If you've been following this series you will realize that I got my wish...
Now I've got another goal. It won't be a surprise to regular views. Thank you for subscribing.

This day begins on a southbound train to...

Last moments in Philadelphia... to the station on the train, but one last kook...

Battling a bug and winning enough to get out and create a short Pull-ups demo.

Reboot... the original episode stopped playing, so here's the replacement. This rap is about my time in Philly... now it's time to leave.

Today I decided to go for 30 minutes regardless of whether I ran the whole time or not...

Back on the streets for another cold day of running!!

It's a wintery mix, slush on the ground so no running today... instead one of those basement visits and....

Snow day today, so no running... shoveling instead. If you like snow, by all means watch this clip. Subscribe and thumbs up.

This was an awesome day!! The breakthrough appears to be authentic... and the follow up meal... delish!! Enjoy.

Quick trip to Delaware for a kiddie basketball game. Active rest on this day... Good vibes.

Another day of running. Weird day... but high energy...

We start the day in the basement with an experimental clip and a suggestion on how to chart your goals. Then we hit the streets for a run. Same same... but different.

Cloudy this morning, but we got out to the playground and got some pulling in. It was great, I'll pay tomorrow.

It looks like spring has sprung... in February!! Temps hit June type highs... so I ran today. It was a run day. I was satisfied with the results.

A summer day in February and I'm back on the streets, running again. Personal best today, on this track...

The weekend ice age came to an end today and it felt like spring outside. I had to be out there. I planned for a 30 minute walk, I got 60... on the way I started waxing philosophical. Some cats still need to hear this rap. Some just need to be reminded of it. Subscribe, comment, dig it.

We start this cold Philly day in the kitchen. It was a great day... covered three states, watched basketball, ditched a comedy club and chilled in a sports bar.

Snowy day in Philly. The workout was a cross between walking, shoveling and sweeping... is that cross fit??? Subscribe and Like.

Frigid day in Philly. Perfect for staying in and catching up on the creative work. has been updated and this clip will tell you what the blog-o'zine is all about.

No running today. Took Mom to her appointment and then a quick breakfast at my fave diner, then a home cooked meal. Kitchen update.

Only a few degrees warmer and threatening rain. I ran further in eleven minutes than I did yesterday. I'll take it. Run further or faster. Either will do for the sake if progress.

Back to the run. A simple clip today, and some goals!! Day 601 is the third day of running. We go a little longer each time we run.

Following the advice of my nephew I did something special on day 600, and special stuff happened as well. It was a trip, a road trip and much more.

Second day in a row of running. Improved to ten minutes. Shout outs to those who inspire me, unfortunately they are not on Bitchute. And a very important confession that will help me elevate and succeed. Subscribe.


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