According to Fine Gael's Wexford by-election candidate, the issue of immigration has been raised by voters on the doorsteps. Verona Murphy has also gotten herself into hot water over saying that some asylum seekers coming into Ireland have to be "deprogrammed" as they "carry angst" and may have been "infiltrated by ISIS".

Meanwhile in the Dublin Fingal by-election, the Irish Independent's John Dowling says that Gemma O'Doherty of Anti-Corruption Ireland hasn't got a hope of performing well.

"47% agree we are losing Irish identity in the face of foreign influx"

"Some asylum seekers 'have to be deprogrammed'"

#Irishfreedom #VoteGemma2019 #BE19

Broadcast: RTÉ Radio One, This Week, 17/11/2019.



There was much collective hand-wringing on RTÉ's The Week in Politics about the comments of Independent TD Noel Grealish over foreign remittances, opposition to direct provision being imposed on towns, and of course the ominous rise of the "far-right" in Irish politics and for the need for these people to be "dealt with".

On the panel:
John Halligan, Independent Minister, Waterford
Anne Rabbitte, Fianna Fáil TD, Galway East
Catherine Martin, Green Party TD, Dublin Rathdown

Broadcast: RTÉ The Week in Politics, 17/11/2019.



RTÉ's week of climate alarmism culminates with the national parliament being used as a venue for the first ever "RTÉ Youth Assembly" on Climate Change. More than 157 young people aged between 10 and 17 from all 26 counties gathered for the event where they held a "debate" about what Ireland needs to do to tackle environmental issues.

Once the "debate" was concluded, The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, Richard Bruton was presented with the 10 recommendations about what needs to be done to tacklet climate change:

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he is inspired by young people battling climate change because they are forcing the issue to the top of the political agenda. "They’re the ones who understand the science. They’re the ones who get it. And, they are the ones who are demanding action from adults and politicians and from people in power and influence in politics and business and society," he said.

The Taoiseach confirmed that both he and Richard Bruton, will meet the Ceann Comhairle and a delegation from the youth assembly over coming weeks to assess the recommendations.

Mr Varadkar said in the past young people were labelled as "apathetic" and "not interested in politics". However in Ireland, he said, young people are "increasingly interested in politics" stressing the influence they had in bringing about "transformation change" in recent referendums on marriage equality and the Eighth Amendment.

"I really feel that young people had a huge influence in bringing about that change," he said. "Not only them demanding change but them also talking to their parents and grandparents about it. Ireland is a good example of positive youth involvement in politics. So, let’s have more of it," he said.

Just for a sense of perspective on what Ireland can do about AGW. Ireland contributes a minuscule 0.0016% of global Co2 emmisions..


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