This a segment on the current video I'm working on. So excited by what appears to be a revelation in the scriptures about the sabbath day, I am putting in down on its own video here.

The Lord Jesus Christ the end of our faith even unto the salvation of our souls. The outcome the progression of faith.

On a beautiful early mid summers morning here on the NSW Central Coast, what better reason to venture down to the park than to glorify this glorious gospel of peace love and truth. My clothes peg testimony has had a far deeper impact on me then I first thought, as I continue to guided into all truth by the Holy Spirit. Matthew 7.12 is both a scripture and a concept I've known my entire life. It is known to me as the "golden rule". Now when the Lord Jesus Christ quotes the 2 main laws in Matthew 22, he does not mention the golden rule. But I'm at fever pitch being led to think that he in fact does. The golden rule is about common courtesy, common sense, treating all others that way we want to be treated. Right through these scriptures I see a common theme of the LORD God wanting to treat mankind as perfect sinless entities that are in his image, ye shall be Holy for I am Holy. Matthew 7.12 for me now is emerging as the centrepiece of the gospel, explaining it all in one simple glorious verse. The kicker out of all this lay in 1 Corinthians 15, where we read that by walking in the gospel of peace love and truth, we sow, thus will reap to our eternal bodies. We continue to have our faith increased as we gather a greater and deeper testimony upon planet Babylon, being confident the Holy Spirit will not only allow us to walk in the glorious gospel of peace love and truth, it is in fact the command. A command & gifted the ability to sow to life eternal. What a truly remarkable thing.

The LORD God promised the children of Israel that he would bless their every work, including the fruit of their womb. No man or woman would be barren if they followed him, his laws, serving him & tilling his land. But instead they forsook the LORD and served Ashtaroth, the fertility goddess and Baal, the god that causes them to send their seed & their sons & daughters through to Molech in the valley of the son of Hinnom. Hinnom the place the NT tells us is hell fire itself. Now it has appeared quite apparent for me for some time the valley of the son of Hinnom is the place they were making giants, the strange children with their strange wives after forsaking the LORD. That word "Heres" takes us to the word "east" gate, that could be the gate to the lake of fire itself. But this is also the location of the potters house. Could mountains in these scriptures in some instances pertain to the dwelling places of celestial bodies. Looking into this further, I'm again led back to this word "planets". This be one of the more fascinating words in scripture, along with this mysterious wayfaring man..

On the main video on the back up page, I've been speaking about the waves death, giants in hades and darkness in general for a week or 2 now. While this be a blessing as its where I've been led, revealing some new deep truths, it does take its toll. Given I have some testimonies, news stories and what appear to be significant revelations in the scriptures that tie into both, I thought Id do a separate video on the main page. This video has been a mammoth undertaking of sheer joy from the outset. In fact I will miss working on it. More than ever to get to truth, the actual threat they claim need be removed for the lie it is. Given this, this has now led me to ask some new at times uncomfortable questions. The calendars from mum have been so very profound in the last week or 2 as I grow in this precious testimony and office the Holy Spirit has gifted me. I never knew a clothes peg could ever teach me such a deep truth within these scriptures that goes to the very nature of our reality.

Now David describes his enemies as the waves of death, the floods of ungodly men, the sorrows of hell & the snares of death. In this Psalm he also is reflecting on his relationship with Saul. David right through his earthly life was fighting giants, seemingly on their home ground, potentially Hades, the bloodless weak and languid creatures from the deep ruling planet Babylon today.. When Saul is slain, the Philistines, the giants David had been fighting put his H3627 armour in the house of Ashteroth, meaning star, she being the fertility goddess. The LORD will bless Israel in their every work, their every deed, the fruit of the womb so that no man or woman shall be barren amid them. But they must follow his voice harkening to his commands. But they did not, instead they forsook the LORD and served the fertility goddess and Baal, of whom when they build the high places for, this causes them to send their sons and daughters, the fruit of their womb unto Molech in the valley of the son of Hinnom, potentially the lake of fire.

David most certainly fought giants throughout his life. In 2 Samuel 21 we read theses giants are the Philistines, these wars taking place in Nob which it would appear is the home of the giants. So where exactly is the home of the giants and are we seeing this connected to the valley, potentially the plain of Rephaim. So what is a giant and what is that point of difference that makes them a giant as opposed to they who are not. The dead in Hades is being stirred up for the arrival of Lucifer. I'm seeing many connections that is leading me to think that its here where the giants dwell, this where David was fighting them, maybe even where sons and daughters were sent through the fire to Molech. The tools tells us the father of the sons of the giants is Rapha. Now the only time we see this word Rapha within the scriptures is when we see him as the 5th son of Benjamin and in the lineage of Kish, the father of Saul, of whom I'm seeing now may very well have been a wave of death of the dead of Hades, an enemy of David.

The similarities to David and the Lord Jesus Christ are both striking and profound. In Psalms such as 22 & 69 David is speaking like he is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Did David go to hell? Did Jesus go to hell? When David tells us in Psalm 16 "For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption", again it appears he speaking of himself, but Acts 2 of course tells us he again was speaking like he himself is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. David fought giants, this quite clear and settled. But where, where did these battles take place, the scriptures again clear of David speaking about he spending time in hell. Right through these scriptures I see an absolute connection being made to people and waters. So when David tells us the waves of death encompassed him as the ungodly men made he afraid as sorrows of hell compassed me about, where did this take place and is it connected to he fighting giants. We live in the most extraordinary and profound times. My life just continues to get stranger and stranger as this testimony with the Holy Spirit continues to gather.

Most days as I enjoy my daily reading of the scriptures, I encounter some scriptures & some potentially deep truths that I would just love to share. But given I'm only one fella, this is pretty much impossible for me to achieve. But today I also have some testimonies that I feel are tying with some learnings I have had within the scriptures that I simply must share. It also gives me the opportunity to return to the main page as I trial the idea of posting anything here I feel led to share outside the main video.

A video of 4 parts

1. I share some testimonies about the walk of a soldier of Christ as we encounter they who are without, as we continue to grow in this glorious gospel of peace love & truth.

2. The Babylonian new year is upon us and the new calendar only needed that first day to blow my mind. I feel in the second verse I read on the same day I have been gifted a confirmation on both the H3627 vessels being entities that have life, as well as how I'm seeing that the events in the garden of Eden are also a allegory right through these scriptures.

3. A few days ago I read though Ezekiel & chapter 47 really struck me this time. Are these waters emanating from the house of the LORD, the sanctuary, the same waters we read in Genesis 2 that come forth from Eden & the waters coming forth of the throne and the Lamb in Revelation 22. Are there some deeper truths here that go to how we are to read these scriptures.

4. In Revelation 12 we read satan was cast out "into" the earth. Is this word "into" worth some more consideration as it may pertain to he being cast into the lowest parts of the earth, maybe hell, if indeed there is a difference.

5. I'm seeing this doctrine called "preterism" more & more in my view as these profound times we find ourselves continue to play out. Here I give my views, along with some other of these doctrines and how they may very well tie in together here on planet Babylon to keep folk confused and divided

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No matter what I do on these videos, I seem to keep coming back to the same point. Death into life, darkness to light, earth to heaven, flesh to spirit, from the grips of satan unto eternal glory to the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Zion. For me its becoming clearer and more evident the Lord Jesus Christ went to the same place the rich man did, H86 Hades. But Luke 23 is just as clear saying he went to paradise. Looking further into this along with the words for Hinnom and hell, I find myself once more at the rebirth as David tells us he was curiously wrought in the lower parts of the earth. Where is this, was David in hell? Zion is a travailing woman bringing forth both a man child and her children. Jesus was reborn from the grave, as are the body of Christ due to the precious blessing of the progression of faith. As we are transformed from death to life, I find myself once more pondering the womb of the Zion, yea the womb of the mother of the body of Christ.

When I do these videos, quite often, I don't say everything that I'm thinking. I take my work with the utmost seriousness, fearing God, exacting mine office he's gifted my by his grace. It would appear today is the day I put don't on a video several of these thoughts these scriptures are leading me to think. Satan has concluded ramming his latest ritual upon the inhabitants of planet Babylon. Rest assured he will continue to ram his nonsense as time rolls on into another circuit of the sun round the earth. Just what are these giants up to now, its all starting to get oh so silly indeed. A few scriptures have come in that it would appear has caused me to take the video in a new direction for now. But I'm most confident I will return to the healers and the womb of the mother of Christ as all these truths the Holy Spirit keeps gifting me continue to converge.

The Holy Spirit uses the creation to get his will. Just how far does this go & does it apply in all instances. If a work of the LORD need be wrought, does the LORD ever wrought this work without the creation executing that work. The connections to the rebirth of the Lord Jesus Christ with the embalming now are mounting ever so higher. I'm not being led to think, not for one minute the physicians embalmed Joseph & Jacob just to make their bodies pretty. The physicians heal, this being potentially a key to the truth of the fathers being carried over in the Shechem, Zion dwelling therein. Nicodemus who should have known about the rebirth brings the myrrh on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, the myrrh used by the physicians to embalm. Its now becoming more apparent the woman who brings the oil in the alabaster box was indeed one of these physicians, the oil potentially made from the myrrh. The LORD God will not suffer the flesh of the LORD Jesus Christ to see corruption. He saying the woman has wrought a good work upon him, by anointing he with the oil, saying she did it for his burial. I'm strongly being led to think these 2 may be most some profound manifestations of the Holy Spirit using the creation to get his will, the eternal embalming..

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. We know the OT is a prophecy to the LORD Jesus Christ. But how much so, just how far does this go. There is something remarkably different about Joseph. When he and Jacob died they were both embalmed. Now what is biblical embalming exactly? Is this a manifestation of the OT being a prophecy to the LORD Jesus Christ. The NT tells us the myrrh is one of the spices, used to make the oil, used for embalming. The only 2 times we see the myrrh pertains to the birth of the LORD Jesus Christ and Nicodemus, a master, a teacher of Israel, a higher entity guarding the souls of men, who should have known about the rebirth, bringing the myrrh to his death. Now what of this woman with the alabaster box of ointment anointing the LORD Jesus Christ, he telling us for his burial that has me at fever pitch is pertaining to the eternal embalming. The LORD God not suffering his flesh to see corruption. Would be fair to say the excitement levels are increasing in this house, oh yes!

As the frankincense & myrrh plot continues to deepen. For me I just keep seeing these connections to the tabernacle of the congregation ending in complete corruption that is the mother of all harlots. The Lord Jesus Christ is our healer, he is our redeemer, he is restoring all that was lost unto the restitution of al things. So how are we healed, is it physical of spiritual? For me both my testimony & the scriptures have me quite settled it is a spiritual healing. So this then leads me to think both the OT & NT are no different. Acts 7.16 tells us that Jacob & the fathers were carried over into Shechem, Jacob and Joseph also being embalmed, this perhaps enabled by the myrrh. Amid this difficult season of those of us within the body of Christ reaches its climax, I'm now seeing all manner of exciting connections are coming forth now about the spices, frankincense, myrrh, the tree sap and the spiritual healing.

As the similarities between the tabernacle of the congregation & the mother of harlots just continue to increase. I'm pretty much at the point now that leads me to think the mother of harlots now has all the materials the children brought forth to make the tabernacle for the LORD to dwell in. I'm quite settled now the building is also the dwelling place, this being the feminine. The tabernacle the dwelling of the LORD, the mother of harlots appearing to be the dwelling of the inhabitants of planet Babylon without the precious gift of the progression of faith. The mystery of the frankincense & myrrh continues to fascinate and be made manifest as I see connections again to the tabernacle & the harlot city. But in an exciting twist, I'm seeing connections to sodden vessels in Leviticus 6 & this word "embalm", both which appear to point to the rebirth, the frankincense & myrrh perhaps playing a role within this. Nicodemus my man, as a master of Israel, thine really should have known these things..

What are these Babylonian ruling giants up to now. Its always been a strange place, but here on the NSW Central Coast they just keep getting weirder & weirder. My latest lost file video. In the main video I was looking into the various beasts and the dragon in Revelation, trying to glean more understanding of just who they are and what role they will play both in the scriptures and in the end times upon planet Babylon. I was looking into that word "sea" in Revelation 13 with a view to establish if by it coming out the sea, this means it be possible he came out the bottomless pit. Looking further in the OT, I was side-tracked by that word "planted" in Genesis 2. Then along come Psalm 104:16 and it all changed, veering me away to where I'm heading now as it all becomes about the frankincense and myrrh. I wont be adding to this file, but do know I shall be led back here in the not too distant future..

Now the video has taken a most surprising and welcome turn. Its due to this word "plant". The trees of the LORD it would seem are the the church, they being cedars of Lebanon. Now it would be fair to say that Psalm 104:16 has stopped me in my tracks. Looking into this word "sap" has again led me back to 1 Chronicles 4 as I'm reminded of the resin being the tree sap. While I was waking up, a question I was oft asked was "why does flat earth matter?" Truth matters as we navigate our walks upon planet Babylon as we try to remain fit and healthy upholding our offices walking in the glorious gospel of peace love & truth.

It continues to come in ever so hard that Pharaoh is in fact satan. In Ezekiel 31 we read of Pharaoh & his multitude. Now I'm seeing similarities here to both Revelation 9 & 13. It seems to me satan is very powerful beast indeed. He was created perfect, dwelling in a perfect land, till he fell by reason of his brightness. 2 Kings 19 seems to be an apparent manifestation of the chief of Pharaohs multitude, the Assyrian exalting himself as we read in Ezekiel 31. The cedars & fir tress are going to rejoice at the fall of lucifer, just as the entities in heaven do in Revelation 12 when satan and his multitude is cast out. But in Ezekiel 31 we read all the trees Eden, who are the choice & best of Lebanon, are going to hell with Pharaoh, leading me to think these be a part of satans legion of angels, the multitude of Pharaoh. Now the trees of the LORD are full of sap as the video takes an unexpected, but most very interesting and exciting turn.

The LORD God is the husband, the children of Israel, the bride. The covenant in the OT the law. Each having their own parcel of land, that one stone assembling the building that is the house of the LORD. Now in the NT we had one big death, the most significant death in all history. So the question comes into a sharper focus now, is the Lord Jesus Christ God? In the eternal covenant, the bride each having their own parcel of land, that one stone assemble the building that is the house of the LORD. We now are now dead to the law, walking in the gospel of peace love and truth with our new husband. Jerusalem and Babylon were both harlots, they both become widows, desolate cities. Looking into that Greek word for "city", an amazing study that is uncovering some deep truths that has me again focused on the higher entities guarding the souls of men, guarding the occupants within the city.

The Ephesians 5 great mystery has played a big role in my walk and journey within the scriptures since day 1. I feel so many roads I've travelled in my labours here are now starting to converge. Oh Solomon your house and I for we meet again once more. What was be building? Was he attempting the job only to be done by the Lord Jesus Christ, to build the house of the LORD, the body of Christ. I feel I may have been gifted some solid answers now around the great mystery as it would appear, the LORD God has presented the woman to the man as a chaste virgin as more allegories are revealed in the garden of Eden. Amid the gathering storm clouds, the Holy Spirit sends a timely and stark reminder of who's side to be on as the day of wrath gathers pace upon planet Babylon.

For me, the New Testament is quite clearly telling us that the body of Christ are the bride, the building and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. The church is the feminine. This word "Shekinah" continues to come in ever so hard. Hebrew word H7307 that we first see as the spirit of God in Genesis 1.2 gives us this word in the outline of biblical usage, the Shekinah glory. Planet Babylon tells us this word is a Hebrew word not appearing in scripture that means "dwelling place. For me now these things are connecting up right through the scriptures that the bride is the dwelling place and the building of the Holy Spirit. Are we seeing this in an allegory in Genesis 2 where the LORD God creates the woman, then brings her to the man with the rib he creates her with to be a succour for the man. That Hebrew word for "rib" pertaining to building materials we see both in the tabernacle of the congregation and Solomon's house. The building and dwelling place of God, the Holy Spirit

Its clear upon planet Babylon the wicked tyrannical overlords worship the great feminine spirit. So who is she? Now as I go on & on in this walk, something I continue to see is that for every truth there is an "antitruth", a counterfeit. A part of why this is so is to fear those of us who love the truth, seeking it with all our hearts. While saying this, I'm often vexed as I see some deep truths which just seem that strange and would perhaps come across as quite controversial, I'm often vexed as to whether to share them or not. Now today is a big day for this humble servant of the Holy Spirit from the NSW Central Coast as I am again led to an area of scripture I can no longer ignore nor be silent about on my videos. The Ephesians 5 great mystery goes to the very reason the man was created, his relationship with the woman and indeed the Holy Spirit. Adam is the man, he is the husband, he is the son of God. Eve is his bride. The Lord Jesus Christ is the man, he is the husband, he is the son of God. The Church is his bride, we also being the dwelling place of God, as was the tabernacle of the congregation and Jerusalem. So then, why was the widowed mother of harlots clothed in pretty much the same raiment as the tabernacle and OT Jerusalem the bride and the dwelling place of God almighty.

Upon planet Babylon, we know the lies run so very deep. In fact, I now find myself at a point where it is my assumption they are lying, everything they open their mouths. Given this, I'm strongly being led to think that time is not what first presents in our current realty and within the scriptures. The Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth, the earth wanting us to believe it was some 2000 years ago. Again, I take this as a lie, as its my view he was with us in flesh a lot more recently that that. They call them the dark ages for a reason, this alleged period seemingly to me a fallacy to help create this time illusion. The LORD God "planted" a garden "eastward" in Eden. Right through these scriptures we read people referred to as plants, particularly in verses such as Exodus 15.17 where the people were again "planted". Exodus 15.16-17 tells us the LORD has purchased his people & will "plant" them in the sanctuary his hands has established. There are 2 tabernacles, one the LORD pitched, the other pitched by man. What was this price of purchase of the LORD and does it connect to the purchase of the church, Acts 20:28 tells us the purchase price being the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. These this surely cannot be connected as Exodus 15 was long time before the crucifixion and glorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ as it comes in oh so hard that there is indeed, something about time within these scriptures.

Trying to discern just who is who in Revelation can be so difficult at times. This area of scripture that's always held a great fascination for myself, is one I've been wanting to speak of for quite some time now. I feel now its becoming more and more compelling that Pharaoh is in fact satan, the scarlet beast Babylon rides upon, she being the queen of heaven. We know this scarlet beast in Revelation 17 does come out the bottomless pit. The beast that comes forth out of the sea in revelation 13 also has 7 heads and 10 horns, but for me he is given his power & seat by satan. The question now emerges if this beast is a locust let loose in Revelation 9. Is satan the angel of the bottomless pit and has the Lord Jesus Christ given him to keys to unleash hell on earth, the day of wrath etching closer. Omicron is here, along with the latest spate of rapings, deception & desperate giants, as the darkness continues to descend upon planet Babylon. Amid this desolate scene of wickedness, a light shines in the dark with a testimony of joy that has indeed given me much hope and joy in this glorious gospel of peace love as grace abounds.

From the moment I first moved from the old car videos to embark on these longer study of scripture type videos, its been quite evident that the truth was always going to seem strange and that I must be fearless of my pursuit of her. The evil players within scripture hold a particular fascination to most whom seek the truth. Who is satan, lucifer and just who is the anointed cherub that covereth, and what exactly was he meant to be covering. Venus seems to point to the great feminine spirit they all seem to worship on the earth today, but so does lucifer. But as the "king" of Babylon, how can these things be. All queens have a king, but we have a great harlot in Revelation , this queen of heaven that seems to be kingless. Now she is adorned with what appears as the same raiment as the tabernacle of the congregation, the dwelling pace of the LORD. We today in the body of Christ are the bride, but we also are the dwelling place of the LORD. I feel much could well be starting to tie together here, and now more than ever we must remain fearless in our pursuit of the truth.

All videos are uploaded, yea we be no longer be fighting lost files, today we start with a clean slate. The tabernacle of the congregation continues to come in oh so hard to this NSW Central Coast tabernacle. The church is Gods building, his temple, his dwelling place. The tabernacle of the congregation was to be made as God's sanctuary; that he may dwell among them, his people. As well as being God's building, the church is also the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, as was Jerusalem in the OT. This then leads me to ask, was also the tabernacle of the congregation the bride of Jehovah. As I go on and on, the similarities between the tabernacle of the congregation & the great whore in Revelation 17 & 18 grow ever louder to a point I can no longer not address on a video. All the while the age old questions abound, just who is the queen of heaven & just who is or rather who was her king..


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