Black On White Violence (Happens A LOT)

Kamikaze Court Room

Re-upload - Still funny

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You knew it was coming

Pay no attention to what he says about Trumpenstein lol

His Name is Christopher Wood

Wow - How did I miss this? Strange Jews want this for every country except Israel

Listen to this dumb fuck trying to justify their evil

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First off, I don't condone or promote violence or hate against ANYONE.

The reason for making this channel is that white people are constantly persecuted and demonized (worldwide) for crimes against black people - yet there is almost ZERO videos or evidence.

What there is however, is an OVERWHELMING amount of videos and evidence that black people are commiting crimes against white people AND THIS IS BEING CENSORED AND DELETED TO FIT AN EVIL NARRATIVE. Sorry but the truth is the truth.

I believe the reason these crimes are being committed is the constant indoctrination (black history month, CRT etc.) about slavery - when in reality, every race had kept slaves and every race has been slaves. The people who made the movies about slavery demonizing white people are the same people working to censor black crime and highlight white crime.

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If I upload yours, I will always try and put where I got it from.

We are all on the same team.

The truth needs to be known.

Much love to EVERYONE.

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