Becoming Family. By the last day the-one time strangers have formed a strong bond.

Having gained my freedom from wage slavery at the end of 2016 I embarked on a journey of discovery that continues to this day. Then, as now I documented it. It's the philosophy I remember most. Maybe you can enjoy and benefit from this stuff. Don't forget to subscribe. More great content and wisdom to come.

We arrive at this lovely hotel and check in. We have lunch, which gives us a chance to talk and get acquainted with our group and then... the fun begins.

When we get on the bus we're supposed to start the program by speaking English with a student, usually a native Spaniard. It's a long ride so we get a break about half way through. The main question we get asked and are asked is "Where Are You From?" I try not to start my conversations like that. Enjoy.

This is when and where we meet to students involved in the program. The company provides a bus. Some people take the bus, and others drive on their own.

The search for Keanne. Imagine trying to find someone in a foreign country where you don't know the language, can't read, or find the street signs, during a new year celebration where people are dumping and squirting water all over you. Welcome to Chiang Mai.

More wandering around Chiang Mai, Thailand and "Poetry" in Philly. I don't have a proper cover, so this will do.

Produced earlier this year; A train ride through Thailand, Musing from the Attic and keeping your self healthy with....

Enjoy this snippet of an authentic Flamenco performance, recorded in Madrid.

This is part 1 of a six part mini series about my experience teaching English in Spain. It's also the end of the Abstrakt 180 Series. We will go out with a nice experience.

More time on the beach and a revelation.... !!!

That log ass walk to the beach.. and then it was....

I began to fall i love with Porto the day I got to explore her. I have only covered a little taste.

First day in Porto, Portugal and I'm already looking for a way out... I'm looking for my bus station.

Welcome to Season Three of Abstrakt 180 degrees - This is kind of a flash back episode, and a peek forward.

The finale of Season Two of Abstrakt 180 - a flashback/leap forward music video.... Season Three starts next.
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Next Season we'll give you the opportunity to donate if you like. *The previous version of this Episode will be deleted.... Watch both, see if you can find the difference.

This is the finale of season two... a bit of a music video with some flash backs... and looking forward. Next episode, Season 3.
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A hot day in Seville, but what else is new? I took a stroll to the river.

We got out of Tarifa on a bus. What a ride... and arrived in Seville, Spain. Seville is well known as one of the hottest cities in Spain, especially in the summer.

I Went to this cafe for a burger.. and then this happened... DON'T MISS IT!!!

I arrived in Tarifa, Spain during high season and the first thing I wanted to do was.... you guessed it.
But then I did get to the beach... LOL.. enjoy.

The ferry from Tagier, Morocco to Tarifa, Spain is like taking a bus or cab across the sea. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The ferry is pretty nice and serves food and drinks. You're better off getting your tickets "live" than online. You still have to check in and pick up your ticket. And then there's Tarifa...

I like beaches and In Tangier I hit the beach every day. This day I wondered what it would be like to live in Morocco... where I would choose... and what I would do. It's just a bit of wandering & pondering...

One last look at this Museum Hotel in Tangier. Nice rooms... nothing fancy. Close to everything (on the north coast) and breakfast included....

More wandering around Tangier and a random walk up countless steps yielded something special...


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