Funny anti-woke songs

The first FULLY PAINTED animated feature film, it is painted in Vincent van Gogh's style. You must see it to know what I mean.

Plot: Was Vincent murdered? There was evidence that he was. One year after Vincent van Gogh's death, postman Joseph Roulin asks his son Armand to deliver Van Gogh's last letter to his brother, Theo. Roulin finds the death suspicious, as merely weeks earlier Van Gogh claimed through letters that his mood was calm and normal. Armand reluctantly agrees and heads for Paris.

Père Tanguy, a Montmartre art supplier, tells Armand that Theo actually died six months after Vincent. He suggests that Armand travel to Auvers-sur-Oise and look for Dr. Paul Gachet, who housed Van Gogh after his release from an asylum, shared his love for art, and attended the funeral. Once there, Armand learns that the doctor is out on business. So he stays at the same inn that Van Gogh did during his time in the area. There he meets the temporary proprietress Adeline Ravoux, who was fond of Van Gogh and who was also surprised by his death. At her suggestion, Armand visits the local boatman, who informs him that Van Gogh kept close company with Dr. Gachet's sheltered daughter, Marguerite. When Armand visits her, Marguerite denies and is angered when Armand implies that Van Gogh's suicidal mood could have resulted from an argument with her father.

Throughout the investigation, Armand begins to suspect a local boy named René Secretan, who reportedly liked to torment Van Gogh, was in possession of a gun, and had often drunkenly brandished it around town. Dr. Mazery, who examined Van Gogh, also claims that the shot must have come from a few feet away, ruling out suicide. When Armand implicates René, Marguerite confesses that she was in close, but not romantic, relations with Van Gogh, but she does not believe that René was capable of murder.

Dr. Gachet finally returns and promises to deliver Armand's letter to Theo's widow. He admits there was an argument between them – Van Gogh accused Gachet of being a coward for not pursuing his dreams, to which Gachet angrily accused Van Gogh of worsening Theo's health by overly depending on his brother. Gachet posits that this accusation drove Van Gogh to suicide in order to release Theo from the burden. After Armand returns home, postman Roulin later receives word from Theo's widow, Johanna, thanking Armand for returning the letter. Johanna attaches to her letter to Armand one of Van Gogh's letters to her – signed, "Your loving Vincent."

Two of the songs made for this film; Super Fly and Freddie's Dead became top 40 hits in 1972. Maaaan, dis is one baaaad-ass, mutha-fukkin flick!

In the film, 'Priest' a big time dealer with 50 pushers working for him, wants to make a spectacular profit followed by an early retirement. You'll love his flashy car, his flashy clothes and his jive ass nigga talk!

Priest is 'livin the life' in Harlem with loads of cash and a white bitch - but makin the cash is super risky business. He don't know when he's gonna get busted - or get iced. He wants to make a massive fortune and then 'go straight', despite the big time bread he makes dealin. He sets up some deals which he thinks will net him a million bucks. This involves seveal transactions. Like he gets hooked up with an old, well connected, dealer who has gone straight and needs some persuasion. Also, Priest confronts Fat Freddie, one of his pushers, about money that Freddie owes and threatens to force Freddie's bitch into prostitution unless he robs a competitor. Although the timid Freddie ain't into violence, he agrees and accompanies another member of Priest's "family" of pushers to commit the robbery... Can you diiiig it, brothah?

If you like Super Fly, you'll love Coonskin (1975):


You'll also love The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974):


You can see the sequel to Super Fly. Its not as good as Super Fly 1 but it ain't bad:


Many similarities between the prophet and the dictator.

The film also shows Muhammad's rise to power. A businessman who claimed to be a messenger of God and started a new religion. Historic film based on the holy scriptures of Islam. Students of history will find the film informative.

Funny cartoon of Hitler as a wokeist.


BLM is a highly efficient propaganda machine which netted over $90 million in 2020 alone. It would not have harmed BLM to have their hype and spin being used for other causes - yet there was an objection. This is selfish. How can I have sympathy for such militants if they are selfish and hypocritical?

I'm not implying that certain lives are more important than others. Some seem to think the PETA ad, in which animals take a knee to protest injustice, like football star Colin Kaepernick, was based on the 'importance' of non-human animal lives vs human animal lives (humans are animals, in case you didn't know). So, don't get me wrong. My video is not about the relative 'importance' of monkey lives - it is about the need for help. In my opinion, mass starvation is a greater need than a small number of hostile thugs catching bullets when they confront cops. What do you think?

Should charity and compassion be based on the 'importance' of the recipients? Let's say you arrive at the scene of an accident. A Rolls Royce, driven by a man whom you recognize to be a VIP has collided with a truck. The VIP is bleeding slightly, the truck driver is bleeding heavily, so you help the trucker. What if the VIP then says "Do you know who I am? I've brought many inventions and innovations to society! Surely I'm more important than that petty trucker!" BLM and other black militants have brought NO inventions nor innovations to society - and, even if they had, it is need which warrants charity, not importance.

You can see the animals taking a knee, in response to injustice here: 'PETA Ad Causes Controversy With Animals Taking A Knee'.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFjUBfSadmw I

If they are sincerely compassionate and considerate, BLM will be delighted if someone uses their name for a good cause. The forests, where the monkeys once lived, are gone. These monkeys relied on handouts from tourists - who were gone due to COVID. So I'm using the hype generated by BLM - and if they are good, compassionate folks, they will thank me.

Furthermore, in pushing to 'Defund the Police', BLM has cost black lives - they have made Black Lives Splatter - but that's well-known already. Most of the people, in the USA, who are killed by police bullets are white. Still, if you compare population sizes, blacks suffer a disproportionately high kill rate. However, people who commit crime tend to get confronted by police. If you compare crime rates, whites suffer a disproportionately high kill-rate by police as they have a much lower crime rate. So, if BLM really want to reduce the number of blacks catching police bullets, they should discourage black crime. Are they doing this?

It is also interesting to note that BLM pocketed a great deal of their proceeds i.e. BLM purchased a $6 million Los Angeles mansion with donor money. BLM was nominated for the 2021 Nobel peace prize for the way its 'call for systemic change' (i.e. spreading race-hate propaganda) has spread around the world.


E.g. ITS PLAIN TO SEE ITS CHARITY FOR THE WEALTHY which can be found at 19:04 in the video
(every line in this song rhymes with the first line)




The working class will suffer because of me

as will those who live in extreme poverty

but your ruling class will gain more authority

as you’ll want more laws for you and me

driven by a need for your personal safety.


I’m encouraged to be a bogus refugee.

I'm encouraged to partake in criminality,

when I might have lived a life of honest productivity

bringing my country wealth and prosperity.

Back home I was one of the relatively wealthy.

This enabled me to make the difficult journey.


If you lure the talent from a poor country,

you'll increase that country's poverty

and reduce the price of the commodity

but that won't be a problem for me

I'll get good accommodation in your country.

A refugee gets it all for free!

A refugee gets it all for free!


Your country’s priority is people like me.

Your homeless people don't have priority

but I'll use the soup kitchens - as they are free.

I'll get the homeless trying heroin and PCP!

I'll create a state of chaos and hostility!

I'll drive some away and they'll go hungry!




I'll be a refugee

I'll get it all for free

and your taxes will go to support me.

Chicks will sleep with me just to prove they're PC

and they won't even ask if I've got VD.

I'll still get chicks even if I'm ugly,

walk like a chicken and look like a monkey!

I'll have the perk of unbridled promiscuity.

I might even be called a RAPE-fugee!

This is the scenario that I foresee.

And I really mustn't miss the opportunity,

to make this scenario reality.

So I'll cross the Sahara and sail the sea.

And, as you voice no objection to me,

I see you're nothing more than a weak patsy

who wears a façade of compassion for me.

And you might doubt my sincerity

and think I'm just another bogus refugee.

So let me spell it out in simplicity:

Yes, if you think hard then I'm sure you'll agree

that my account of the place from which I'll flee

is very much divorced from reality.

But your chiefs have a very special use for me.

As they see me as a crucial key

in their 'divide and conquer' policy!

I'm a tool of oppress-ability.

A demon sent forth to terrorize thee.

A bogeyman to scare the crap out of thee.


I'll disrupt your peace and tranquility.

I'm gonna make your life a misery.

I'll make you open to malleability.

Fear is a powerful tool, you see!

You'll vote for more laws for you and me.

For this your politicians will spend your money.

Its all part of their power conspiracy

to increase their power over you and me!

So I’m costing you your liberty.

By empowering those in authority.

Facilitating their control of you and me!

Their lure is a special reward for me.

I'll be a refugee

I'll get it all for free

and your taxes will go to support me.

Your politicians are the powers that be.

So you should blame them and not blame me.

And don't think of laying no guilt trip on me!

After all, I just want to exploit what's free

and spend my life in idle tranquility,

although I'm of full employ-ability.

I'll drain your taxes parasitically.

And I know how take the blame off me.

I'll allege discrimination against me.

I’ll claim that I’m excluded and not lazy.

I'll call you a racist if you disagree.

Its an old scam, that anyone can see

but for me, that old scam works perfectly!

I'm sure you'd pull that scam if you were me.

You'd be stupid to pass the opportunity

to get it all for free

and be a refugee

and have the taxes pay for thee.

An asylum seeker's fantasy.

A dream of this migrant Somali.

A dream of this potential jihadi.

A dream of this bogus refugee.

You better listen to me, honkey!

We're gonna make a mess of your country!


The trip to your country selects for the wealthy!

My superiority granted me mobility!

Back home I lived in comfort and prosperity.

But now I'm over here playing on your sympathy!

And now I'm over here living off your charity!

I'm a member of a gifted minority!

The brightest and the best "to improve your society."

I'm young, I'm strong, I'm smart and I'm wealthy!

I owe my success to my superiority!

Pity for those who lack superiority!

The dumb and poor don't have the ability!

Needless to say, this reduced their mobility.

So the poor refugees are going to go hungry!


ยอมจำนน แล้วคนอย่างเธอ ต่อให้ใครจะมาเสนอ ก็ไม่คิดจะเปลี่ยนใจ
Yaum jum non laeo kon yahng tur dtor hai krai ja mah sanur gor mai kit ja bplian jai
I’ve already given up on someone like you, no matter how many people make you an offer, you never consider changing your mind

เจรจา ขอให้เธอได้โปรด เห็นใจ จงอย่าจากไปไหน ขอให้เรารักกันชั่วนิรันดร์
Jenrajah kor hai tur dai bproht hen jai jong yah jahk bpai nai kor hai rao ruk gun chua nirun
I negotiate, begging you to please have sympathy, don’t leave me, I want us to be in love for eternity

นานนานจะได้เจอคนดีดี ได้เป็นฝั่งเป็นฝากันไปสักที มีลูกทันใช้ ท้ายปีต้นปีไม่หวั่น
Nahn nahn ja dai jur kon dee dee dai bpen fung bpen fah gun bpai suk tee mee look tun chai tai bpee dton bpee mai wun
I thought I’d found a good man for a long time, someone whom I could finally settle down with and have children in due time, from the beginning of the year to the end, I’ve been unshaken

และใจของฉันจะไม่เปลี่ยนผัน ก็ได้แต่หวังเธอจะคิดเช่นกัน
Lae jai kaung chun ja mai bplian pun gor dai dtae wunt tur ja kit chen gun
And my heart won’t change, I can only hope you feel the same

Yahk hai kwahm fun dai glai bpen kwahm jing
I want my dreams to come true

(*) ได้โปรดอย่าใจร้าย จากผู้ชายที่แสนดี กลายเป็นยักษี ลงมือทำร้ายทำลายหัวใจ
Dai bproht yah jai rai jahk poo chai tee saen dee glai bpen yuk long meu tum rai tum lai hua jai
Please don’t be cruel, turning from a wonderful man into an ogre, raising your hand and destroying my heart

หากมีวันใด สองเรานั้นต้องห่างไกล ให้เธอพกเอารูปของฉันเอาไว้
Hahk mee wun dai saung rao nun dtaung hahng glai hai tur pok ao roop kaung chun ao wai
If there’s ever a day the two of us must be separated, I hope you carry my picture with you

คอยเตือน คอยย้ำไม่ให้หวั่นไหว
Koy dteuan koy yum mai hai wun wai
To keep reminding you and keep you from being shaken

บอกเขาเลยว่าเธอมีแฟนแล้ว บอกเลยคนดี
Bauk kao loey wah tur mee faen laeo bauk loey kon dee
Tell her that you already have a girlfriend, tell her, darling

และความรักเราที่มี ดั่งวรรณคดีสีชมพู
Lae kwahm ruk rao tee mee dung wunnakadee see chompoo
And tell her that the love we have is like pink literature

Krai mah maung tur gor yahk ja chaeng hai dtah baut
I want to curse whoever looks at you and blind them

Krai mah kooey gup tur gor yahk hai num tuam bpaut
Whoever talks with you, I want fluid to fill their lungs

Laek bur laek line gor hai grabpao dtung hai
You’ve exchanged numbers, exchanged LINE IDs, and let your wallet disappear

Grawon grawai jon wigonjarit
I’m so anxious I’m going crazy

ถ้าเปรียบให้พี่เป็นยักษี วันนี้พี่คิดจะรักษา
Tah bpriap hai pee bpen yuk wun nee pee kit ja ruk sah
If you’re comparing me to an ogre, I think I need to take care of things today

พี่จะไม่หลอกน้องเหมือนกับผี จะเป็นเด็กดีที่รักจ๊า
Pee ja mai lauk naung meuan gup pee ja bpen dek dee tee ruk jah
I won’t deceive you like a ghost, I’ll be a good boy, darling

พี่จะไม่ดื้อจะไม่ซน ไม่ต้องกังวลนักหนา
Pee ja mai deu ja mai son mai dtaung gung won nuk nah
I won’t be stubborn, I won’t be mischievous, there’s no need to worry so much

ถ้าพี่ใกล้สาวเกินรัศมี ยอมโดนคนดีพิพากษา
Tah pee glai sao gern rutsamee yaum dohn kon dee pipahgasah
If I get too close to a woman, I’ll accept your judgement

ถ้าเปรียบให้พี่เป็นปิ่นทอง น้องคงเป็นแก้วหน้าม้า
Tah bpriap hai pee bpen bpin taung naung kong bpen gaeo nah mah
If you compare me to Pinthong, you must be Kaewnama

ถ้าเปรียบให้พี่ดำเหมือนกับเงาะ น้องคงจะเหมาะเป็นรจนา
Tah bpriap hai pee dum meuan gun ngor naung kong ja mor bpen rotjanah
If you think I’m as dark as Ngor, you must be like Rotjana

ถ้าเปรียบให้พี่เป็นคาวี คนดีคงเป็นแม่จันทร์สุดา
Tah bpriap hai pee bpen kahwee kon dee ong bpen mae jun sootdah
If you compare me to Khavee, you would be Mother Jansuda, darling

วรรณคดียังสีชมพู แล้ว I กับ You จะเหลืออะไรล่า
Wunkadee yung see chompoo laeo I gup you ja leua arai lah
The literature is still pink, but what’s left of you and I?

Another hit from Paowalee

Robin Hood has an American accent in this one - but they could have made it a bit more comical if they'd used Cheech Marin (of Cheech and Chong fame) to play Robin Hood!

I arrived in the fall of 2020, from Thailand, where COVID was relatively rare. I had no symptoms of COVID. Still, they locked me in a quarantine hotel for 15 days!


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