Is being "woke" the sign of another great awakening, or just some hipster fad? Are you woke? If so, there are a few questions asked in this episode you might want to answer.
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And go over to and listen to Napoleon Hill's talk on self control.
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The axiomatic quote obscures us from what's behind the curtain. And some great advice on losing weight... I mean fat.

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Good living requires innovation and improvisation. We've been told lies and given false expectations. And then there's today's gym accomplishments... so you don't want to miss this one.

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What age would you like to roll your physiology back to? What was your best year. Mine was...
Rolled into Miami today.

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Besides the usual episode, a way to save some extra cash with this mobile app. I have an idea way retailers and developers are linking up. We are living in interesting times. We might as well benefit from them.
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Another day in Miami...
What one special thing do you do daily for your sanity?
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Chasing the goal is more beneficial than reaching the goal. I've found this to be true. Today, I reveal my strength goals. And of course the 10,000 subscriber goal. So subscribe, just for the heck of it.

I'm an old dog learning new tricks. Today's trick was swapping a 32g card for a 64g. It took me longer than it should have. I also set a goal of 10,000 supporters. It's a journey. What will I have to change to achieve this goal?

Instead of eternal youth, let's talk about eternal health. Join me on this journey. Guys over 35, let's turn back the metaphorical life clock.

Several wins to report today, plus wondering what products I'd accept sponsorship for. I haven't built a big following, so maybe that comes first. Hmmmm.

Rant, rant, rant... and new glasses... But you might enjoy it anyway.

Another milestone, but also a workout. The subscriber challenge is over and I did the burpees. The C60 is working and there are more platforms to follow Noxsoma. Demos as proof of exercise on this 700th day. Enjoy. Share, subscribe.

Deadlifts at LAF today. it was a struggle between mind, body and ego. Deadlift protocol included. Subscribe, share, questions in the comments...

Body evals and the Taz & Tango show.

A hot sweaty, but productive day at LAF. The AC was off, for some reason, upstairs... where the heavy lifting and banging is done. Can you complete the sentence at the end??


Just five more days to participate in the subscriber challenge!

First day back in Miami and went straight to the gym... Legs day!!!

Last minutes in Madrid. Crazy flight to Miami.

Tandoori chicken, and a walk in the park.

Back in Madrid and a meet up with a friend from a previous program. Nice to have friends in various places. And then there's the hotel breakfast...

We left the mountains today. Said goodbye to our new friends and took and long, scenic, longer than expected ride back to the city. The video doesn't do the scenery justice, but it's pretty good.





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