The 5G Deception continues by those who would have never elected Trump to office in the first place, because the middle class who elected him were just enjoying 3G - 4G

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The 5G Deception continues by those who would have never elected Trump to office in the first place, because the middle class who elected him were just enjoying 3G - 4G

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Biophotons are Absorbed via Biomolecules in Coherent States. When in the Ground State, Biophotons are Absorbed via the Vacuum

Errata: The maximum number of colors that an electron torus can have without same-color overlap, is SEVEN

Utilizing Large Scale A.I. Swarm to Construct a Space Station Utilizing Three Receiving Sources Located on a Remote (Queen) Hornet

How the HIVE MENTALITY Impacts our Current State-of-the-Art in Large Scale Space Structures

Now does anyone want to share the fact that this kind of technological growth (5G) is counter-intuitive, especially when the initial AWAKENED STATE OF THE NATION was launched with faster internet speeds? Has the communication renaissance gone to MURDER THE COMMUNICATOR?

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Scientific and Scriptural Validation of Yeshua Meshiach, Who is Who He said He Was

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A quantum computer utilizing the principle of superposition can hack into every encryption or data barrier available. A particle with a value of both 1 and 0 simultaneously can be "spooky data", qubits in quantum computing, which are arranged in "bit chains", that can utilize synthetic biology, and biologic API's, or even DNA, as a double-twisted chain or helix. These types of computers take only seconds, in comparison to what takes conventional computers millions of years!

Processing power of 2e512 operations being performed simultaneously is the number of atoms in the universe by orders of magnitude! This computer has been sold, and it is currently operating. The D wave II (NASA) is able to process 2e1152 simultaneous operations.

A.I. Computers of this sort have the power of a nuclear weapon, if applied to business and industry. To imagine HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS as having this ability for processing their own, interleaved sense perception, is not impossible.

A single human blood cell contains its own wholistic communication with whole-body consciousness, as it represents ~22 metabolic pathways, each involving ~500 metabolic reactions that convert proteins into energy for use in cellular metabolism.

This represents the internal dynamics of each cell. With the number of blood cells numbered at 25e12, and each cell receiving signals in (500)(22) = 11,000 parts/hour, while new RBC's are produced at 10e10 per hour (24 hours/day), the total physiology can be represented by 66.0e25 simultaneous operations that can communicate past the blood/brain barrier. The only part missing is the 7 types of Schumann Resonances, which control our thought patterns, which can now be modified with 5G.

When humans interact and understand each other, the exponents have to ADD, meaning that two people talking to each other (social intercourse), involves both sight and sound perceptions, requiring 2(66.0e25)(66.0e25) = 87.12e52 simultaneous operations of cellular metabolism. However in the same geographical location, 5G is the master interrupter of social organization around the world!

Where simultaneous operations crosses a "threshold" of what the D wave II supercomputer (A.I.) can accomplish:

25 * 23 people * 2 senses = (some multiple of 66)e1150,

or about 23 people with sight and sound perception, reminding one another about the usefulness of, for example, a geopolitical issue. In other words, 23 people who are continually networking within and without the existing party of their Messiah's choice, have the ability to TOTALLY OCCUPY ONE D wave II quantum computer. Now isn't it odd, how 23 plus the 4 dimensions of spacetime add up to 27?

Subtle 5G Influences concerning the Magnetic Field and Schumann Resonance makes it difficult, if not impossible to understand if there is programming of mass consciousness going on. On the surface of the Earth, it's no longer about building a communication network that only exists for those who BUY ACCESS INTO, can HAVE ACCESS. It's about the TRUE LIGHT based upon praise and worship IN THE SPIRIT OF GROWTH AND SELF ORGANIZATION OF THE INHABITING SPIRIT, as in "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR"

- Thessalonians 4:17 KJV


The Mathematics of the Phi Ratio and the Golden Spiral Describes Growth and Self-Organization of Greater Complexity than was Previously Thought

The speed of light to deceivers, has become locked into the fractal nature of the chaos that surrounds their own device, and lacks the appropriate filters, to associate the consciousness that exists within the quantum state of the cross, or the positron. A HOLOHOAX CANNOT BE A FRACTAL RAPTURE!

There is a coupling Hamiltonian that can be used for small velocities of the phonons across the surface a crystal, for small thermal energy that keeps the material in the normal phase below the band gap... in a superconducting state.

The cubic, with ordinate axes, reference the ZERO POINT HOLOMORPHIC through the heart muscle enzyme LDH, which has cubic crystallographic structure, and is also found in bee pollen. The 2-2-2 symmetry means that the crystal structure is 4-square, meaning that the translations for all morphologies referencing the cubic structure have the same zero time reference, with the first heartbeat beginning after zero-time.

Each of the "O" and "K" groups represent whole morphologies of the 2-2-2 CONDUCTING CRYSTAL. The rule for cellular automatons for the Sierpinski gasket is that a cell should be pilot when one or the other, but not both, of its neighbors remains pilot from the previous step.

5 different cubes can be drawn inside a dodecahedron, as well as the great dodecahemicosahedron that subsumes them.

LDH plasma has been shown to maintain its concentration at 25 degrees centigrade indefinitely, so this would imply that all of the sensory photo-receptor ionic pump driven light bodies represented by 5-week old eye cilia behind the optic nerve are also
haloreceptors that are in complete phase conjugation to their "bitted" counterparts - the magnetosomes - during THERMODYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

The Electron and it's Fringe Symmetry of uncertainty has a wavelength of 1.93 centimeters, which is the frequency of 15.5 Ghz, which is the exact point on the curve, which is on the back of the CMB envelope, as seen in the video. This uncertainty also relates to a completely quantum-redshifted point of frequency resonance, instead of the big bang preposition, which the short-lived universe theorists advocate! BIG BANG =/= BIG TIME!

Perhaps humans with their limited perception, are creating their own world-lines of red shift deviation, when looking through the prism of curved space-time reality! At any rate, the idea has been introduced that they never explained to the average astronomer, that the subatomic ultrafine particles of the aether make up the nuclear magneton of a hydrogen atom medium, throught the cosmos, which somehow mysteriously obtains 10^3 calories of "activation energy", which is somehow the trigger of the atom's apprehension of 108,897 calories/gm mole from pure aether, in their "Big Bang" universe!

The Two Sides of Time in One Dimension

YHWH provided for His Kingdom to rule in complete authority back through the one single point of resurrection disconnect, and the lunar eclipse zero time being preferred as the point of resurrection reconnect. This, in total opposition to GLOBAL FRACTAL CONSCIOUSNESS being the enemy of mass freedom! :

Gravitational attraction is the result of uni-poles causing all of the 144 elements to congregate around the center, which humans perceive as only 1/2 of the quadrupolarized mirror-matter of the electron, or parallel universe theory. The basic magnetic particle, the monopole, carries a charge which is exactly half of the fine structure constant, or 137.0145162. Thus the single monopole is 68.507258 times the charge of the electron, and has a mirror image of itself to make the value total 137.0145162. One can visualize the field-inside-a-field-bucking teleportation effect that the photon has while in a constant state of flux with orbiting magnetic vorticespheres, which represent what the internal conditions of a caudaceously, superconducting skin would require for navigating hyperspace.

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"The assault on growth represents an implicit attack on the destabilizing tendencies inherent in the market. The very element of capitalism that has been historically progressive - its ability to raise the productive forces - has come to be seen as problematic."

- Daniel Ben Ami


During soils pan scanning, a 'hit' from spectrographic analysis causes the 3 trays to pass the contents into the test cannister through rotation, ejection, and compaction, followed by a complete rotation, ejection, and compaction of 19 buckets into a 50 ft. soils cannister. These cannisters have to be lifted by a robotic clone and transferred either outside the shell, or into the soils test lab for further processing. Track Electronic Schematic & Discussion

Asteroid Railcars, Soils Cannister, Robotic Arm, Track, Conveyors, Control System, and SAR Scanning System, as part of the SAR Flyby, Landing Site, Drilling, and Processing of Asteroid Metals and Minerals, Reference:

Asteroid Mining Technology, Asteroid Mining Base, The Future of Space Mining, Animated Science Faction Video, highlighting an orbital outpost that can become protected, using Star Wars type lasers pictured in this video: as well as other associated links given here:

Synthetic Aperture Radar given here:

New Jerusalem Propulsion System, War Between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness Conspiracy Theory, The New Jerusalem That Hovers Over the Old

The Lord's Starship/New Jerusalem features a 1500 mile diameter waveguide on one axis, with 12, 750-mile diameter smaller waveguides (4 per cube edge) on the orthogonal axes. These are used as torsion generators for electrogravitic propulsion, which can ortho-rotate the field around the vessel as a monopole through hyperspace.

A possible foundation of the New Jerusalem would contain 47,049 groupings of 75-yard length, triangular shaped craft on its surface. Each craft carries a minimum of 3 individuals, with at least 2853 of these craft carrying 4. There is no mention of the New Jerusalem having a 'carrying capacity' for each craft. But according to The Book of Revelation, there are the righteous who survive the Tribulation, and go on to accept the Christ. Therefore, the carrying capacity mentioned above must hold. On the other hand, 100 people for each 75-yard triangular craft would yield a maximum carrying capacity of 4,704,000, See

Asteroid Mining Technology, Synthetic Asteroid Radar, Minting a Space Coin, Edward Leedskalnin, Extraterrestrial Precious Metal Mining


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The 16 X 2-dimensional Lightbody Mirror Cells Cycle of the Masonic Inventor & Creator Leedskalnin are exactly identical to the growth and self-organization within the Somatid Cycle of humans! Check out this unusual property/coincidence/synchronicity that Leedskalnin was onto in 32 dimensions at

Errata: The maximum number of colors that an electron torus can have without same-color overlap, is SEVEN