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First published at 17:25 UTC on June 13th, 2018.

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GetWellBe is a fantastic health resource for those who would want to be armed with a wealth of knowledge. More and more people realize that there are better and more natural ways of healing. And GetWellBe seeks to empower those who want to make a significant change concerning healthcare. Adrienne Nolan-Smith is the woman behind getting GetWellBe, and we’ll learn more about it in this episode.

Lyme Disease
Adrienne Nolan-Smith was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease when she was just 11 years old in 1996. Her younger brother was similarly diagnosed, but his situation was worse. Nevertheless, to find a cure, the siblings were accompanied by the mother to several conventional doctors.

The siblings were soon put on a common antibiotic for Lyme disease. Not satisfied with the treatment, Adrienne Nolan-Smith’s mother researched about the disease shortly after the antibiotic didn’t work.

Continuing Struggle
Adrienne Nolan-Smith was brought to strange therapy places by her mother in an attempt to get cured. Her diet was drastically changed and was even made to try Chinese herbs. It paid off because two years later, Adrienne Nolan-Smith was tested negative for Lyme disease. That became Adrienne Nolan-Smith’s eye-opener.

Five years later, Adrienne Nolan-Smith went to college. Everything seemed fine. But picking up a parasite during China trip when she was in her late teens posed another health challenge.

In another effort to get well, Adrienne Nolan-Smith changed her diet drastically. She lost her period for two years from 2004 to 2006. Adrienne Nolan-Smith went to several doctors. They looked at some of her bloodwork, and some even suggested taking birth control pills to regulate her period.

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