Free Britney Spears and give her control over her money, travel, assets, and choices. Her 11 year conservatorship takes away her rights. The control is alienating, unmotivating, and does not let her do more.

1/3 of her yearly income is spent on conservatorship fees. She gets a capped weekly allowance, and has tried to repeal her "prisoner-like" lifestyle for over a decade. Now, people are finally rallying and listening to her - the victim.

A whistleblower working at a law firm told Britney's Gram that she was put into a facility against her will. Will Britney Spears get freedom and cause others to get their rights too?

Other stars and business owners spend far more than she does, yet, they are not controlled. - where Victims get priority and a voice!
#FreeBritneySpears #FreeBritney #BritneySpears #humanrights

Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs author Chaya Grossberg joins us for an interview. She's impacted thousands of victims in her speeches, texts, and consulting.
How do you get off psychiatric drugs? What alternatives are out there?

Can you believe that many still think there are no victims of the psych industry? There are two worlds. Here at Everyday Psych Victims Project, we are here to inform you that they do exist.

Psych drugs are chemicals which can negatively harm your body and are not necessary for a productive life.

Ask for consulting or to purchase her book at:

Write your story, articles, links, and more to:

#PsychVictims #MentalHealth #Medications

Why Psychotherapy is Bullsh*t (Dr. William Epstein)

Psychology and Psychologists are All BS

#mentalhealthindustryscam #therapyisascam #nomorementalhygiene


Youtube Censored





The mental health eugenics scam

mental health industry scam



The Drug Company Funded Mental Health Charities Censor Psych Victims Participation.

Mighty On The Mental Health ex-employee Resigned and Reveals All

Mental Health Charities Censor PSSD

Nami Director Admits Funding Conflict Of Interest

The Everyday PsychVictims Project

Sterilising the mentally ill - is not a side effect

#mentalhealthfirstaid #mentalhealth #prescribedharm

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)

The Only Anti Mental Health Podcast

An Interview with Ante 25 years old, another young person who was inflicted with irreversible sexual and emotional/dopamine interference from forced drugging of substances termed antipsychotics or risperidone by the industry that calls it mental health.

New Zealand Government: Sexual Dysfunction Associated with Antidepressants and Antipsychotics

The Pharmacy Bible called the British National Formulary

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share your story
sterilising the mentally ill is not a side effect
do something about it

mental hygiene

#mentalhealth #PSSD #Prescribedharm

Sunday Times Article that is ironically pay to view it

Lyrica Opioid that was added to my 'antipsychotics' and 'antidepressant' cocktail that the psychiatrist said 'has been something of a wonder drug' to all the other patients he had been giving them too. Do I have any compensation for the severe lifelong life altering harms? no

Public Health England

#publichealthengland #mentalhealth #prescribedharm

Mental Health was formed after the word Mental Hygiene became less popular, for the purpose of marketing reasons. It is Eugenics in disguise.

The Alleged Lunatics' Friend Society - Established 1845

"Psychotherapy as Religion" by William Epstein

BBC who's paying your doctor -

Mental Hygiene to Mental Health the business plan

Drug Regulator funded by the drug companies -

Mental Health Charities funded by the drug companies -


An introduction to be downloaded and used before video content if desired.

#eugenics #mentalhygiene #prescribedharm

Mental Health or Mental Hygiene as it was more honestly known in the recent past. Just as crooked and fraudulent but even more rich and respected. Ricardo was just 6 years old when he was subjected to dealing with horrendous abuse and drugs from it, hopefully his generosity in sharing his experience will be heard by those who can be protected in the future.

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhygiene #eugenics

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) is irreversible sexual dysfunction from antidepressants and antipsychotics that continues even though you stopped taking them. Robert was given Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction when he was only 15 years old, among other symptoms.

Ali 23 years old and Kevin Goodreau 28 years old died from the severe suffering that Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction caused them.


#antidepressants #mentalhealth #prescribedharm

Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) is irreversible sexual dysfunction from antidepressants and antipsychotics that continues even though you stopped taking them. Robert was given Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction when he was only 15 years old, among other lingering symptoms.

Ali 23 years old and Kevin Goodreau 28 years old died from the severe suffering that Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction caused them.


#antidepressants #mentalhealth #prescribedharm

Dr Curtis Duncan is a holistic health and weight loss expert, also an EFT Practitioner.

Our new entirely free and anonymous website platform to share your true experiences of the mental health industrial-complex with the world at.

Daryl Brown today's presenter:


Cold Harbor Springs Bio Lab's (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation):

Interview with Elaine Riddick, survivor of the North Carolina Eugenics Sterilization Program:

John Rawlings Ree's at the council for mental hygiene 1940 to change the words of mental hygiene to mental health secretly:

The so called mental disorder Drapetomania made up to accuse black slaves of being mentally ill for wanting to run away:

Antidepressants and Antipsychotics used to chemically castrate pedophiles:

Bill Gates Vaccine Programs:

Pfizer's Depo Provera Being Alterier motive used to sterilize mothers reported by the Rebecca Project for Justice founded by Elaine Riddick:


The adverse effect charity Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction Crowdfunding Campaign:

Vaccines causing Tourette's Syndrome, OCD and Autism:

Atheist told to go to a Psych Ward in Egypt by Theist to make him stop being atheist.... On Egyptian TV... It's common discrimination to force beliefs on others through use of psych.
At 1:53 - "Dear Mohammad, you need psychiatric treatment..."

Psych victims exist, and now it's time that they tell society that they do. Post stories, articles, links, research, news, events, and more to (

Psych is based off social constructs.

As theists can use psych to brainwash someone out of being atheist or not believing in a god, the non-religious can force psych to brainwash religion or spirituality out of the religious.

Historically, that can be as large as the Soviet Union punishing for religion or as regular and everyday as now. #ItStillHappens

#PsychVictims #Discrimination #Egypt #AntiPsych #PsychWard #Atheist #Religion #Religious #Islam #Truth #antipsychology #psychology #antimentalhealth #mentalhealth #antipsychiatry #psychiatry #theist #oppression #censorship #TV #Atheism

A Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) transcript interview with Johnny who died aged just 23 because of the trauma permanent injuries without basic informed consent from antidepressant drugs caused to him and his life. He was just 22 at the time of this interview. You can see the written transcript of this interview here at pssdblog :

Rxisk is an adverse effect charity-
Support the Rxisk PSSD campaign at:

PSSDforum is a support group and community-
Support the genome project at:

Join and Follow The Everyday Psych Victims Project

This interview was conducted by Daryl Brown, Also a Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) Victim of 7 years now off of 'mental health medications' but still not free from the harms. Although I wish to be.

Please help spread awareness and share. Thank You.

So nobody has to suffer like Johnny should never have suffered. He should still be alive, enjoying his life today.

Sidney Bristow (Alias) is tortured & electroshocked in a Psych Hospital in Romania. A straightjacket, force, electricity in a tub, and dehumanization is used. - From Alias Season 1, Episode 6 and 7. With Jennifer Garner.

While falsely admitting her, they claim that she thinks "the government is out to get her." Can you see how that claim could oppress millions?

*Remember that intelligence agencies & more use electricity to torture people. PsyOps is used to control and manipulate.

If you don't already think that psych wards and so-called "treatment" is not harmful, ask if you would like to be subjected to variations of "treatments" that are used in torture. Please show Everyday Psych Victims Project to others!

#Alias #Television #TV #Show #Scene #JenniferGarner #Season1 #Torture #PsychVictims #Victims #AntiPsychology

Kate Morgan is psychoanalyzed, ignored about Jack Bauer, & removed from work. Scene from 24: Live Another Day. (2014). Stars Yvonne Strahovski and Benjamin Bratt.

Who remembers the phrase "Don't psych me out?" Clearly, psych is being used here to ignore her reasoning and the situation. Kate says that Navarro is "psychoanalyzing her and not listening to her."

Steve Navarro (Bratt) claims it is "help" to remove her from work. It is not "help." Psych victims frequently hear this phrase when they are discriminated against or punished.

#24 #LiveAnotherDay #PsychVictims #Discrimination #Work #JackBauer #KateMorgan #StevenNavarro #Scene #TV #YvonneStrahovski #BenjaminBratt #AntiPsych #PsychVictims

Scientology uses "Mental Health" and psychology to brainwash their victims. Although claiming to be "anti-psychiatry," Ron Hubbard calls people "insane" and uses Freudian-like psychoanalysis. Dianetics is a "mental health" book.

By focusing on so-called "trauma" during their auditing/counseling/interrogation sessions, they spotlight the negative and more easily control their victims. The E-meter uses electricity. Electroshock uses electricity as well, though on a higher level. "Clear" sounds similar to "hygiene" in "mental hygiene."

EPVP is Anti-Scientology. Be against "mental health" and "mental hygiene." Free yourself from internalizing psych!

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses.

- From the film "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" (2015). Used for educational purposes.

#PsychVictims #AntiScientology #AntiConformity

Torture in psych hospitals, even restraining while naked in isolation, happens today. Pamela, an author & artist, was a victim in Connecticut and Vermont, USA. Psych Victims are the proof that "mental health" is Social Darwinism. They ruined her life for decades after forcibly imprisoning her when she was 2 years into attending medical school.

Don't believe that you are "disordered," but have natural reactions. She does not wish this life on anyone.

For usable alternatives, she would prefer that psych wards were abolished. She thinks that friendship, visitors to houses that are NOT "mental health" trained, doulas, life coaches, economic aid, and interests and activities would be better.

A few of the horrible places she experienced torture:
1. Institute of Living in Hartford, CT in 2013.

2. Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital in 2015. VPCH was where they had that order to keep her in restraints when mute. Muteness can also occur due to force. They kept her restrained in 5 points (chest, arms, legs) for hours because she could not speak — only let go once the next shift came on. The nurses, including Annette Brennan RN, 2 years later also fabricated lies to protect their torture.

3. New Britain (Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain) in 2014 was where the doctor Michael E Balkunas claimed she was a liar when she told him that she was restrained while naked in an isolated room. The guards also strangled her and sat on her there.

4. 2016: Restraint chair with 9 points (points are areas of restraint) at Rutland Medical Center in Vermont.

Pamela Spiro Wagner has websites:
1) Art blog:
2) Regular blog:

Pamela Spiro Wagner is an accomplished author:
Artist, poet, co-author of Divided Minds: Twin Sisters and their Journey through Schizophrenia (St Martins Press, 2005) and author of We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders (CavanKerry Press, 2009). Her third book, poems, Learning to See in Three Dimensions, poems an..

We mark the first livestream with the creation of May 19th 'The International Awareness Day For Informed Consent'. Guests Are:

Daryl Brown -- Psych Victim (Chair)

Grew up in eugenics 'mental health' institutions of brainwashing, drugs and diagnosing in the 2000's. Bears the scars to date. Speaks out against the permanent sexual disablement from the psych drugs. And submits videos and content as a team member of EPVP (The Everyday Psych Victims Project).

Find out more at Run Against Castration

Christina - Psych Victim

Founder of the Everyday Psych Victims Project. Christina discovered the dark side of social darwinism eugenics when she was restricted the civil liberty of attending her university and imprisoned and forced drugged without trial by the signature of the professional alienists.

Tim Alexander - Filmmaker

Creator of the new upcoming documentary Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust. Tim is an established LA filmmaker who became aware in this subject after personal experience of out of character psych drug-induced violence within his family circle (the like of what I experienced as a pre-pubescent child on psych drugs).

Throw your support behind Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust the Documentary

Follow on Facebook:

Neil Sanders - Author

The author of 'Your thoughts are not your own: mind Control, mass manipulation and perception management' and 'Welcome to sell - the dark art of marketing'.

Neil Sanders became interested in coercive-marketing when studying marketing at university. Although not an experienced psych victim I believe it invaluable to have, communicate and share with a wide range of experiences. Neil has researched into some of the key figures and linked institutions that created the world wide foundations spread of the newly-termed 'mental health' industry and 'psychology'.

You can find out more about Neil Sanders and buy his books at

Julie - Psych Victim Long-Term Activist

Julie is a Summa Cum Laude graduate. One of the rarest forms of educational graded awards. Whose bright paths was shelved after coming into contact with 'therapy' or 'psychology' and her brutal descent in to brain electro-shock, drug slavery and brainwashing abuse from 'mental health' industry imprisonment. An all too familiar story.

She has been an activist to expose the indoctrination for a long time.

Please support her and find out more at


Is mental health just eugenics?

Is 'psychology' a grooming process for people to end up on drugs.

What effect will the latest implementation (or expansion) of drugging children in schools called 'mental health first aid' have on children and the future.

*hot topics in the news and history*

The More Than 2 Weeks response to media's proclaiming of decades of 'antidepressants' drugs success, official files contradicting suddenly go missing.

Who changed 'mental hygiene' in to 'mental health' and since when did it spread to every 'community hospital'.

*taking action and moving forward*

What do you think of a 19th of May 'International Awareness Day For Informed Consent'?

Asking filmmaker Tim Alexander more about his upcoming movie Legal Death - In Drugs We Trust

The largest organisation to represent the interest of psych victims Mad In America is mostly dominated and run by 'mental health professionals'. Do you think it should be?

Is making media now the most effective way to influence effect?

Kanye West was drugged to kill his genius, anti-conformity, free speech, and going against the status quo. They continue to drug him, but he reduces the drugs to once a week. Psych Victims can be anyone, and it's a culture of silence.

Kanye is right that people are drugged out to follow, conform, and be controlled. He and others should have the right to take their own individual opinions and beliefs.

Join the movement to show that "mental health" is, in fact, still "hygiene" to "clean" people from alternative views, thoughts, emotions, and speech.

#KanyeWest #PsychVictims #Victims #Famous #Music #Video #AntiConformity #Freedom #Rights #Activism

I completed the 2018 Brighton Marathon supporting the Rxisk Prize with no training in it's mission to create awareness or cure permanent prescription harms like sexual dysfunction from 'mental health medications' like antidepressants and antipsychotics. This affliction is sometimes referred to by thousands on the internet as PSSD or Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. Please donate today to support the Rxisk Prize at

find out more at...
Run Against Castration

Sterilising the mentally ill is not a side effect

The Everyday PsychVictims Project

Grace Marks remembers asylum/psych ward torture after her murder trial. A psychiatrist evaluates her in jail, and she says she cannot go back to the asylum. She would rather be in jail, than in a behavioral hospital. From Alias Grace, the miniseries, Episode 1 "Part 1."

- A head contraption, is put on her head, and see sees the man's steel utensils, causing her to scream and run from the machine.

- She recalls how anything she used in court or the asylum would be twisted against her, even if it was the truth.

Today, people still scream and get restrained in psych wards. There are restraining chairs, still. There's still solitary confinement. The seclusion, however, is not in a coffin.

One of our interviewees was able to speak from prison with a 'smuggled' cell phone, and he would rather be in prison than in the indefinite psych ward. #HumanRights

#AliasGrace #Asylum #Torture #Jail #Season1 #Episode1 #Part1 #GraceMarks #AntiPsychology #AntiMentalHealth #Film #Show


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