From John Fashcroft's d-live stream the 'Eagles Nest'..



Can't find this video online anymore, so here it is, from Irving's book "Hitler's War" read by some English dude that makes it that much better.

CT been watching your drunken rants & have 2 important questions:
1. Do you think Fascism & constitutionalism can be compatible? I think many people leaning right pretty much believe in the tenets of fascism but justly fear the creation a genocidal police state & the loss of individual liberties & privacy (which I myself also fear).

2. Also even though you believe in a Americanized fascism within a civic nationalist platform do you think some states could be created for specific ethnic/racial groups like Oregon which was originally intended to be a white ethno-state or have the right of association i.e to live in mono-racial neighborhoods of their choosing without integration? I believe this could help get white nationalists on board with your civic nationalist fascism because I think one thing is certain most whites who aren't asshole neocon-libertarians or SJW's definitely see a targeted extermination & genocide against us also it could help win over black & other ethnic nationalists to this civic nationalist fascism.

Julius Evola on the Jewish Question

Re- upload of a chat with Simon Lindberg from NRM

I did not make this video, but since I couldn't find it on YT anymore I figured I would re-upload it... Unfortunately I don't even know who to credit.

A look into Belloc's book on the Jewish Question.

Part 3 of a 3 part series based off the book "The Philosophy of Fascism" by Mario Palmeri
Part 1 :
Part 2 :



Part 2 of a 3 part series on the book "The Philosophy of Fascism" by Mario Palmeri


Re-upload by Request

A older video (one of the first few on the CT account) therefore the audio quality is not ideal, and the music is a bit loud in the beginning drowning out the audio for a short period of time.

A brief look into the Marxist dialectic of the Bourgeois & Proletarians


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