David Irving Answers 25 Questions on WW2. (Manchester, 2013). Full list of questions below.


First published at 03:27 UTC on December 22nd, 2017.

David Irving answers some questions; but mainly talks in raconteur mode after delivering his account of Himmler (Manchester 24th Aug 2013).
01 Mossad bug in Australia - film censor board
02 DI talk venues and 'moles'
03 'Gay pride' in Manchester [where the talk was]
04 "I've had a lot of trouble with journalists"
05 Jewish media and perpetual lies
06 9/11 research - DI has done work on it, but not revealed
07 DI had older brother (not his twin)
08 After publication of Dresden, DI meets Otto Guensche
09 Detecting faked British War Diary
10 Himmler on Poznan [=Posen] killings
11 German Jews and enemy Soviet Jews
12 Babi Yar (and John Ball aerial photography)
13 Morgenthau Plan for Germany
14 Bletchley Park Secrecy lifted
15 Enigma machines sent to Africa. 1945 secrecy decision
16 "If it had been a 7 year war..."
17 Himmler 4th and 6th October Poznan speeches
18 Codebreaking ... strange things ... Globocnik
19 19 decodes, Churchill, Coventry raid
20 No self defence | Churchill, Gilbert Martin
21 On Jews: Churchill, Mel Gibson, others
22 Very late awareness of Jew threat
23 Eichmann documents found - transport lists
24 Codebreaking: German test mock operation was stopped
25 Gudrun Himmler | H W Wicks tale


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