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In this practice we focus on postures and movements which help improve breathing and lungs health.
Join Karolina for an online, live, interactive, face-to-face yoga practice. Classes available from Sunday to Friday.
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When I started my 6-month training last July to become an online yoga teacher, I never thought this would be essential in order to deliver yoga classes to my community!

Join me for a unique, 2-way, interactive, face-to-face, online yoga experience. You can connect with me from anywhere in the world.
We've tested technology to provide high quality audio and video, and offer personalised instructions (because I can see you in real time as you practice with me!).

Omflow is unique because we're 100% in real time and 100% face-to-face online. No recorded content.

All class practices are 25% with code “OMFLOW25”
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I met yoga students who come to my classes for many years to learn more about their personal experience with yoga. Please watch the video to learn about their journey. :) All of us began yoga practice for different reasons. Some had many expectations, others weren't sure what it's all about. Regardless of why and when we started - we all decided to commit to a regular practice, and thanks to our dedication, we get to experience a wide range of benefits that yoga has to offer. Are you thinking of starting a yoga practice? Not sure which class is suitable for you? Or maybe need a guidance on establishing a home practice? PM me if you have any questions. :)

So happy to share with you yet another Chair Yoga practice. This time we will pay more attention to the breath - using a technique that combats fight-or-flight stress response and improves HRV (Heart Rate Variability). We will focus on the inhalation-to-exhalation ratio of our breathing and consciously extend the length of each exhale. This will allow us to kickstart the calming "rest and digest" influence of the parasympathetic nervous system. Breathing exercise followed by a gentle physical practice will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.
Enjoy :)

A short practice to loosen up the body before meditation.

Treat yourself to a stress free weekend of inspiring yoga, calming meditation, relaxing yoga nidra, amazing vegetarian food, and outdoor walks in the hills and by the sea.

An ideal weekend to let go of the stresses and strains of everyday life in a very peaceful and tranquil environment with an experienced teacher.

This weekend is suitable for everybody and each will receive the right level of information that you are ready for, and the inspiration to either take up yoga as a daily practice, or to deepen your understanding and practice and to inspire you to delve deeper and let go to the inner sense of freedom, grace and love that is within every one of us.

Guided outings to local attractions including Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher, Corcomroe Abbey.

For more information: This weekend is suitable for everybody and each will receive the right level of information that you are ready for, and the inspiration to either take up yoga as a daily practice, or to deepen your understanding and practice and to inspire you to delve deeper and let go to the inner sense of freedom, grace and love that is within every one of us.

For more information: This weekend is suitable for everybody and each will receive the right level of information that you are ready for, and the inspiration to either take up yoga as a daily practice, or to deepen your understanding and practice and to inspire you to delve deeper and let go to the inner sense of freedom, grace and love that is within every one of us.

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Here we go! No excuses - no need for a yoga mat, yoga pants or loads of time (7-min only!). Let's do it together! :) Join me for this short reset & recharge practice suitable for all levels. Connect with your breath, refine your posture, regain your focus and... carry on with your day.

5G stands for Fifth Generation of wireless technologies. And it will add up to - not replace - our current technologies. So why is 4G not enough? 4G has been designed to meet the needs of people. But 5G has been created with the machines’ needs in mind. 5G will offer transmission speeds powerful enough to accomodate The Internet Of Things. All the devices you can think of that can be switched on and off will be connected to the internet. It’s estimated that over 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things by 2020. The idea behind 5G is to use untapped bandwidth of extremely high-frequency millimeter waves, between 30GHz and 300GHz in addition to what’s already being used. High frequency millimeter waves travel a short distance, and don’t travel well through buildings, and tend to get absorbed by plants and rain. To counter this problem 5G will utilize smaller cell stations. This means thousands of wireless antennas in our neighbourhoods. They will be placed on street lamps, houses, schools, churches, shops and even trees. There has been very little research done on the effects of millimeter waves on our health and environment. “5G technology is a very real danger,” warns Dr. Moskowitz, a public health professor at the University of California. “The deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species,” he said. In September 2017 the EU 5G Appeal, signed by more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations was submitted to the European Commission demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell/mobile antennas for planned 5G expansion.

Risks from 5G include:
Damage to the eyes – cataracts, retinal damage
Severe sweating
Skin damage
Immune system disruption
Metabolic disruption
Neurological disturbance
Leakage of blood brain barrier
Damage to sperm
Increased risk of cancers
Depression and suicide
Collapse of insect populations, the base of food for birds and bats
Rise in ba..

I met Laura to learn more about the Wim Hof method. Knowing what are the benefits and science behind the method, I am looking forward to try it myself. Laura talks about the man who came up with the method: Wim Hof -The Iceman, she explains the three pillars that the method consists of and shares her personal experience with it.

Last summer I've visited Inga for the first time and my view on facials has changed completely. Something I haven't consider as an essential part of my skincare routine has become a treat that I am looking forward to every month. My skin has improved so much since the first visit! More glow, brightness, no more hormonal acne and even skin tone... :) Inga uses high quality, cruelty free cosmetics from Juliette Armand.

Are you against animal testing? Choose cruelty free brands and inform your family and friends, we can make a difference!

Brands I tried and trust:
Kinvara Skincare
Dr.Hauschka Skin Care
Marks & Spencer
Giovanni Hair and Body Care
Juliette Armand
Skinfull Affairs


Our choices matter. Do you truly want to make a difference? Take control over what you can change: your mindset and your decisions.
Reflecting on my thoughts and actions helps me make more responsible choices. A few months ago I decided to switch from cling film (soft, non-recyclable plastic) to beeswax food wrapper. The one I use was made in Cork by Hanna (Hanna's Bee-Wraps). Watch the video to learn more! :)

I am staying commited, guys! Third Vlog is out :) Let's talk today about oral health and this little tool I am addicted to since the very first time I used it: a tongue scraper. In this video I will give you 5 reasons why you should use one too, check it out! :)

Scientific Studies:

Here we go! Second Vlog is out. :) Today I would like to introduce you to my skincare routine and tell you more about what I use and why. This is such a broad topic! I decided to focus on the first step of my skincare routine: cleansing. Let me share with you a skincare tip that I have been using with a great success for the past few years. Check it out!

My first Welness Vlog inpired by the #tenyearchallenge. This is an introduction where I talk about my own journey to a better health. It has been over ten years since I made a choice to take a good care of my physical, mental and emotional health. Simply, by paying attention and being mindful, I've begun to realize what benefits me and what doesn't. I acknowledged the importance of everything that I feed my body, mind and soul. Everything I eat, read, listen to, watch, think, who I choose to spend my time with, etc, is contributing to who I am. Who do I want to be? What do I care about? Quality. So I started with myself, knowing that in order to serve my community and people I care about, I need to take a good care of myself. I wanted to be a quality person and have a quality life. I know that being healthy and comfortable with myself is essential to be able to help people in my community achieve exactly the same: a quality life.
Where do we start?
With our temple: the body. How is your posture? And how much attention do you pay to how you carry yourself through each day? Begin by reducing bad habits and watch healthy ones developing naturally when you create space by letting go of what doesn't serve you. :)

#wellness #mindset

Want to prevent back pain? Improve your strength and flexibility with these back exercises. Commit to this practice three times a week for best results. Try to develop a habit of checking your posture during the day. Avoid slumping your shoulders and overarching your lower back. Think of creating length in your spine by sitting/standing tall.

When your lower back aches and feels tight instead of lying on the couch and watching TV dedicate few minutes to self-care.
Did you know that even just ten minutes of yoga can relieve lower back tension?

Try this short yoga sequence is designed especially for lower back issues and is suitable for complete beginners and seniors.

This basic everyday meditation helps to de-stress and calm the mind, and nervous system. You can do it at any time of the day to simply connect with your breath and create mental spaciousness. This practice is suitable for complete beginners.

Simple and effective.
Move through basic yoga postures to stretch the body and awaken deep core muscles. Synchronise movement with the breath to calm your mind and soothe nervous system.
This practice is suitable for complete beginners and can be done any time during the day.

Meditation is an increasingly common practice. Learn all about the universal meditation posture here as well as how to find a correct posture sitting in a chair. One of the most important aspects of a sitting meditation is to be able to sit comfortably, without an aching back, hips, or knees. In this video Karolina demonstrates two postures suitable for complete beginners, including those who can't sit on the floor.

Imagine how would it feel to relax your body and soothe your mind, effortlessly. By allowing the breath to guide you through a gentle movement you can create more space within the body allowing tension to dissolve and letting your energy to expand.This is a total body elixir designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed.
Suitable for complete beginners.

Good morning! Get your workout in early and set your intention for the day ahead. Don't have a lot of time? This 13-min practice allows you to destress, move your body, and connect to your breath first thing in the morning.

Now you can find all my classes on BitChute:

Feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed? Having emotions is part of our human existence. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, anxious and worried, as long as we can process those feelings in a healthy way. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but the effects of anxiety over a long period of time can negatively impact your physical and emotional health. Meditation can help in finding inner place of comfort and peace. Regardless of circumstances you can turn inward to find a place inside yourself that you can trust as your home.

Everything is slowly waking up from winter hibernation. Energy is rising. We are transitioning into Spring. Time of renewal and growth.
We begin with spinal movements and breath awareness. Slowly awakening the body and progressing into more dynamic practice.

Join me for the practice of conscious breathing. We begin simply by bringing soft focus to the breath. Observing the flow of the breath, movement of the body, and becoming aware of the quality of the breath. Attuning with one's breath helps to control it. We will focus on keeping inhale and exhale equal in length to calm the nervous system and relax the body. We will then concentrate on the space between the breaths. Space of stillness. Noticing where the breath originates and where it ends. We will then gently expand that space. Breath retention, kumbhaka in sanscrit, helps us to bring the mind into a state of stillness.
Enjoy _/\_


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